Monday, 13 May 2019

Facial Exercises For Sagging Neck Try it & Make Your Face Look Younger.

As you grow old, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and results in drooping skin. The neck is considered to be thin-skinned with nerve attachments. You cannot overturn the process of aging and elasticity of the skin, but with some exercises, you can firm up the neck and its muscles. This will make the sagging of the neckless visible. Be particularly careful with your neck exercises as it can cause pain in your upper and lower back of the shoulders. You can have a trim and flawless neck with the help of some easy neck exercises. Read the article for a few simple and helpful exercises.

Mouth Exercise For Neck:

This exercise tightens the muscles in the neck. It is a simple exercise which can be done while sitting or watching television. Begin by looking at the ceiling and your chin positioned towards the television. Close your lips tightly and start chewing movements like when you chew gum. Repeat this exercise for at least 20 times at a stretch and three times a day.

Chin Exercise For Neck:
This exercise helps in strengthening the muscles underneath the chin. Stand in front of the mirror and stick out your chin as far as you can. When you protrude your chin, put pressure on the chin by squeezing it until it looks wrinkled and turns white. While doing this exercise your neck should feel the pull. Hold it for five seconds, and relax before you do it again. Do this for ten times at a stretch and repeat it three times per day.

Lip Exercise For Neck:
This lip exercise can extend your neck muscles to feel the stretch in the neck area. Make a pouting face by pulling your bottom lip upwards. While pouting your lips put the fingers on your collarbone and pull the skin down gently. This should make you feel a visible stretch in your neck area. This helps in tightening the muscles in the skin and the neck area and makes the skin better.

Massaging your neck once in a week is a good exercise. When you take care of your face, take care of your neck also. As you apply the mask on your face, do this for your neck too. This will keep your face and neck look equally good and healthy.
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