Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Best Home Remedies For Eliminating Bad Odors From Your Toilet & Bathroom.


If you feel embarrassed because of that nasty smell from your bathroom, don’t be upset because these are pretty common but Still an embarrassment, especially when you have guests at home and they come out of your bathroom with an ugly expression :( If you are using any toilet from the bad manufacturers, then you will be facing some odors in your bathroom. You need to replace your toilet with the best toilet makers available in the market. Usually, a musty and foul smell rises and this is due to poor cleaning techniques. However, you can make your bathroom smell fresh by adopting different cleaning methods to get rid of toilet odors.

Today I will share 2 simple remedies in order to get rid of bad smell from your Bathrooms, After trying you will really appreciate my work :)

1. Cleaning Your Bathroom by Using baking soda, lemon juice,                                           & vinegar:

Sometimes, the area around your toilet needs a good cleaning. This can help remove set-in odors that are causing a bad smell. A mixture of baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar may work well. These products are often effective at reducing odor.
How to make and Use:
  1. Make a paste of equal parts of lemon juice and baking soda. Fresh lemon juice is best. Mix the substances together until your paste has the consistency of pancake batter.
  2. Spread this paste along the bottom of the toilet and the toilet seat using a damp rag. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Place some vinegar in a spray bottle. After 10 or 15 minutes, spray the vinegar along with the paste. Let it fizzle for a moment and then wipe off using your rag.

2. Eliminating Odors by Make a homemade air freshener.

Homemade air fresheners may be more effective than store-bought products. If an odor eliminator isn't cutting it, try making your own air freshener.
How to make and Use:
  1. For one air freshener, mix three parts water, one part vodka or rubbing alcohol, and 10 to 20 drops of essential oils, such as lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, or orange oil. You can purchase essential oils at a local health or vitamin shop or online. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and leave on the back of the toilet. Spray when needed.
  2. If the above mixture leaves an alcohol-like odor, try mixing two cups of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of baking soda, and 10 drops of essential oils. Put in a spray bottle and leave on the back of your toilet. Spray when needed.
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