Tuesday, 24 September 2019

How To Practice Shiatsu To Reduce Stress And Anxiety !


The Japanese people created an excellent bodywork called Shiatsu which is being used to decrease the symptoms of distress and anxiety. In fact, this finger-and-hand massage is used by people who apply pressure on certain points in order to get a relief In the entire body.

In this article, we will present you two methods in which you can use shiatsu. For instance, the first one is used to reduce anxiety while the second one to reduce stress and to refresh both your body and mind.

1.The most effective method to lessen tension with the finger weight technique

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, extraordinary stressing and sentiment of unease. Most commonly it occurs when you are expecting something or when something has a suspicious result for you.

You should definitely learn how to fight such kind of stressful urges because they will prevent you perform your daily activities. Individuals who have learned and connected this simple back rub treatment of their hands are emphatic about its advantage: they all claim that the pressure point massage has helped them to rest both longer and better.

Don’t hesitate and try this method because it will help you eliminate anxiety once and for all.

2.The most effective method to decrease stretch with the finger weight technique
What is Stress?
Stress is actually a state of emotional and mental strain which usually occurs due to very demanding circumstances. Moreover, being under stress all the time will make you less productive and less able to come up with solutions for your problems.

Here are the three points in which you need to focus if you are under a constant stress and you need a relief from it.

1. In order to make accupressure on your face, you ought to press the “scaffold” inside your nose with 2 fingers on every side. The weight ought to be made for 1 minute. Make sure to breathe profundly and consistently.

2. To make acupressure point massage on your palm, you ought to close your clench hand at first, and then apply a inside short pressure on your palm which is exactly where your inside finger stands. Make sure your breathing is profound and consistent.

3. To make pressure point massage on your foot, you need to press upward making short strokes around the highest point of your foot (it is the range between your first and your second toe). Again you’re breathing ought to be profound and consistent.
These methods will definitely help you feel more relaxed, stress-free and balanced, so don’t hesitate and try them.