Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Amazing New Lemon Diet: Detox and Burn Fats!


Today we propose you one effective way, to lose fats, with lemons. The most important is that you burn the fats and you cleanse your whole organism. The lemon removes all of the toxins in the digestive tract. All you can do on this diet is to control your meals and a lower portion. So, lose weight healthily!

Here is the diet program!
This diet consists of the daily consummation of lemon and lemon juice. It`s recommended to consume it during the day, especially in the morning for detoxification.

DAY 1: On an empty stomach, drink warm water with lemon. In the afternoon, do the same, on an empty stomach again. The first day is very important in this diet because the organism is preparing for consuming light food.
Lemon Diet Detox and Burn Fats!

DAY 2: In the morning and in the afternoon, drink one glass of water and lemon. During the day drink mineral water with lemon juice in it. In 1 liter add 4 lemons

DAY 3: Now, you can drink lemon water during lunch. Continue to drink mineral water with lemon.

Day 4: Follow the same program

DAY 5: Follow the same program

DAY 6: Follow the same program. Consume only 2 glasses of lemon juice in a day.

DAY 7: Drink only 1 glass of lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning.