Thursday, 17 January 2019

What! Potatoes Can Help You Lose Weight!!


Potato is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, calcium and fiber. It also contains low levels of sodium—yes, potatoes are not at all as unhealthy as they are thought to be! On the other hand, potatoes are filling and can be of immense use as far as hunger management is concerned. So, including this beverage in your diet will ensure that you refrain from snacking every now and then, and also lessen the possibility of having unhealthy fattening food items. If you are game to try potato juice to lose weight, you need to know how exactly to go about it. Here are provided some simple pointers that will help you:

-Always opt for fresh, firm and organic potatoes, preferably the ones with ‘eyes’ and reddish-brown skin.
-Wash the vegetable thoroughly to clean the impurities on the skin of the potatoes.
-Now, put the potato in a juicer and extract the juice of the whole potato including the skin.
-In case you do not have a juicer, grate the potato and squeeze out the juice from the grated portion.
-A quantity of 100 to 150 ml of potato juice needs to be consumed on a daily basis. So, juice the potatoes accordingly.
-Drink potato juice while the stomach is empty, preferably the first thing after you wake up in the morning. Breakfast should be eaten after at least half-an-hour. Alternately, you may choose to drink it thirty minutes prior to dinner.
-Make sure to juice the potatoes right at the time you want to drink the juice. Do not let the juice sit in the refrigerator. Drink it fresh.
-If you are not fond of the bland taste of potato juice, try adding a spoon of honey or the juice of a lemon.
-Drink the juice daily for a period of two weeks. Then take a break for a week and again resort to the routine for 2 weeks. Keep repeating this cycle until you have achieved the desired results.

When you are on the potato juice weight loss regime, please ensure that you avoid processed food, refined sugar, oily food, excessive salt, and heavy meals. Moreover, you must drink lots of water and include fresh fruits in your diet to get maximum benefits. And do not forget to get into a workout regimen! No diet can work unless combined with a healthy exercise regime.

So, get those potatoes out and get healthy! Happy Pinning:)