Monday, 9 September 2019

13 Hacks From Instagram That’ll Make You Say “That’s Genius”

Food Hacks:
1. Use an empty water bottle to separate egg yolks from egg whites.
3. An upside-down cupcake tray is a great way to prevent the filling from falling out when you set down your taco.

6. If a vegetable is on sale, buy in bulk and then freeze the extra so they don’t go bad.

7. Freeze your coffee in an ice cube tray so you can drink iced coffee without it becoming watered down.

8. Adding dry rice at the bottom of a cupcake tin absorbs any unwanted grease.

9. If your butter is too hard to serve or spread, place a warm glass on it. The butter will soften in a minute or two.

10. An empty Dole container and mason jar makes the perfect pair for a snack carrier.