Monday, 14 October 2019

Different Types Of Obesity: 6 Places Where And How To Eliminate Store Fat


Depending on the places where we accumulate fat, there are 6 different types of obesity and it’s all due to the fact that we all have diferent metabolisms. The key for those who want to lose excess weight is to know which type of obesity they suffer from.

Obesity and overweight worldwide.
When it comes to recent decades, there are more obese people than people with emaciation or malnutrition. The World Health Organization announces that obesity is a global epidemic which affirmed the Imperial College of London.

It has been estimated that even 40% of the world’s population is overweight or obese. This means that we all are facing an unhealthy future where the health consequences will be enormous and numerous people will die. Even nutritional consultations and other awarness campaings are not enough to prevent people from eating unhealthy foods.
However, according to many specialists, the quality and the quantity of food are not the only determinants. Genetic, psychiological and hormonal issues play a huge role as well.

Types of obesity according to the accumulation of fat.
According to the National Public Health Service UK, there are 6 different obesity, according to the way the metabolism works. This means that people’s metabolims determines which places the person is more likley to accumulate fat.

It is essential to now which type of obesity you are suffering from since every type requires a particular treatment. This classification is known:

6 different types of obesity.

1. Obesity with fat on hips and thighs.
When it comes to women and obesity issues, they can combat it through exercise. In order to achieve this, women should perform a routine with strength and cardiovascular exercises.

2. Obesity abdomen.
In this case, the fat stores in the lower abdomen. Psychiological issues are most commonly the main cause since it intervenes the stress hormone called cortisol. Moreover, it is also associated with 
anxiety and depression.
In order to regulate your hormones and secrete endorphins to feel better, you should exercise more.
3. Obesity upper trunk.
In this case, the fat is accumulated in the neck, back, stomach, chest, arms and waist. The main reason is the consumption of unhealthy foods on a regular basis along with sedentery lifestyle. It is dangerous to health and the patient can develop type 2 diabetes, sleep problems and hypertension.

In order to get rid of fat, you need to carry out a low calorie diet but not too restrictive. Moreover, you should exercise on a regular basis.

4. Obesity with belly fat.
Alcohol consumption plays the biggest role when it comes to fat accumulation in the abdomen. In order to get in shape in no time, make sure to eliminate alcohol and other sugary drinks as well. moreover, you should also exercise on a daily basis.
5. Obesity in lower extremities.
When it comes to obesity in lower extremities, the fat stores in the ankles, calves, buttocks, hips and thighs. The fastest and the most effective way to combat this problem is to exercise intensly since it is a highly resistant obesity.
6. Central obesity.
In this case, the fat accumulates in the abdomen and back, which is the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, it is also extremely dangerous for your heart health. Unfortunately, good nutrition is not enough in this case, so you should definitely start with intensive training to speed up metabolism.