Monday, 9 September 2019

cleaning tips everyone know for the neat freaks


Are you a neat freak? Then it’s crystal clear that you would travel to the end of the world and back just to get some awesome cleaning tips. However, I already did the traveling and unearthed not one, not two or three; but fifteen great cleaning tips for you. And yes, the tips are a sure bet when it comes to making your home sparkle with cleanliness.

Here they are:
  • How many times have you cleaned your toilet brush holder? Well, it’s time you worked on it by pouring a small amount of disinfectant inside it. This will eliminate that unpleasant smell.

  • You could also try using an old toothbrush, vinegar, butter knife, and baking soda to clean your window tracks like an expert. Yes! You got it right, that wasn’t a typing error. This will leave your windows looking super clean.
  • Using cream of tartar with a little bit of water is also another awesome cleaning tip for your toaster. I dare you to try it out and you will be thanking me once you are done.
  • Use baking soda and a rag to clean your glass stovetop. Known for its numerous uses, baking soda will certainly make your glass stovetop look new again.
  • Use baking soda, Dawn dish detergent, and vinegar to clean grease from your cabinet doors. The mixture has proven quite effective and leaves your cabinet doors looking awesome.
  • If grout cleaner is no longer that effective, try using toilet cleaner. All you need to do is fill the grout lines with the toilet cleaner and let it rest for like 15 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. It works wonders.

  • And yes, if you don’t like the smell of your garbage disposal, how about you use this DIY cleaner to work on it? It will leave it smelling awesome as well.
  • To get spots and stains off your upholstery, you could use a mixture of white vinegar, club soda, and dawn. It is also quite amazing and you will love the results. It is also great for your car seats.
  • Using Magic Eraser to clean your glass shower doors not only leaves them clean but also gives them that unique sparkle you haven’t6 seen for years. Try it out and you will be impressed.
  • If you are simply fed up with your stinky vacuum cleaner, do not worry. Simply toss it in the dishwasher and you will love the results once you are through cleaning it.
  • Use of tongs and microfiber cloths on your blinds is also another way to ensure that they are clean as new. You won’t regret this trick, trust me!
  • As for your shower, you won’t be complaining about it anymore once you try using dawn and vinegar to clean it. You could even clean it while you are still in the shower.
  • Ever tried rubbing wax paper over your faucets once you are done cleaning them? Try that and you will be amazed by how shiny they will become.