Friday, 11 January 2019

3 Makeup and Beauty Tips Older Women Should Know!


Bored with your usual look? Seen a technique or product that you’re clueless about? Missing that glow you had in your younger days? Well, all things are possible with the internet. Thousands of makeup artists, beauty gurus, and downright clever people have an unlimited amount of beauty wisdom to share – and a place to share it. Get started now with 20 of our makeup and beauty tips, trick, and hacks.

1. Skip the powder

For many of us, the powder was the first “adult” makeup item we got our hands on. That makes sense when you consider that during our teen years, our skin was a lot oilier. In our 20’s, we still stick to powder to set liquid and prevent shine during long nights out on the town.

But in regular, everyday settings, the powder does us few favors. In fact, it can be incredibly aging. Powder, no matter how well-applied, eventually settles into creases and tiny wrinkles you didn’t even notice, accentuating things we definitely don’t want to draw attention to. Instead, use a setting spray. There is a range of formulas that can do exactly what you aim for, like preventing shine or keeping foundation in place. You can also replace powder blushes and bronzers with cream formulas that won’t highlight wrinkles.

2. Foundation over 50? Choose yellow undertones

We put a lot of guesswork into finding our perfect foundation shade. Yellow, red, pink, neutral? For some of us, the choice isn’t clear, so when we do find one that matches, we cling to it.
But colors vary from brand to brand despite the idea that they’re using the same undertone. So when your foundation gets discontinued, you have to start all over again. Well, the good news is that with age, you can put less effort into tone matching.
Women over 50 most often look brighter and younger when wearing a yellow-based foundation. Golden tones, in general, are very age-defying. A yellow-based foundation in the appropriate shade depth will counteract any grayish tones slowly taking your complexion over.

3. DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers give your face a slight tint of color, brightening and evening your skin tone, while also adding moisture. It makes your face look sheer and dewy, as opposed to a “caked up” look that most foundations produce. Simply add a dab of foundation to your moisturizer, and apply. You’ll love the way you look.