Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A Study Proved That Ginger Can Heal And Remove Prostate Cancer, Ovarian And Colon Cancer. Much better than chemo!


Since ancient times, people have been using ginger as a spice in their dishes but also for its medicinal properties which today are confirmed by the modern medicine. The Journal of Toxicology and Food Chemistry claims that ginger contains 2 powerful compounds called paradolea and gingerols which are extremely efficient for preventing cancer in its early stage. Sadly, the medical experts prefer chemotherapy instead of this natural product.


According to the scientists who spoke in 2003 at the conference called Cancer Prevention Research, ginger is very potent natural spice that has the ability to prevent and even cure cancer. Yet another study published in 2015 in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that ginger can eliminate colon cancer and colon cancer cells out of the body.

The onset of cancer is called angiogenesis which in fact predicts its onset and its development. The key to survive cancer it so diagnose it on time. The BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study which showed that the ginger root has anti-angiogenic nature and excellent healing effects, which is why it is extremely efficient in preventing cancer growth.

Moreover, according to the scientist from the University of Michigan, ginger has the ability to kill the cancer cells and it is much better than chemotherapy, because the ovary cancer cannot develop resistance. The most important thing is that ginger has no side effects and it does not induce dependence like medications do and is not toxic like chemotherapy is.

The British Journal of Nutrition published a study which showed that the extract from ginger root can inhibit the growoth of prostate cancer and people who are diagnosed with this type of cancer should take this ingredient in a dose of 100 mg of ginger per a kilogram of body weight. The results showed that ginger reduces the tumor growth by whole 56%. The best part is that the healthy cells stay untouched. Certain reports associate ginger with “in vivo” or “in vitro” effects in people and with cancer curing.
The best part about the treatment with ginger root is that it has no side effects, it does not cause damage to healthy cells and it makes the body less toxic and much healthier. As a result, the body is more prepared to fight anything that causes damage to its health. Healthy people should also use ginger since its consumption on a regular basis will prevent the occurance of cancer in the first place. Moreover, it has other numerous health benefits. 4 grams is the recommended daily dosage of ginger. When it comes to pregnant women, they are only allowed to consume one miligram of ginger per day. Besides consuming ginger on a daily basis, experts suggest people stick to a healthy diet and habits, and be more physically active as well, in order to maintain their health and prevent diseases.