Thursday, 17 January 2019

10 Interesting Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol That You Probably Didn’t Know


Almost everyone has a bottle of rubbing alcohol in at least one cupboard in their home. It’s typically in the medicine cabinet for use in disinfecting stuff, and over the years I’ve also used it many times to rescue various surfaces in my home after one of my kids got ahold of a permanent marker!

But there is SO much more than homely little bottle can do! It’s time to take it out of the bathroom cabinet and put it in a place of honor! This humble mixture of denatured alcohol and water is usually less than $2.00 a bottle and can help you out in an amazing array of situations in the kitchen, the bathroom, the craft room, and beyond!

1. Keep windows frost-free – If you want to do a little frost prevention, wash them with a 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol mixed with 1-quart water. The next time the temperatures dip you shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING!

2. Hairspray remover – If your bathroom mirror and countertops get covered with hairspray like mine do, a quick wipe with some rubbing alcohol will remove it and leave them sparkling clean.

Itch Relief – Dabbing a little rubbing alcohol onto an itchy bug bite will dry out the area, relieving itchiness.

4. Granite cleaner – Vinegar and other acidic cleaners corrode granite, so use alcohol instead! 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 3 drops of dish detergent, 1 cup water, and a couple drops of essential oil, and you’ve got yourself a great DIY granite countertop cleaner.

5. Nail fungus – Soaking your hands or feet in a tub filled water and rubbing alcohol can help get rid of bacterial growth under nails. Do this daily until fungus vanishes.

6. Laminate floor cleaner – Use 1/3 water, 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 1/3 vinegar and 4 drops of dish soap for an effective and quick-drying laminate floor cleaner. Spray it on. Wipe it with either a damp mop or a damp sponge.

7. All-purpose de-greaser – pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and wipe down greasy stovetops, vents, and teapot. No need to rinse afterward because the rubbing alcohol dries almost immediately.

8. Remove ink stains – If you get ink on your clothing, try soaking the spot in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and then wash as usual. Hairspray & hand sanitizer, which also have alcohol in them, will work in a pinch as well.

9. Erase permanent markers – Rubbing alcohol will dissolve marker back to a liquid state so you can wipe it right off. Believe me, it has saved me numerous times!

10. Makeup Brushes – to sanitize your brushes, soak them in alcohol for 30 minutes and allow them to air dry. Repeat every month.
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