Friday, 22 March 2019

How you can design your nails by Polka Dots?


Every girl wants her long nails and she also put nail paint on them to show them beautiful. Here we gave you Polka Dots Nail Design. It looks fresh and beautiful and you can putt it on, on a daily bases.

Following are some steps that how can you design polka dots.
  1.  Putt on the base color. (any color of your choice) then leave it to dry.
  2.  Choose a color for polka dots and putt on dots on that base (choose the color which is comfortable with base)
  3.  You can use Toothpick, Band-Aid and pencil for putting dots easily, which are easily available at home.
You can also overlap polka dots with each other to get a beautiful effect. Last but not the least apply top polish for shining.