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Fight Wrinkles With The 9 Best Anti-Aging Supplements

There are so many natural substances in the world that can help improve your skin’s condition. But to make it look younger, you need these 10 anti-aging supplements in your diet right away!
With age comes grace, or so they say. But it doesn’t always feel graceful when you start to notice fine wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin on your face. Everyone goes through this problem as they age, but it doesn’t need to make you feel like your skin will never look good again.
All it takes to change your skin is a targeted diet, boosted with the best anti-aging supplements. Foods packed with zinc, copper, and vitamin C can help prevent the signs of aging from showing on your skin.

Let’s break down the benefits of each supplement so you can create your customized anti-aging routine!
1. Selenium Helps Shield Sunlight

What It Does:
Sun damage is one of the major reasons that cells in the face are no longer able to fight the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.Selenium helps limit the damage done by the sun, which leads to more a more youthful looking skin.
Additionally, selenium actually helps another anti-aging supplement mentioned here – vitamin E, work better. Both of their benefits are even more effective when they are used together, so it’s always good to combine these anti-aging supplements.
How To Get It:
Selenium is found in mushrooms, shrimp, eggs, nuts, grains, and lean chicken! By eating any of these foods, you’ll be saving your skin from common signs of aging.

2. Sulfur Keeps Your Cells Plump

What It Does:
Sulfur can help to transport oxygen into the cells, which is important for them to be able to keep their shape and work properly.When the cells are functioning at 100%, they stay plump, and their strong shapes help prevent fine lines and dark spots from developing on the skin.
In addition to fighting wrinkles, sulfur is also an anti-inflammatory supplement. And since inflammation is the #1 sign of aging, this is incredibly beneficial to aging skin!
How To Get It:
Sulfur can be used directly on the skin in some skin care products, but the best way to make sure all of your cells are benefiting is to add sulfur to your diet with the following foods:
  1. Onions
  2. Beans
  3. Garlic
  4. Cabbage
  5. Eggs
3. Copper Works With Other Nutrients

What It Does:
Copper can help keep skin tight and wrinkle-free, but many people don’t realize that their body is low in copper.Vitamin C and zinc are much easier to replenish with a change in diet, and increased intake of these substances can cause copper levels to decrease in the body.
By boosting your copper intake, you can see the benefits of both Vitamin C, zinc, and copper all at once – and your skin will thank you for it!
How To Get It:
Oysters, avocado, dark chocolate, liver, and mushrooms are sources of copper that you can eat more of to up your copper counts.Since these foods are not very common and some people may find them difficult to add to their diet, you could also consider taking a copper supplement instead.

4. Zinc Repairs Your Skin

What It Does:
In addition to helping your skin repair itself faster, zinc has been proven to help fight signs of aging such as the development of fine lines and saggy, dark eyes.
By increasing the amount of zinc in your diet, you can slow physical evidence of age from showing up on your skin!
How To Get It:
Eat the right foods to get more zinc! Shrimp, beef, spinach, beans, and lamb are all great sources of zinc that are easy to add to your diet. Oysters, egg yolks, and cheddar cheese also contain high levels of zinc.

5. Omega-3 Fights Toxins

What It Does:
In addition to helping prevent cancers from developing in your skin, omega-3 has also been shown to help keep cells strong and full of water. This prevents your skin from developing saggy areas, lines, and dark circles.
Well hydrated skin is healthy skin, and omega-3s help your skin stay hydrated.
How To Get It:
The best source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish, but there are many people that take fish oil supplements in order to get their daily fix of omega-3s. If you’re not a fan of anything fishy, you can add walnuts or flaxseed to your diet instead.

6. Fiber Keeps Your Body Working

What It Does:
Your skin health is a direct result of your body’s overall health. A great way to fight signs of aging is by improving how your digestive system is working. When your body can process foods effectively, you can get more out of the nutrients needed to keep your skin from aging!
Adding fiber to your diet gives your digestive system a jolt and helps to ensure that toxins are removed from your body as they make their way through your digestive system.
How To Get It:
Fibrous foods are often starchy vegetables, such as broccoli and potatoes. Adding these foods, dried fruit, beans, and guava to your diet will give your digestive system the boost it needs to remove toxins, while your body absorbs good nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more.

7. Vitamin E Reduces Fine Lines And Dark Spots

What It Does:
Have you noticed any dark spots develop on your skin? Two of the most frustrating signs of aging skin are dark spots and fine lines. Vitamin E can help lighten the dark spots while also reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Vitamin E is a major antioxidative and anti-inflammatory agent that helps your skin clear out damaging toxins while also helping your skin to regain its youthful elasticity and color.
How To Get It:
Spinach, almonds, avocado, shrimp, and kiwi fruit are all high in vitamin E. These foods can naturally increase how much vitamin E you get daily.But you can also take a vitamin E supplement to add to your daily intake of these anti-aging supplements.

8. Vitamin C Minimizes Inflammation

What It Does:

Did you know that the #1 cause of aging skin is inflammation? Skin inflammation caused by sun damage, dehydration, and more, cause your skin to show premature signs of aging such as wrinkles.
Vitamin C will ease inflammation and all your cells to be healthier, leading to better-looking skin.
How To Get It:
There are many sources of vitamin C that are easy to add to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are particularly high in this vitamin, with the following foods having the highest amounts:
  • Orange
  • Red pepper
  • Strawberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Broccoli
Drinking juice and taking a daily vitamin are also great ways to boost your skin’s youthful appearance with a heavy addition of Vitamin C.

9. Glucosamine Is Best Friend Of Hyaluronic Acid

What It Does:
Glucosamine has been shown in recent years to help combat the appearance of both saggy skin and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is very important for your skin’s overall health and hydration, and glucosamine helps your body to create and maintain its natural levels of hyaluronic acid, leading to these anti-aging benefits.
How To Get It:
Glucosamine is often used in combination with other anti-oxidants as an anti-aging injection, but you can eat a tailored diet for these benefits, too.
There are only two foods that are high in Glucosamine:
  1. The shells of crustaceans;
  2. Offal.
Since both of these foods are uncommon, it’s best to look for a high-quality supplement if you want to add glucosamine to your diet.

Weight Losing Is Much Easier With A Few Lifestyle Tweaks

Every year, millions of people make a New Year’s resolution, but end up totally ignoring it after a few days. Some people will not even give it a second thought, while others will make a small attempt and end up kicking the idea to the curb a few days later. If you are truly interested in losing weight, you can actually do it with a few lifestyle tweaks.

Here are some simple lifestyle tweaks that can truly help you achieve your weight loss goal:

1. Cut Back On Fast Food
In the modern world, millions of people rely on fast food to feed themselves and their family. While there are some restaurants that offer a healthy menu, some of these people will choose from the most affordable menu, which most often contains unhealthy food items.
According to previous studies, you do not need to kick your habit of eating fast food completely. No, all you need to do is reduce the number of times you end up in the fast food line. By cutting back to once or twice a week, you can reduce your waistline drastically.

2. Stay Away From Salty Snacks
In the modern world, millions of people rely on fast food to feed themselves and their family. While there are some restaurants that offer a healthy menu, some of these people will choose from the most affordable menu, which most often contains unhealthy food items.
According to previous studies, you do not need to kick your habit of eating fast food completely. No, all you need to do is reduce the number of times you end up in the fast food line. By cutting back to once or twice a week, you can reduce your waistlinedrastically.

3. Eat A Healthy 300-Calorie Breakfast
Many people think they can skip breakfast and lose weight. While this may be true, it could end up backfiring by midday. If you skip breakfast, you will begin to experience severe hunger pains around 10 a.m. In fact, the hunger symptoms will become so severe that you will begin stuffing everything you can get your hands on in your mouth to make them go away.
A 300-calorie breakfast is an idea for all dieters, but make sure the foods are rich in whole grains and proteins. These will keep the hunger at bay until lunchtime.

4. Get In At Least 5 Minutes Of Exercise

If you are one of those people who thought you could not benefit from a 5-minute workout, you have been missing out on so much. Believe it or not, you can envelop 5 minutes of exercise in, while you are watching TV or washing dishes. While you are exercising, your body is burning calories, which in turn will help you lose weight.
Hopefully, these lifestyle tweaks can ease your weight loss journey and help regain your motivation and willpower. Stay fit!

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Use bobby pin and blush brush to create contour brush

Hey Girls!
 Just try this trick and make your life easier and you will remember me for a long time to teach you this trick.

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Hi Everyone!
Now-a-day everybody is too much busy in their life, we have no time for health too. Wake-up in the morning, do breakfast and then go for office and then return home at night, have no time for a workout, eat dinner and go for sleep and then soon.
We are too much busy in our professional life, we don't have a few mins for mental rest, refreshment & calm. That is the main we are unable to do any activity at the age of 50 because at that stage we are mentally disturbed. Today I will give you the World best Yoga Workout, it will your benefits now and after 20 years too.
Just do it before going to bed or early in the morning, just give 30 mins of your day to it and in return, you will have mental and physical rest, calm and Peace of Heart and soul throughout your life.


That Full Body Stretch Yoga consists of the following pose :

1. Child's Pose.                                                 9.   Cobra Pose.                                         
2. Downward Facing Dog.                              10. Standing Forward Bend.
3. High Lung Pose.                                         11.  Extended Puppy Pose.
4. Bridge Pose.                                               12.  Crescent Lung Pose.
5. Crescent Lung Pose.                                  13.  Supine Spinal Twist.
6. Seated Side Bend Pose.                             14.  Wind Release Pose.
7. Seated Spinal Twist Pose.                          15.  Easy Pose.
8. Seated Mountain Pose.

Do the above-mentioned Yoga Poses, as you wake-up. Believe me, your Life will change, you will feel light, fresh and healthy throughout the day. It will release all your mental stress and will give you peace of heart and mind. And you will feel younger and younger as time passed.
Happy pining:)

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

3 Moves to firm and Round Ass Transformation

We think they’re too small, too big, too saggy, too flabby – this list goes on. The right strength training exercises really can make a difference in your backside, depending on your body type and genetics.

Here are 10 tough but effective butt exercises for a strong, shapely butt that even you can’t help but stare and want to feel all the time.

1. Barbell hip thrust:

How to do it: Sit on the ground with your back against a bench, feet planted firmly in front of you, and a padded barbell in your lap. Keeping the lumbar spine and knees stable, raise the barbell by extending your hips, making sure to push the hips upward using the glutes. Rise until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (full hip extension), and then slowly descend back to the ground.
Mix up your reps and sets for this move and aim for anywhere between 3-4 sets of 6-20 reps. Some days you can go heavy for lower reps, some days you can go lighter for higher reps, and some days you can do both. Be warned, high-rep hip thrusts are brutal. The booty-burn is excruciating!

2. Glute and Hamstring extensions

This booty-shaping challenges glutes of all strength levels. If you’re new to exercise, start out with 3 sets of 15 reps. Intermediate exercisers should try 4 sets of 15 reps, holding 10 lbs, and advanced glutes can handle up to 5 sets of 15 reps, holding 25 lbs.

How to do it: Start standing, leaning forward on a back extension pad, with your toes turned out, knees bent (like a frog). Keeping your back flat, bend at your hips as far down as possible. To come up, push your thighs into the pad and squeeze your glutes, keeping your back straight the entire time. At the top, give your glutes an extra squeeze. Use a controlled tempo during the exercise: aim for a 2-3 second count on the way down, 1-2 seconds on the way up.

3. Lunge with arm reach

Reaching forward with the arms at knee height creates additional hip flexion, placing more emphasis on the gluteus maximus. When the arms are reaching forward, creating additional forward lean in the trunk, then the glutes are lengthened at both the bottom and top, creating more effective lengthening of the muscle.

How to do it: Stand tall with feet approximately hip-width apart and arms extended at chest height. Step forward with your right foot. As your weight comes down on your right leg, lean forward at your waist and reach with both hands at approximately knee height. Return to standing by pushing the right foot into the ground and driving the body back to the starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat 6-10 times on the right leg, then do the same number on the left leg.
Want to make it more challenging? UsE a medicine ball, dumbbells, or aViPR for added resistance.

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5 Important Running Tips To Make It Feel Easy

When you decide to start running you have got a lot of questions on your mind. How do I start running? What should I wear? Is it okay if I walk occasionally? In this article, I will provide you with an overview of a few important beginner running tips.

Beginner Running Tip 1:
It is never too late to start running. It does not matter how old you are, exercise is good for you. It has been proven in many scientific studies that regular exercise provides you with many benefits such as more energy, less chance of getting heart disease and cancer, better sleeping patterns and this list is far from over!

Beginner Running Tip 2: Start with a run/walk program
I always recommend beginning runners to start with a running program that consists of both running and walking. As a starter, you will, initially, not be able to run far. And if you did you would expose yourself to a high risk of running injuries and health problems.
You need to really start slowly and build up that stamina and those running muscles. You can make fantastic progress in a short amount of time and the chances that you will actually enjoy the running and keep on doing it are much higher.

Beginner Running Tip 3: Keep a running log
A running log you put the basic information about the exercise you have done. So how far did you run, how long did it take, what type of running did you do (e.g. run/walk, easy run, interval), etc. You could also enter additional information like your average heart rate during the run, how you felt, what the weather was, etc.
You keep a running log for a few good reasons. One of those is that it definitely provides extra motivation when you see your mileage increase week on week. Another one is that it provides a chance to look back later and find out why a certain race did not go as planned, why you got injured etc. A log is a valuable tool for beginning and more experienced runners.

Beginner Running Tip 4: Tangible Goals
Start running with a goal in mind. This could be weight-loss related or performance related. For example, set yourself a goal of running 30 minutes non-stop in twelve weeks time. Or losing 5 kilos in 3 months. If you do not have tangible goals or reasons to keep running, it will be hard to keep on going when the going gets tough and the initial enthusiasm starts to fade. Believe me, it happens.

Beginner Running Tip 5: Low Intensity

Many runners, beginning and more experienced, make the mistake of running too fast. They run a certain distance and measure their time each and every run. And they need to beat that time every time. This is not necessarily the smartest strategy. For starters, faster running is much more strenuous on your body and therefore you are much more likely to get injured.
Another reason is that, strangely enough, slower running will help you get faster much faster than faster running does. OK, read that sentence again and let it sink in. Easy running, the pace at which you are able to hold a conversation, should be the core of your running training. It will help you go longer and further over time, will help build your cardiovascular system and it will help make you really strong. Once you have to build up that strong base, then you can go fast over shorter distances as well.

Just imagine if you could run 10 miles easily, then how fast would you be able to do a one-miler?
There is nothing as important as easy running.
These tips should really help to make sure your running career is off with a flying start.
Happy running!

Veggies That KILL Stomach Fat

Nobody likes carrying around stubborn belly fat. You should be mindful of what you feed to your body – and with not so much abdominal exercises you can do, dictates how big or how small your belly is. If you wanted to get toned in the middle, Help yourself out and begin to include these veggies that kill stomach fats in your meals! These vegetables are excessive in minerals, vitamins and in many cases fiber which are the essentials in loosening those unwanted belly fats. Best of all, these food selections are inexpensive and can be purchased easily at most grocery or supermarket stores.

Fat has a role in protecting and padding the body. While fat has a capacity, the excess is not good for anyone. Excess fat can hamper your physical appearance and is hindering to your wellbeing. Long back individuals would hunt and gather, sustenance was abundant in summer and pre-winter while scarce in winter. The excess fat picked up in summer and harvest time was utilized as a part of the winter, those with more fat had a superior shot of survival. The fat was utilized for vitality when performing hard everyday work. In this age, when physical exercises are constrained and things are easily available, excess fat can be dangerous to your health.

It is currently believed that getting rid of belly fat can be achieved by relaxing and shrinking the stomach, drinking plenty of water, eating carbohydrates, and many more. Getting rid of belly fat without sweating it out could be done in many ways.

Simple Foods to Assist you Fight Abdominal Fat and Keep Healthy

1. Chilies:
The active ingredient in chili peppers and powders have been studied showing that it contains, something called capsaicin, increases calorie-burning, stabilizes blood sugar levels and is a potent antioxidant.

2. Onions:
A portion of great food to add with low calories making them a great food to add to your diet. An ideal way to flavor your dishes are to grill, sautee or roast it.

3. Cucumber:
Cucumber is a water-based vegetable that helps you to curb hunger. When feeling peckish, have some cucumber slices and a glass of water. You will feel satiated with a very small calorie hit. What’s more, all the fluid you’ve taken in in the vegetable and your glass of water will help you flush toxins.

4. Leafy Greens:
Kale, broccoli, spinach, arugula, and romaine are all packed with essential vitamins and minerals and have very few calories. Broccoli and spinach are especially loaded with fiber, which helps speed up your metabolism and reduces constipation.

5. Pumpkin:

Not just for pies or carving, the pumpkin gives you a great hit of vitamin C which will keep your energy levels high, preventing the inactivity that can lead to weight gain.

6. Tomatoes:
Tomatoes contain vitamin C and calcium. When taken together, these two elements are great for combating fat around the middle.

7. Beans:
All kind of beans has 6 or more grams of fiber per ½ cup. Fiber can clean your system of pounds of “toxic” waste.

8. Carrots:
Make a great raw snack. Loaded with beta-carotene and fiber, your body will thank you!

9. Celery:
Not unlike cucumber, celery is made up of mostly water and packs an incredibly small calorie hit. This combination makes celery perfect food if you are trying to lose weight.

10. Green Tea:
Not only does it contain a potent antioxidant, but many scientific studies have also linked green tea to increased fat burning and found green tea extract boosted the daytime metabolism of test subjects by 35-43% reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Healthy Tips in to (Happy Pinning:)

Very Simple Morning Workout (Make Your Whole Day Fresh)

Mornings can feel so rushed with everything we have on our plates for the day. This is a great way to give you an extra boost of energy and make sure you get some movement in. You can do this first thing after you wake up and then jump in the shower to feel refreshed.

Repeat 3x to awaken your body and mind, and get going for the day. Make sure to follow with lots of water to fuel, cleanse and refresh. Hope you like this simple morning workout if yes then pin it!

Facial Exercises For Sagging Neck Try it & Make Your Face Look Younger.

As you grow old, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and results in drooping skin. The neck is considered to be thin-skinned with nerve attachments. You cannot overturn the process of aging and elasticity of the skin, but with some exercises, you can firm up the neck and its muscles. This will make the sagging of the neckless visible. Be particularly careful with your neck exercises as it can cause pain in your upper and lower back of the shoulders. You can have a trim and flawless neck with the help of some easy neck exercises. Read the article for a few simple and helpful exercises.

Mouth Exercise For Neck:

This exercise tightens the muscles in the neck. It is a simple exercise which can be done while sitting or watching television. Begin by looking at the ceiling and your chin positioned towards the television. Close your lips tightly and start chewing movements like when you chew gum. Repeat this exercise for at least 20 times at a stretch and three times a day.

Chin Exercise For Neck:
This exercise helps in strengthening the muscles underneath the chin. Stand in front of the mirror and stick out your chin as far as you can. When you protrude your chin, put pressure on the chin by squeezing it until it looks wrinkled and turns white. While doing this exercise your neck should feel the pull. Hold it for five seconds, and relax before you do it again. Do this for ten times at a stretch and repeat it three times per day.

Lip Exercise For Neck:
This lip exercise can extend your neck muscles to feel the stretch in the neck area. Make a pouting face by pulling your bottom lip upwards. While pouting your lips put the fingers on your collarbone and pull the skin down gently. This should make you feel a visible stretch in your neck area. This helps in tightening the muscles in the skin and the neck area and makes the skin better.

Massaging your neck once in a week is a good exercise. When you take care of your face, take care of your neck also. As you apply the mask on your face, do this for your neck too. This will keep your face and neck look equally good and healthy.
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Homemade Cough Syrup In The Instant Pot 20 mins to make, makes 2 cups

My most recent addition to our natural arsenal is homemade cough syrup -- made with one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the Instant Pot!
Author: Lindsey Dietz
Recipe type: Household & Health
Serves: 2 cups

Ingredients :

  • 2 cups water
  • 8 sprigs fresh thyme
  • ¼ cup fresh ginger root, finely chopped
  • 1 cup raw honey, preferably local
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper


  1.  Put water, thyme, and chopped ginger into the Instant Pot.
  2.  Press the Saute button.
  3.  Simmer the herbs in water until reduced by half.
  4.  Allow to cool until the temperature is warm, not hot, steeping the herbs the entire time.
  5.  Strain.
  6.  Discard or compost the thyme and ginger.
  7.  Return the thyme-ginger tea to the Instant Pot.
  8.  Whisk in honey, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper, if using.
  9.  Transfer to an airtight jar or bottle.
  10.  Syrup will keep in a dark cupboard for 1 week. After that, it should be stored in the refrigerator.
  11.  Administer a tablespoon as often as necessary to soothe a sore throat and calm a cough.

it is important to cleanse your liver if you want to be healthy, but also in order to lose weight.

How do you do this??

There are natural ways of cleansing your liver: foods and herbal supplements.

  • citruses such as lemons, limes and grapefruits help the cleansing of the liver because their high content of vitamin C; they also produce enzymes that aid to the elimination of toxins;
  • vegetables are also recommended: either you choose to consume garlic, leafy green vegetables, or cruciferous vegetables, you make a good choice for your health; they activate enzymes necessary to the liver in the process of eliminating toxins;

  • the well-known antioxidant properties of the green tea are also very beneficial for the health of (not only) your liver, because they improve its function
Herbal supplements:
  • turmeric is a spice which helps your liver to get rid of toxins, when consumed either in foods or by taking capsules that contain it;
  • tablets of dandelion roots are also recommended – they prevent indigestion and the swelling of your liver;
Change your lifestyle!
There are certain things you do on a daily basis and which affect your liver.
It is recommended to avoid certain foods: reduce the amount of dairy and meat, try not to eat so many processed foods and never consume fast food, it is maybe the worst thing you do for your health.
This type of food contains lots of chemicals and thus produces toxins that your liver cannot keep the pace with when it comes to getting rid of them.
What you have to do is to drink a lot of water – it aids to the elimination of toxins.

Arm workout for slimmer arms in 6 weeks

If you’re just starting out, aim for two sets of 8 to 12 reps of the heaviest weight you can handle for each exercise. Looking for more of a challenge? Shoot for two sets of 15 to 25 reps per exercise.

Bent-Over Row Step I:
Primary muscles worked: lats, back extensors, rhomboids, rear shoulders, biceps, core. Stand with a slight bend at the knees, holding the weights at your sides. Lean over, extending your chest while reaching your hips back. Allow your arms to hang straight down toward the floor with your palms facing your thighs.

Bent-Over Row Step II: 
Looking forward at the ground (not up), pull your elbows up and rotate your hands until your palms are nearly touching your upper rib cage and your elbows point toward the ceiling. Lower the weights to the starting position with control. Repeat.
tip: Keep your belly button pulled in toward your spine to engage your core and protect your lower back.

Upright Row Step I:

Primary muscles worked: shoulders, upper back, biceps.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with the weights hanging down in front of your body, their ends touching.

Upright Row Step II:
Raise your upper arms, leading with your elbows while bringing the weights up the front of your body as if you were tracing an imaginary midpoint, stopping when your elbows become level with your shoulders. Lower the weights back to the starting position.
tip: Keep your chin up and your belly button tucked in.

Chest Press on Ball Step I:
Primary muscles worked: chest, front of shoulders, triceps. Sit on a ball and walk out so that your head and shoulder blades are resting on the ball. Lift your hips by contracting your glute muscles to make a bridge. (Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and below your knees to give you stable support.)

Chest Press on Ball Step II:

Bring the dumbbells to your shoulders. Then extend your arms over your chest and bring the dumbbells together to make a triangle over your chest. Lower the weights back to the starting position and repeat.
tip: You will need to engage your core throughout the exercise to avoid falling off the ball.

Overhead Press on Ball Step I:
Primary muscles worked: shoulders, upper back, triceps. Sit on an exercise ball with your belly button pulled toward the spine. Hold the weights in front of your shoulders, your palms facing in.

Overhead Press on Ball Step II:
Push the weights up until your arms are extended. When your arms are extended, they should be slightly in front of you rather than directly overhead. Lower the weights to the starting position and repeat.

Tip: Keep your chin lifted slightly and your core stable.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Homemade Coconut Oil Lime Shaving Cream

There are many reasons to consider a homemade holiday this year. For one, its frugal. Making gifts is a great way to save money. Another reason is to get closer to the people that matter. Making gifts is a great way to spend quality time with family members or friends having fun and getting crafty. Lastly, homemade gifts from the heart are certainly a lot more memorable than hastily bought store goods.

Go ahead, give it a try. This homemade shaving cream is so good your man will probably end up sneaking a little bit for himself!

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup almond oil
  • 1 cup Shea butter
  • 10-12 drops lime essential oil
  • 10-12 drops coconut essential oil

  1.  Melt the coconut oil and Shea butter in a sauce pan over medium heat, stirring frequently until fully melted.
  2.  Remove from heat, stir in almond oil and allow to cool.
  3. Once the pot is mostly cool (you can touch it) place it in fridge for about 20 minutes to firm up.
  4.  Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the essential oils.
  5.  Using a hand or stand mixer, whip until light and fluffy. When it is ready, the mixture will resemble whipped cream.
  6. Place the mixture in an airtight container like a Mason jar.
The consistency of your shaving cream will depend on the temperature in your home. If you keep it in the fridge it will stay nearly solid, if the house is warm it will melt. This recipe fits well in half pint Mason jars for storage. (Happy Pinning:)

No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout at Home Try it & See Huge difference in Your Body Challenge!


Wall Bridge 

Lie on your back with your butt against the wall and arms at your sides. Bend your knees and plant your feet 3 to 4 feet up the wall. Raise your lower and middle back off floor, keeping your shoulder blades on the ground. Hold for a deep inhale, then exhale and slowly return to the starting position.

Cross your right ankle over your left knee so that only your left foot is on wall.

Don't use the wall. Keep your feet flat on floor as you lift into a bridge.

Friday, 10 May 2019

How To Successfully Lose Face Fat To Appear Slimmer

Our face and neck are not immune to carry excess fat. However, the good news is that with proper exercise you can lose face fat effectively. Given below are some facial exercises that help tone down the skin around your face enhancing its appearance.

Let’s have a look at few techniques on how to lose face fat:

1. Cut Down Extra Fat:
One of the most effective ways to reduce and lose face fat is to cut down on your overall body fat. Following a diet plan and eating less caloric food throughout the day will compel your body to use up stored energy in the form of fat which is scattered in various parts of the body. The places from where your body will first harvest fat are from the neck, face and jaw area.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water:

It is really important to make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. This will help to flush out toxins from the body. Most people are recommended to drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day. Drinking water will not only help in flushing out toxins from the body but also help to burn extra calories and keep your body hydrated.

3. Do Some Facial Exercises
It is important to exercise if you want to keep your face slim. One of the best facial exercises is the puff exercise. To perform this exercise, you need to take a deep breath and hold the air in your mouth, push it into the right cheek for 10 seconds and then switch it to the left. Repeat this as many times as possible.

The Smiling exercise also proves very effective as it helps to tighten the cheeks.

Making expressive faces such as making ‘O’ shape face with lips or sticking out the tongue help tone your muscles and make your face appear slimmer over time. After all,

4. Massage Your Face And Neck
Here are 10 easy massage tricks you can perform to speed up your process to lose face fat:

5. Apply Correct Posture
You should observe how to sit and stand correctly. Always be careful of your postures that you perform in your everyday life. If you sit or stand in a bad way, this can be a cause for accumulated fat in the face and neck areas.

Keep your back erect and shoulder straight. This will help you lose face fat to a great extent.

These are some useful tips that will help you lose face fat in an easy and fast way. After all, it is just a matter of sticking to such a plan and making sure that you are doing it the right way.
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Swallow This, Fall Asleep Almost Instantly, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed

Do you have troubles sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night? It makes you feel awful if it occurs night after night and also, it is not good for you. Fortunately, there are three ingredients you can use to prepare this “magic mixture” and set your way to a good night’s sleep.

Needed ingredients:
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • ¼ teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt
These three ingredients help your body be sustained throughout the night. The mixture also lowers the impact of spikes in stress hormones or cortisol, which can make you wake up in the middle of the night.

How to prepare and use the mixture?
You need to take the three ingredients before going to bed. Mix the coconut oil and raw honey in a bowl and add some sea salt in it. Then mix all ingredients.

Take the mixture with a spoon and swallow. Then, chase with water.
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You can lose weight by eating healthy food, doing physical activities every day and the most important thing is to drink this miraculous and amazing drink

Nowadays, probably the most popular topic among all women in the world is how to lose weight fast and stay in shape. There are millions of diet plans and weight loss methods online and they all promise you can lose weight fast, lose weight in just 1 week, etc.

But, what these diet plans will do is that you will only lose weight and regain it back in several days. You can lose weight by eating healthy food, doing physical activities every day and the most important thing is to drink this miraculous and amazing drink we’re presenting to you today!

This drink is already famous and used by numerous women in the world.

You will need:
  • 8 glasses of water
  • 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled and cut into slices
  • 1 medium-sized lemon cut into slices
  • 12 fresh mint leaves and 1 teaspoon of dried mint

Just mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, leave them overnight, and keep the bowl in the fridge. Consume 4-5 glasses throughout the whole day.
For better and instant results, start drinking it in the morning before breakfast.
You will feel like you have lost 1 pound after the first two hours. Nutritionists claim that by regular consumption of this drink and moderate physical activity, you will manage to melt the belly fat and finally get that flat and sexy stomach.

Follow these tips for 3 weeks to get rid of love handles and to keep your silhouette for a longer period of time:

Waist fat is not only unsightly, but it also gives us great psychological discomfort and presents a risk to our health. As you have more fat in the waist area, the risks of developing heart disease or diabetes are also higher.
Some people store excess fat on the waist because of cortisol, a hormone that increases every time the stress is installed.

Follow these tips for 3 weeks to get rid of love handles and to keep your silhouette for a longer period of time:

Say goodbye to sweets:
Everyone knows that sweets fatten, so you should not wonder why you have a thick waist if you eat sweets. Whether they are made at home, whether they are purchased from the bakeries, cakes “help” you gain weight. Same happens with candy, chocolate (except the black), creamy ice cream, biscuits. How to satisfy your sweets need? Simply: by eating fruits.

Eat more salads and healthy fats:
When you prepare a salad, get used to adding some flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds or walnuts. These foods contain healthy fats that give you energy and maintain good bowel movements. Also, the salad will be transformed into a nourishing one and you will not feel the need to eat again for a long period of time.

Have fun with a hula hoop:

There is a way to relax, but also a method that aims to find the chest and waist. Large circles are easier to use because you can spin more slowly. Do not lose balance. Move your waist circular.

Do air cycling:

This exercise works the exact problem areas. In addition, it tones your tummy. Sit back on a hard area, lift your torso and legs in the air and support yourself with your hands. Then start pedaling in the air. (Happy Pinning:)

The Boiled Eggs Diet Lose 11 Kg In 2 Weeks! Try it :)

If you want to obtain results rapidly, the boiled eggs diet is the ideal one. Only several eggs are used and numerous vegetables and citric fruits are included, which comprises a balanced menu. The diet helps you improve your metabolism and burn fat without the annoying feeling of hunger.

This diet can help you lose up to 11 kg in 2 weeks (any time your body allows it), and the best thing is that you will not have your weight back after you’ve finished this diet!
Here’s the menu for the next 2 weeks. Enjoy!



Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: Chicken and a big salad.
Dinner: 2 eggs, salad, and 1 orange.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: 2 eggs and steamed vegetables.
Dinner: Fish on the barbecue and a big salad.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: Cooked chicken and a big salad.
Dinner: 2 eggs, vegetable salad and 1 orange.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: 2 eggs, cheese low in fat and steamed vegetables.
Dinner: Steamed chicken and a big salad.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: Tuna salad.
Dinner: 2 eggs and a big salad.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: Cooked chicken and a big salad.
Dinner: Fruits.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.
Lunch: Steamed chicken and steamed vegetables.
Dinner: The same as lunch.

As you can see, it is a diet low in carbohydrates, so do not forget to consult a doctor before the beginning! The menu is very simple and you will not have problems with carrying it out. To obtain better results, you must do exercise at least 30 minutes a day!
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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Try these 5 simple exercises to make your butt look the way you always wanted.

If you’re really looking to build up your glutes and get some mass on your butt, but tend to have knee pain when it comes to squats? Skip the squats, and do these 5 exercises, you will have a fitter and firmer butt.

1. Single-Leg Deadlift With Kettlebell

The single-leg deadlift not only works your backside, targeting both the hamstring and the glutes but also works the core.
  • Hold a kettlebell (between 10 and 20 pounds) in your right hand, and lift your left foot slightly off the ground.
  • With your back straight, return upright, coming to your starting position. This completes one rep. Maximize this move by keeping your right foot off the ground as you go through your reps.
  • Do 12 reps on each leg, for three sets.
2. Curtsy Lunges 
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Keeping your hips square, cross your right leg behind you and step backward as you lower your right knee toward the floor. Your left knee should remain directly above your left ankle. Pause, then press into your left heel as you stand and extend your right leg into a sidekick. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds before you switch legs. Do 10 reps.

3. Hydrants with Leg Extension
Begin on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your wrists stacked over your shoulders. Lift your left knee toward the ceiling, then extend the left foot straight out to the side. Pause before you bend your knee again, and bring your leg back to starting position. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds on the left side before you switch to the right. Do 10 reps.

4. Step-Ups
Walking up flights of stairs is great for your tush, but stepping up onto a chair is an even more effective move.
  •  Stand in front of your chair and place your left foot in the center of the seat.
  •  Step up onto the chair and bring your right knee forward and up.
  •  Switch legs and repeat to complete one rep. Do 20 reps in total.

5. Bear Plank Leg Lifts
Begin in a plank position with your shoulders stacked above your wrists. Bend both knees slightly as bend your left knee to 90 degrees. With a flexed foot, squeeze your glutes, and raise your right heel up toward the ceiling as high as you can. Pause, then bring your left knee back to meet your right knee. Repeat for 45 to 60 seconds before switching sides. Do 10 reps. pin it:)

The Japanese people are known as the healthiest and oldest people in the world. They have a life expectancy of 87 years – more than any…

This natural cream is popularly known as the elixir of youth and has been used for ages by a number of people. It is a Japanese recipe that gives results in just a week of using it. Rice contains a powerful ingredient called “squalene and linoleic acid”. This acid is a potent antioxidant which stimulates the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles. Squalene protects the skin from damage caused by the sun.
This Japanese recipe will significantly rejuvenate your skin and gives results in just one week. It will help you get rid of wrinkles, soften your skin and make it shiny and beautiful. Also, it will help look 10 years younger.

  • 3 tbsps. of rice
  • 1 tbsp. of honey
  • 1 tbsp. of milk
First, cook the rice for about 2 minutes. Then, strain the liquid and keep it for later use. Combine the cooked rice with one tablespoon of hot milk and one tablespoon of honey. Wash your face well and apply the mask on dry skin. Let it act until it dries. Finally, rinse it off with the water in which the rice was cooked.

Rice water and its properties:
Rice water has numerous benefits for your skin. It improves the blood flow, acts as an antioxidant and deeply nourishes the skin. This is an extremely effective way to get rid of wrinkles. Furthermore, rice water has the ability to reduce inflammation and keep your skin healthy and properly hydrated. It is recommended that you repeat the procedure at least once a week. The results will amaze you. 
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Consume This Elixir Made Of 3 Ingredients, And Your Abdomen Will Be Firm Again! Try This Very Fast Method!

Many women around the world are dealing with excess belly fat which is a very unpleasant aesthetic and health problem. If you’ve tried to reduce it, you know that this is a difficult process which takes a lot of time and dedication, but luckily for you, we have a simple mixture that will clean toxins from your body and reduce your excess belly fat.

However, the drink won’t work on its own – you need to consume it along a healthy diet and exercise to see the results. Stick to it and you may lose up to 1 cm. every day!

You will need the following ingredients
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2 teaspoons of ACV
  • 50 ml. of soda water
  • 150 ml. of grapefruit juice
Add the honey in the grapefruit juice and stir well to dissolve it, then add the soda water and ACV and drink the beverage twice a day 15 minutes before your lunch and dinner. Grapefruit juice is a powerful weight loss remedy which contains flavonoids that will get rid of excess liquids in your body and defeat cellulite.

the drink is not recommended for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. We suggest consulting a doctor before starting with the process.(Happy Pinning:)

people don’t lose weight despite their great effort and different methods.Consume it for 3 days and clean your liver from any toxins and filth which live inside.

When the organism is full of toxins, the liver can’t perform its functions normally. In this case, the process of losing weight is significantly slower and you gain more and more weight. That is the reason why people don’t lose weight despite their great effort and different methods. Consume it for 3 days and clean your liver from any toxins and filth which live inside.

  • 3 lemons
  • 1 cup of cut parsley
  • 5 stems celery
  • 6 cups of water
Put in blender the lemon juice, parsley, and celery and mix it, then add water and mix again. Consume 2 glasses, 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure in the next 2 days. Then make a break for 7-10 days and then repeat the treatment.

How it is used?
Consume this drink 3 times a day for 3 days. Avoid heavy meals during these 3 days. Eat healthy food in order to ease the process of detoxification of the liver and lose some weight.
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What is Your Headache Trying to Tell You? Never Ignore a Headache

It's extremely important to correctly understand what type of headache is causing you pain and grief. Better understanding the root of the problem can help you seek proper treatment. So, let’s take a closer look, as we examine seven types of headaches accompanied by the varying symptoms.

 Staying up too late usually has more repercussions than a case of the sleepy blues, the next morning. Generally, severe throbbing headaches can be contributed to a lack of sleep. Although over-the-counter drugs offer temporary relief, Dr. Alexander Mauskop, a neurologist with the New York Headache Center, insists changing your sleeping habits is one of the best ways to alleviate a sleep-related headache.

With an estimated 29 million Americans suffering from migraines, it is considered to be one of the more typical forms of headaches. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are known to be associated with nausea, dizziness, vomiting, light and sound sensitivities, usually lasting anywhere from 4-72 hours.

 Remember, try not to allow the everyday stressors of life get the best of you as tension headaches are known to be the most reported type of headache made by adults. Symptoms can possibly include, hunger pains, tiredness and a low tolerance for various types of fumes. Luckily, these types of headaches can be treated with over-the-counter medicines.

As you can see, headaches come in a variety of forms, sometimes with or without warning. So pay attention to the signs because it may be your body’s way of trying to tell you something. Next time, you begin to feel a throbbing head sensation take precautionary action and go see your doctor in order to pinpoint the correct diagnosis and treatment. (Happy Pinning:)


In the last couple of years, heart attacks have become very common among the worldwide population. Unfortunately, they’re the number 1 reason for death in the world. They occur as a consequence of our stressful lifestyles and unhealthy diets. You can protect your cardiovascular health by improving your lifestyle- follow a healthier diet and lower the amount of stress. Also, it’s good to recognize the symptoms of heart failure that usually begin to show a month before the heart experiences a failure:

Shortness of breath
When the lungs don’t get enough oxygen, your heart won’t get the blood which needs to pass through it. Therefore, if you have problems with breathing, immediately consult your physician.

Cold and flu symptoms
A lot of people, before they experience a heart attack, experience these two symptoms.

Chest pressure
This is a clear symptom that a heart attack can take place in the near future. It’s important to consult your physician if you experience chest ache.

Cold sweats and dizziness
Poor circulation disrupts the proper blood flow to the brain, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the brain.

If you still feel tired and drowsy after sleeping or resting for some time, and if this goes on for days and days, you could be having a loss of blood flow to the heart.

Prevention of heart attacks is very important; noticing and treating the above-mentioned symptoms timely, will significantly lower the chances for heart attacks.(happy pinning:)

Nature has the response to numerous sicknesses and conditions. Many plants and vegetables have fantastic therapeutic advantages, and their utilization goes back to centuries prior

Nature has a response to numerous sicknesses and conditions. Many plants and vegetables have fantastic therapeutic advantages, and their utilization goes back to centuries prior. Many plants and herbs are still utilized for their therapeutic properties even today with every one of the progressions in the medicinal field. This implies they’re still compelling. Garlic is one of the most beneficial nourishments you can eat and is frequently a piece of people cures. As per late research, putting a bit of garlic in a particular piece of the body can treat various illnesses. For instance, putting a bit of garlic in the ear and going to bed is an incredible solution for difficult diseases and lessening distress in your ear.

 This basic cure has been utilized against hearing issues too, yet in the event that you don’t see enhancements for some time, you ought to visit a specialist. Other than helping you overcome ear contaminations and issues, garlic contains various fundamental supplements, for example, potassium, calcium, alcina, quercetin, glutamic and aspartic corrosive, vitamins B1, B6 and C and additionally different supplements.

Garlic for vaginal contamination other than treating ear contaminations, garlic can likewise help you treat vaginal diseases. In case you’re experiencing this sort of diseases, simply put a string through a garlic clove with a needle and embed it in your vagina, ensuring the string is outside. Go to quaint little in the garlic work overnight, then force the string tenderly and take the garlic out in the morning. This ought to treat the contaminations adequately and rapidly. As should be obvious, garlic has various therapeutic uses, which is the reason we suggest continually having some nearby within reach.

Signs of Dehydration, and Why You Need to Stay Hydrated

Let’s be honest for a moment: everyone is at risk for dehydration. Even if you drink a lot of fluids, you may become dehydrated. Because everyone is at risk, it’s good to know the signs of dehydration. Dehydration happens when your body has insufficient water. Without the right amount of fluids, your body can’t function properly. As a result, you might experience seizures, blood clots, and some fatal complications.

Causes of dehydration 

before we get to the signs of dehydration in adults, let’s talk for a moment about what causes dehydration. And later, I’ll share some tips and tricks for staying hydrated. But here are the causes:
  • Fever
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Increased urination
  • Too much exercise
  • Significant injuries to the skin, including mouth sores and burns
  • Diabetes and similar diseases
We won’t include problems like the impaired ability to drink (e.g., when you’re in a coma or on a respirator). That being said, let’s take a look at some of the mild and early signs of dehydration.

Increased thirst 
the first and most logical sign is thirst. Your body will always send you signals when you’re deficient in something. For example, when you need food, you feel hunger. When you have a deficiency of some minerals and vitamins, your body will send you other signals. But when you’re dehydrated, you feel increased thirst. And this isn’t a thirst you can satisfy with just one glass of water.

Dry mouth
Another logical sign is dry mouth. Every part of your body needs fluids to function properly. For your mouth, water and other fluids keep the mouth moist. But when you’re dehydrated, your body preserves fluids, and it saves up fluids from non-vital organs like your mouth.

Urine issues
There are two things that happen when you’re dehydrated that are closely related to your urine. First and foremost, your urine output is decreased. You just can’t pee without fluids. The second sign is the color—your urine is more yellow than normal.

Bad breath
As mentioned previously, when you’re dehydrated, your body saves fluids. And one thing that happens is your body doesn’t produce enough saliva. Saliva is responsible for keeping your breath fresh; it has antibacterial properties, and without it, bacteria will overgrow in your mouth. Think of the bad breath as a side reaction from chronic dehydration.

Last, but not least of the mild and early signs of dehydration, is a headache. Let’s turn to biology for a second. Your brain is located in a fluid sack. This sack keeps your brain from bumping against the skull. When you’re low on fluids, that fluid sack is depleted. And your brain can push up against some parts of the skull, which in turn, causes headaches. So, drink plenty of water to prevent migraines and headaches.