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I was chatting long-distance with a friend today about how much we love summer and how great it is to be able to throw on a sundress in the morning and just get on with the day. No more thermals, and tights, and jeans, and long sleeves, and sweaters, and boot socks, and scarves, and down jackets, etc., etc.! Oh the fashion freedoms provided by simple sunshine and warm weather! The only fashionista problem I run into this time of year are those pesky bra straps. I’m not a fan of strapless bras, or “sticker bras” and much prefer to just wear my regular, everyday bras every day. Here is where my little bra-clip heroes come into play. I found these things years ago at a dollar store and thought that all women-owned a few. But in my conversation today with my friend, I realized that not everyone regularly chats about concealing their bra straps and not everyone knows the secrets of these little clips! Just in case you fall into the bra-strap-challenged category, let me give you a quick tip on how to hide bra straps.

So, when you throw on that summer dress that doesn’t have short sleeves or a perfect “tank top” neckline, you are faced with this. And let’s face it, this looks kind of tacky.

What you need are bra clips! You can find these at Target, Forever 21, Walmart, and the Dollar Store (if you are lucky).

And here is a little bra clip hack for you: If you are really in a pinch, you can use a butterfly paperclip as a bra clip. Bra clips are most traditionally used to pinch your bra straps in the back when you are wearing a racer-tank style shirt or dress, but they are versatile and can be used in several ways.

To use a bra clip, you simply lengthen your straps until comfortable and then slide one strap over the plastic notch.

Repeat this step on the other side and then slide the bra clip down out of sight. I have a white, black, and nude colored clip so they disappear under clothing.

Tada! No more unsightly bra straps! You’re welcome! Happy Pinning :)

Face Routine on a Weekly Base That Will Make Your Face Look Younger

Face routine that the Japanese ladies have known for centuries – the surprising skin healing benefits of rice! Applying rice bran oil, rice bran powder and rice water on your skin can change the texture and clarity of the skin, meaning it can make skin smooth and eliminate dark spots. Also, you can enrich your diet with rice and use its antioxidant powers.

Rice is a rich source of linoleic acids and squalene, a powerful antioxidant that promotes the collagen production in the skin. It is a substance that keeps skin from wrinkling. In addition, squalene protects the skin from sun damage. A large amount of vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol are present in rice as well, which protects heart health and lowers cholesterol.
Rice has astonishing effects in skin rejuvenation and not many people know this, except the Japanese.

We will give you a recipe for a rice-based mask that softens wrinkles and makes your skin glow.

To prepare the mask, you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons rice
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

After you boil the rice, strain it and put aside the water in which the rice boiled. Add a spoon of heated milk in the rice and mix them. After you stir the mixture well, add honey to it.

Apply the mask on clean, dry skin and let it dry. Afterward, take off the mask and wash your face with water in which the rice boiled.

Rice water has antioxidant and healing properties that moisturize the skin and improve circulation, avoid age-related spots and ease inflammation. Rice water will give you healthy, clear and more moisturized skin. Also, it offers you mild sun protection.

Tips To Remember While Using a hydrogen peroxide treatment to remove blackheads

  1. Never over-exfoliate your skin as it will irritate your skin and remove more stratum corneum than it should. This is a layer of bonded, dead skin cells that prevent your skin from losing moisture and keeps infection away.
  2. If you do not want to use hydrogen peroxide on your skin, you can opt for lemon juice instead. This is another great home remedy for acne and pimples as well as for removing scars.
  3. If you prefer, you can use salt instead of sugar to exfoliate your skin. However, remember that salt will make your skin dry. Sugar is a humectant, which means that it helps in drawing moisture from the air to your skin. It is also a good source of alpha hydroxy acid, which keeps the sebum plugs in your pores soft.
  4. Always be careful to avoid contact with your eyes when you use hydrogen peroxide. If it gets into your eyes, rinse off with water immediately. If you experience any problems, visit a medical professional at once.
  5. Use an exfoliating scrub 1 to 2 times a week. This will work on the pores and prevent blackheads from appearing on your skin.
  6. Always use a mild face cleanser and moisturizer to help soothe and heal your skin. All-natural products are best, especially when you have acne and other skin problems.

When it comes to blackhead removal treatments, one of the most effective is hydrogen peroxide. As this problem is hard to get rid of, you need to use something that can dissolve the blackheads, which this peroxide will do with great efficacy. With this treatment, you can remove blackheads and scars and get skin that looks bright, clear and radiant.

Use Baking Soda This Way to Look a Decade Younger in Just a Few Minutes

The organ that is in charge of the detoxification of our whole organism, as well as the synthesis of protein is our liver. We must always keep it healthy and functional so that it can preserve our health and prevent hepatic illnesses like for example fatty liver.
There have been numerous natural remedies present for a very long time, but today we are going to learn to perform a hepatic cleanse using mint, a plant with big properties that will help us improve the functioning of our liver naturally.

This remedy will help us detoxify our liver so much that we will be able to improve our health in general.


You will need:
  • 1 fistful of mint leaves
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Water

Put 2 liters of water into a pot along with the fistful of mint leaves and leave it to boil for 5 minutes. Then let it rest.
Then, extract the orange and lemon juice and put it in a cup along with a spoonful of grated lemon rind (clean it well first!). Sweeten it with two tablespoons of honey or sugar.
Finally, strain the mint tea and mix it with the orange and lemon juices that you have already squeezed. Take this every day for one week, then make a pause and repeat it whenever you think it’s necessary. HAPPY PINNING :)

Easy and Best Ways to Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth at Home

Plaque is a sticky, soft film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth, dental fillings, gums, tongue, dentures, and crowns.

When multiple layers of plaque combine with minerals present in your saliva, it hardens into a white, chalky calcified substance called tartar.

It creates a breeding ground for the oral bacteria that feed on sugars from the food you eat. Plus, it forms acid during this process that breaks down the tooth enamel, leading to dental cavities. Bacteria also produce toxins causing various periodontal (gum) problems.

Several factors contribute to plaque buildups, such as improper oral hygiene, bad brushing technique, poor food choices, heredity and lack of professional care.
Maintaining dental hygiene is key to preventing plaque and tartar buildup. 
You should:
  • Brush your teeth with a good toothpaste at least two times a day. Use a soft, nylon brush with rounded, polished bristles. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle against your gum line.
  • Make sure you brush your tongue as well because it supports the growth of bacteria leading to plaque buildup.
  • Use dental floss regularly to clean your teeth and gums.
In addition to regular dental hygiene, you can use some natural remedies to remove plaque and tartar. Remember, once the tartar has mineralized on your teeth, it is extremely difficult to remove. However, if you regularly remove plaque, it can help prevent permanent tooth decay.

Here are the top 10 ways to naturally remove plaque and tartar.

Very Easy Way To Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth at Home

Oil pulling is an age-old practice that supports oral health and helps remove plaque from teeth. Extra-virgin coconut oil is great for oil pulling because it is high in lauric acid that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

A 2015 study published in the Nigerian Medical Journal suggests that oil pulling with coconut oil is effective at reducing plaque formation

  1. Swish 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin coconut oil around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Spit it out. Do not gargle with it or swallow it.
  3. Brush your teeth as usual.
  4. Repeat daily, in the morning before eating anything.
Plus, you can massage a few drops of coconut oil on your gums daily. You can also do oil pulling with warm sesame oil. NEXT PAGE:
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Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth at Home

Baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, is a great home remedy for removing plaque. It neutralizes acids in the mouth, thereby reducing the number of harmful bacteria. It also helps whiten and brighten your pearly whites.

A 2008 study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry analyzed five clinical studies and concluded that baking soda paste or powder can more efficiently remove plaque than non-baking soda products.
  • Put a small amount of baking soda on the bristles of your wet toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. Rinse your mouth and teeth thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Alternatively, mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Dip a dampened toothbrush in the mixture. Brush your teeth with this powder gently.
  • Another option is to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. 
  • Use it to brush your teeth and gums, spit it out and rinse your mouth thoroughly
Note: Do not use baking soda in excess as it may damage the tooth enamel over time. NEXT PAGE:
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How to Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth at Home

Ground cloves have been widely used for ages as a home remedy to relieve toothaches. It can also be used to fight microbes in your mouth that may cause plaque and tartar.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology notes that an herbal mouth rinse containing clove, tea tree oil, and basil reduced the microbial colony forming units, making it an effective antiplaque and antigingivitis agent.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of powdered cloves and a little olive oil. Apply this mixture on your teeth. Wait a few minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day.
  • Also, chew 1 or 2 cloves on a regular basis to support oral health and reduce bad breath caused by the bacteria in your mouth.
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11 Lazy Way to Stay Skinny

“Enjoy the foods you love in moderation,” encourages Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CND, of Real Nutrition NYC. “No single food makes you gain weight, the portions are what matters.”

You’ve heard this before. Etiquette author Emily Post believed that a polite lady should put down her fork between every bite, a technique that also helps you realize when to stop eating before you feel bloated.

“Vegetables are filled with fiber and water so they fill you up without filling you out,” says Shapiro

“Whether it be coffee, salads, soups, frozen yogurt,” says Stephanie Middleberg, MS, RD, CDN of Middleberg Nutrition. “If you want to be small, order that way.”

“If you can’t limit pick-able foods (chips, nuts, grapes, candy, etc.), then make sure you stick to single serving portions, such as handheld fruit, individually-wrapped hummus, nut or nut butter packets,” Middleberg explains.

“Both fill you up with low calories and leave less room for the main course,” tells Shapiro.

Shapiro warns, “It’s just empty calories. My clients follow the pick your “poison” rule: Bread, Drinks or Dessert. You can enjoy one but not all.”

“When we eat out, portions are normally double what we need,” explains Middleberg. “The beauty here is that you can eat what you like, just less of it.”

“We get confused and believe that we are hungry when we really are just thirsty. Aim for eight glasses of water a day, add lemon for a flavor and vitamin boost!” adds Shapiro.

“Don’t restrict yourself all day and then break down at night.” Middleberg promises, “If you eat more substantially during the day, the nighttime grazing will taper.”


“If you are hungry, reach for fiber-rich snacks that fill you up on fewer calories like popcorn, fruit, trail mix,” Shapiro says.
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5 Basic Rules And Breasts Will Remain Forever Strong And Healthy

Beautiful and tight breasts are a dream for all men and women regardless of age, size, or shape. But such defiance is most difficult to maintain that strength due to various factors. So, women and girls carefully read.

These 5 basic rules will help maintain healthy and youthful neckline:

1. Take a shower with cooler water

A cold shower is not always pleasant, but it is healthy for the skin. At least, when the weather is sunny, you can give up the warm water. If you still can not submit cold water, use ice cubes to massage the breast.

2.Observe the holding

When you’re bent, not only your chest looks less attractive, but also the muscles relax. Try your shoulders always be corrected.

3. Avoid any pressure

This is especially true for tight underwear that you are. The bra should support you, not torture. If you feel discomfort, immediately replace the bra.

4.Practice proper

All sports that involve moving and running can be disastrous for breast if not properly tightened. Mandatory practice sports only inadequate tight bras.

5. Avoid direct sun

Sun draws skin elasticity and topless sunbathing is not recommended if you want to save chest young and healthy. Burns this gentle place can only create further complications.

Homemade Face Mask To Get Rid Of Spots, Acne Scars, And Wrinkles

This homemade MAGIC face mask is the only mask you’ll ever need, especially if you have spots, acne scars, and/or wrinkles. This mask is tried, tested, and TRUE! I’ve tried thousands of different masks over the years, and this one is by far the most amazing because it actually works in minutes! So here’s the famous homemade face mask to get rid of spots, acne scars, and wrinkles.

Homemade Face Mask to Get Rid of Spots, Acne Scars, and Wrinkles

You’ll Need:
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice (preferably organic)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
The Drill:
In a small, clean bowl, mix all ingredients thoroughly. Apply evenly to face and neck, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. You will feel a tingling sensation but that will go away within minutes. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. Pat dry and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Apply this mask once or twice a week and you’ll start noticing a huge difference in spots, acne scars, and wrinkles.

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The 5 Best Exercises to Tone Your Underarms

Do you refer to your underarms as “wingdings” or ” flab”? Thousands of women do, and you are not alone. We scoured the internet looking for the best and brightest in exercises capable of giving you flawless, toned arms. The exercises that require dumbbells can easily be substituted with water bottles. It is so easy, anyone can do it.

1. Dips-

An oldie but goodie. Sitting on a bench with your hands gripping the edge, slowly walk your feet forward about 24 inches. Keep your wrists straight and bend your elbows as you lower your body to just above the floor, or your biceps are parallel to the ground. Raise yourself back up, and do 12-15 repetitions.

2. Arm Circles-

This is a classic exercise that shows results. Standing with feet hip-length apart, raise your arms to shoulder height. Facing palms forward, move your arms in circles, being careful not to move your torso. make small circles for 1 minute, then move on to larger circles for another minute. Repeat 3 times.

3. Superman-

This exercise does wonders for the arms and legs. Lay on the floor, with arms stretched out in front of you. Lift your arms and legs off the ground, palms facing the floor. Hold for one count, then lower limbs back to the ground. Repeat 15 times.

4. L Pushup-

Almost everyone can do a regular pushup, but this comes with a twist. While in raised pushup position, lift one arm off the ground to shoulder height. Hold for one count and then lower. Repeat 15 times for each arm.

5. Curls-

With a straight posture and keeping elbows at your sides, hold a dumbbell or water bottle in each hand. Contract your biceps, bringing everything below the elbow up, and palms facing upwards. Do not let shoulders slouch forward. Lower arms and repeat 15 times.

With Only 3 Uses Of This Mask All Wrinkles Will Disappear From Your Face!

In today’s article, I will show you, how to make a mask, that will assist you in erasing all wrinkles from your face, with only 3 uses! You don’t need to throw money on expensive cosmetic products, that have little to no effects of making wrinkles disappear.

This natural recipe can help you much more and in a more healthier and safe way.

Recipe for the Mask:

Step 1 – Steaming

Soak a towel in hot water and cover your face with this towel for 2 minutes and then wash your face with normal water

Step 2 – Massage
Take few drops of Sweet almond oil on your palm. Rub it between your palms and then massage your face with this oil for few minutes

Step 3 – Spot treatment
  • 1/2 spoon Camphor
  • 2 spoon coconut oil
  • 1 vitamin E capsule
Step 4 – Use
  1. Mix these 3 ingredients
  2. Apply this mix all over the area where you have wrinkles
  3. Massage for 2 minutes
  4. Leave for 20 minutes
  5. Wash it off with the cotton pad, no need to wash
  6. Best time to do a treatment at night before going to bed
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Rinse Your Mouth For 30 Seconds With This Recipe To Remove Tartar And Bacterial Plaque From Your Teeth!

Tartar is a rough, porous mineral buildup that forms on your teeth at or below the gum line. Tartar forms when plaque stays on your teeth and hardens. But unlike plaque, which is hard to see, tartar takes on a yellowish or brownish color. It is usually caused by several factors such as bad oral hygiene. Removing tartar is usually done by a dentist. However, today we have some natural remedies that will remove the tartar without wasting your money on dental treatments.

Chew a tablespoon of flaxseeds but don’t swallow them, then use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with the seeds. Rinse with water in the end and the results should already be noticeable. Flax seeds can polish your teeth naturally and easily eliminate dental tartar.

Sea salt:
Put a small amount of sea salt on your toothbrush and brush your teeth regularly with it. Rinse with water in the end, and repeat the process 2-3 times a week for best results. You can also use sea salt as a natural mouthwash – just dilute half a teaspoon of it in a glass of water and swish the solution in your mouth. Sea salt has great antibacterial properties which will eliminate problems such as bad breath and whiten your teeth. It can also polish your teeth and remove the plaque accumulated on them. Even though there are many natural remedies that treat dental problems, it is recommended to visit your dentist every six months.

100% Natural Recipe To Get Rid Of Face And Body scars

This recipe is 100% natural and easy to prepare, with an amazing effect on scars that marred your appearance since now! Here is the recipe that will get rid of the unsightly scars in a very short time!

  •  4 tsp of lemon juice
  •  4 tsp of honey
  •  1 egg white
  1. Add all ingredients in a bowl and mix them well
  2. After mixing all ingredients, scar removal cream is ready for use
  3. Apply the cream directly on the scars and let it act for 20 minutes
  4. After the 20 minutes, rinse the area with warm water
  5. Follow the remedy once a day for at least 30 days and you’ll finally get rid of those annoying scars! (HAPPY PINNING :)

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Very Fast By Using Aspirin!


White streaks are a shape of scarring on the skin. These dermis layer of the skin is shaped and usually these show on the breasts, abdomen, arms and particularly the glutes. Stretch marks are caused by the break of the skin, since the layers of the skin have collagen plus this when it becomes additional tense and beyond its elasticity, it typically tears.

See this remedy below…

It Destroys Cholesterol And Burns Fat| This Drink Is Stronger Than Cure, It Is Recommended From The Doctors

This drink is recommended by health experts as a natural aid for patients with high cholesterol levels. So, if you are looking for a healthy way to decrease your cholesterol levels and eliminate excess fat, this drink is the real solution for you.


  • 2 l filtered water
  • 2 bunches parsley
  • 3 lemons
  • Baking soda
Preparation and use:

Rub your lemons well using some baking soda. Bring the water to a boil, and let it cool at room temperature. Chop your parsley and lemons, and add them to the water. Transfer the liquid to a jar and seal it well. Store your drink in the fridge overnight. Next morning shake the mixture well and consume 100 ml every day.

What Happens If You Drink Warm Turmeric Water Every Morning For 7 Days On Empty Stomach!

Turmeric is remarkable spice with numerous health benefits for the human body. Probably it is the most famous spice nowadays due to its amazing properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This spice is great in the fight with different health conditions.

In this article, you can read about the benefits of medicinal beverage – turmeric water.
How to prepare it? All you should do is to warm water and turmeric in it. Stir well. Stir while you are drinking and remember to drink it while is warm.

Below are listed the benefits you get if you consume turmeric water:

Reverse type 2 diabetes
In 2009, Auburn University conducted a study which was published by Biochemistry and Biophysical Research and Biophysical Research Communications where is proven the effect on diabetes.

Fight Inflammation:
Chronic inflammation can be caused by many diseases. Still, this spice has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and fights the inflammation much better than certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

Relieves arthritis:
If we take under consideration the results from a study conducted in 2012, it was proven that turmeric has strong activity than diclofenac used in treatments of pain and swelling in the joints.

Improves digestion:
If you consume turmeric regularly, you can improve your digestion and stimulate the release of bile.

Prolongs life and prevents aging:
Free radical and inflammation are the most important factors for aging. Curcumin successfully inhibits their activity.

Alkalizes the body:
Due to its high alkaline content, it has positive effects on the body, for example, prevents the development of cancer.

Anticancer Properties:
Last, but not least, because of the fact it is powerful antioxidant it prevents cell damage due to unstable molecules.

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It Removes The Spots From Your Face In Just 3 Nights!

Today I am going to show you how to prepare several recipes that will remove dark spots and stains from your face. The remedies are completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about adverse side-effects.

1. Potato and lemon juice mask

  • 1 potato
  • Lemon juice (from ½ a lemon)
Preparation and use
Mash the potato well first, then squeeze half a lemon in it and mix until you get a homogenous mixture. After you’re done, apply the paste on your face and massage in circular movement, then leave it to act for 20 minutes before rinsing with water. Both potatoes and lemon are natural whiteners that can easily bleach your skin.

2. Potato and onion mask

  • ½ an onion
  • 1 potato
Preparation and use
The preparation for this mask is easy – just mix the ingredients in a blender, then apply the mixture on your face. Leave the powerful whitening mask to work for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water in the end.

3. Potato and cucumber mask

  • ½ a cucumber
  • 1 potato
Preparation and use
Mix the vegetables in a blender until you get a homogenous mixture. Next, clean your face well and apply the mixture on your face, then rub in gentle circular motion. Leave the remedy to work for 25 minutes and rinse with cold water in the end.

4. Potato and carrot mask

  • ½ a carrot
  • 1 potato
Preparation and use
Like the previous mask, just mix the ingredients in a blender until you get a nice smooth texture. Apply the mask on your face, then rub it gently and leave it to work for 20 minutes before washing with water.

Use any of these masks and your face will be clean and spotless in just a short time!  
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Drink This Water And You Will Lose 12 Pounds Of Belly Fat In Just 2 Weeks

Since a long time ago, generations have been looking for ways to stay healthy. To do this, they resort to different methods such as exercise, good nutrition, and natural medicine. In the latter field, we can highlight the use of ginger for this purpose. Therefore, this article will discuss the powerful effects of ginger on human health.

Ginger is a root with a strong aroma and flavor that gives an exotic touch to our meals. The same can also be availed in teas and other forms. Among its most outstanding properties are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. All these contribute to improving our health.

By consuming 3 grams of this root per day, your body does amazing things may happen .Especially during the first 3 hours you will feel how this tuber works in your body. When you consume it, you will have a sensation similar to the butterflies in the stomach. This is because the root is cleaning your body of bacteria and toxins. All this happens in the first hour of having consumed it.

By the second hour, you will feel like your whole body is completely deflated. But in addition, the ginger can give you other benefits like those that will list next:
  • Combat all types of cancer, especially colon cancer.
  • By having thermal properties, it contributes to the fat burning body.
  • It completely eliminates nausea and dizziness.
  • Combat gastrointestinal problems.
  • Reduces swelling and relieves.
  • Decreases menstrual cramps.
  • Ginger tea, lemon, and cinnamon

What we will need:
  • Ginger (1 small piece).
  • Chopped lemons (3 units).
  • Cinnamon (2 stakes).
  • Mint leaves (several).
  • Mineral water (0.75 liters).

Preparation and use:

The first thing to do is to boil the water. Once at the boiling point, add the lemon, ginger and cinnamon pieces. Let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes and proceed to filter it with a strainer. We will allow it to cool down a bit and we take that infusion.

Start now to take advantage of all the virtues of this root and improve your health. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks. Thus, other people will be able to continue to learn all the benefits of consuming ginger.

This Can Even Whiten Extremely Yellow Teeth And Remove That Nasty Plaque And Tartar Buildup

If you want to avoid going to the dentist, the best option you have for removing plaque buildup is the DIY treatment we recommend here.

What you need:
  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Dental pick
  • Antiseptic mouth wash

#1. Start by mixing 1 tbsp. baking soda with ½ tsp. salt in a small container. Wet your toothbrush then dip it into the mix. Brush your teeth as usual then spit. Make sure you brush for about five minutes.

#2. Mix some hydrogen peroxide with some warm water then swish around your mouth for a minute, then spit and rinse with cool water.

#3. Using a dental pick, remove the yellow tartar from your teeth. Don’t scrape too hard as you may damage your gums.
#4. In the end, rinse your mouth with a sterile mouth wash. Repeat the treatment every two days.

Additional oral hygiene tips:

Brush regularly using a soft brush and vertical movements. Make sure you also clean the space between your gums and teeth.

Floss regularly.

Spicy food can stimulate the production of saliva, which naturally cleans your
Rub your teeth with an orange peel before going to bed to kill mouth bacteria that stick on your teeth. Don’t rinse afterward.

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How To Naturally Get Rid Of Canker Sores In Minutes With No Medicine

Have you ever had a sore in your mouth that hurt pretty bad? Did it take forever to go away? You probably had a canker sore.

So just what is a canker sore? Canker sores (aphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis) are small ulcers or lesions located in the mouth usually at the base of the gums in soft tissue. Canker sores can also be located on the inner lining of the cheeks, the tongue, and the inside of your lips.

Canker sores are not contagious and usually go away on their own within 1-2 weeks.

Canker sores can be painful however, and you can quickly get rid of them if you follow the tip I am about to give you…but first let's talk about the symptoms of canker sores.


Common symptoms of canker sores are:
  • A tingling or burning sensation appears usually on the inside of the mouth 24 hours before it appears.
  • A white, gray or yellow crater appears inside the mouth with a red border surrounding it.
  • The sores become quite painful and it can be hard to drink or eat with the pain.
You may also experience the following: (these symptoms are much less common)
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Feeling run down, or sluggish
Contact your doctor or dentist if canker sores last more than 3 weeks, if you have a fever or if they start to spread throughout your mouth.


Many confuse canker sores with fever blisters or cold sores. They are not the same.

Fever blisters or cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). They are contagious and usually appear on the outside of the mouth or lip area.

Canker sores are not caused by a virus and are not contagious. It can be difficult to get rid of a canker sore, however, I have a sure proof solution to help you get rid of a canker sores pain within minutes.


It can be hard to heal a canker sore because it is inside your mouth. It is very moist and that can make it very difficult to heal a wound.

To speed up the healing time, I have found it to be beneficial to remove the moisture from the ulcer. This can be hard to do because the mouth is aways a moist area.

Alum Powder is used for making pickles and pulls the water out of the cucumber. It does the same for a canker sore too. By adding alum powder to canker sores, you remove the moisture from the ulcer. When you remove the moisture, the ulcer has a chance to heal.

Alum Powder

So to naturally get rid of canker sores, you can use Alum Powder, a common spice found in most kitchens. Here is how!
Follow these steps to naturally get rid of canker sores:
  • Place a small amount of alum (about the size of a pea) directly onto the canker sore.
  • Allow it to sit on the canker sore for 60 seconds. It does not taste good, it is quite bitter. Do not swallow the alum!
  • After 60 seconds spit out your saliva and the alum. DO NOT RINSE YOUR MOUTH WITH WATER! Within several minutes to 24 hours, the pain will disappear.
The ulcer may stay for a day or two after you treat the canker sore, but the pain will be gone. If the pain is not gone after 24 hours, reapply the alum with a second application and repeat the steps above.

That’s it! So easy and effective. Next time you have a canker sore be sure to try this method out!
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This Exercise is Easiest Way to Shrink Waist and Get Flat Abs

This exercise is not a secret but most of us do not include it into tummy workouts. It is most probably the easiest way to shrink your waistline and have flat abs if you perform this workout correctly and regularly. The main target of this exercise is transversus abdominis muscles. You can do it any time to stand, walking, on your bed or kneeling without needing single exercising equipment. The exercise I am talking about is called stomach vacuum.

Have you ever heard of Transverse abdominis muscle? It lies beneath the six-pack muscles and supports your internal organs when it is contracted increasing abdominal pressure to allow you to lift more weight. It also helps you with your body posture and protects your inner organs.

The stomach vacuum is performed to improve the transversus abdominis muscle which results in improving the appearance of the body core. There are a number of ways to perform this tummy shrinking workout.

One way to perform stomach vacuum is by standing upright and exhaling completely. Now squeeze in your stomach as much as possible and hold that position for as long as you can. Inhale and then repeat.

The other variation of this workout requires you to kneel down on all fours with your back straight. Breath in and then exhale completely. Now gently draw in your stomach and suck in as hard as possible. Hold your stomach in this position as long as possible. Inhale and repeat.

Here is a good video that demonstrates how to do stomach vacuum exercise.

It is suggested that you perform this workout on alternate days of the week for best results.

Please remember stomach vacuum exercise only help you to strengthen your transversus abdominis that will improve your posture and stomach appearance. However, it does not create six-pack abs and you must do some other workouts if you want to have six-pack abs.

While you are working out to have flat abs why not try this 12 minutes workout that will help you to have irresistibly sexy legs.(Happy Pinning :)

The Five-Ten-Fifteen Workout

This ‘five-ten-fifteen’ workout is the perfect workout to get you back into the swing of things or for anyone looking for a quick workout to do anywhere. After completing a few circuits, you’ll see just how effective it can be!
  • FIVE Push Ups
  • TEN Crunches
  • FIFTEEN Squats
  • FIVE Lunges
  • TEN Reverse Crunches
  • FIFTEEN Second Plank
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This Plant Is Called “God’s Gift” Because It Can Cure More Than 100 Diseases| Recipe

At the side of garlic, onion is considered as one of the healthiest veggies within the global, as it has numerous distinct health blessings. Onion is a wealthy supply of diet B6, C, manganese and nutritional fiber. In this text, we will present you why onion is so beneficial for your average fitness.

Why place Onions in Socks before Bedtime?

Despite the fact that onions have the capacity to treat numerous distinctive fitness conditions, nowadays we can gift you wherein manner you can use onions to expel pollution from your organism.

Onion is taken into consideration as a top-notch air purifier, which means that its topical software will kill all microorganism and germs.

The phosphoric acid contained in onions will enter your blood and in this manner, it’s going to purify as well as ruin any germs and microorganism gift which would possibly give you the flu.

A good way to carry out the remedy properly and get the best outcomes, you want to position onion slices at the bottom of your feet. This particular place of your toes incorporates meridians that access factors at once linked for your inner organs. Their meridians certainly paintings as pathways to the fearful machine and your inner organs as nicely.

Because of the truth that carrying shoes makes your meridians dormant, you have to walk barefoot as much as you could.

How to Do it properly

All you need to do is to reduce the onions into slices, however, make certain they’re flat circles with a view to acting as a platform in your entire ft. After that, take one large slice and put it on the bottom of every foot. After that, put on cotton socks. make certain to perform this method previous dozing in order that the onions can act in the course of the night.

Benefits of putting Onions on the lowest of Your Feet

Due to its phosphoric acid, which receives absorbed thru the pores and skin, the onion will assist you to purify your blood.

Thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial residences, onion has the ability to spoil germs.
Air purification

This Exercise Is Better Than 1000 Abs: Spend 60 Seconds a Day Doing This Exercise And In Only One Month Your Abdomen Will Be Flat

The most difficult thing for the majority of us is to get a flat, toned and tight belly, especially the abdominal area and lower abs. Don’t give up, and don’t lose hope and start feeling like you have solved this long-lasting problem with this simple quick and easy exercise.

As the experts say, this exercise is very powerful and efficient in burning the fat around your belly, and it is even better than 1000 traditional abs and it’s called THE PLANK!

I don’t know if you have heard of it or you already are doing it, in this article we will learn how to place your body properly for best results and how to keep the results that it offers.

Here’s how:

Get into pushup position on the floor.

Now bend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders, and your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. In order to target the lower body try to contract the muscle of the buttock. And don’t forget to stay still, without raising your buttock, so it stays straight and not in a triangular shape. And generally, you stay in that position, staring down your timer as the minute or more runs down. You need to start contracting the abdominal muscles and remain in this position for 20-60 seconds. Hold the position for as long as you can. Your goal should be to hold it for two minutes. The best thing about this exercise is that you don’t need any equipment and it will take just 1 minute of your day to do it.

Repeat the plank 3 times in a row, on a daily basis, and in a month, you will be astonished by the effects!

Next time, try to increase the time of keeping the plank position up to a minute or more, depending on how much you started. (Happy Pinning :)

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15-Minute Flab To Flat Belly Workout Challenge|WITH VIDEOS

This 15-minute flab to flat belly workout challenge is the best way to torch belly fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It’s quick, simple and it doesn’t require any special equipment. And the best part – it’s suitable for any fitness level.

Your core is probably the most frequently used muscle group in your entire body since it connects the upper with the lower body. So with every move you make, your belly muscles will be engaged.
The core muscles are the foundation where every movement begins.
This flat belly workout works much more than your 6-pack abs muscles. It has a great impact over your entire mid-section (central and deeper abs, obliques, lower back muscles, and glutes).
Now, getting from flab to a flat belly is not easy. And a perfectly designed workout is definitely not enough. You need to pay attention to your diet too if you want to burn belly fat and get a fabulous, flat and strong tummy.

Lose Belly Fat

The best, healthiest, easiest, most simple, handy, scientifically proven, and intelligent way to lose belly fat is through hard exercise and healthy eating.
You don’t need any trendy detox diets or expensive meal plans to eat healthily.

Just follow these 7 basic weight loss rules:
  1. Eat only when you are hungry.
  2. Whenever you are hungry, drink a glass of water before starting to eat.
  3. Don’t eat less, eat better! Eat as much as you did in the past, just swap the junk foods with healthier options.
  4. Check out this infographic with 20 healthy food swaps.
  5. Organize your life, your kitchen, and your refrigerator. Get rid of all the junk food and replace it with nutritious fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
  6. Get enough sleep; 7-8 hours per night are exactly what you need to stay focused the entire day.
  7. Don’t cut out your favorite foods; instead, eat them occasionally, in small quantities.
Find a mojo that keeps you motivated. Remind yourself every day the reason you want to get fit.
If you’re following these healthy eating rules, half of the work is already done. And the tough part is yet to come!

Best Core Exercises

This flab to flat belly workout challenge consists of five exercises that specifically target each and every muscle of your core.

The chosen core exercises are:
  1. V-sit
  2. Crossover Crunch
  3. Basic crunch
  4. Flutter kicks
  5. Heel touch
If you’re looking for even faster results from this flab to flat belly workout challenge, perform the 28-day squat challenge in along with this flat belly workout.

Flab To Flat Belly Workout Challenge

To complete this flat belly challenge, perform the 5 core exercises below for the prescribed repetitions or hold time.
Beginners should perform only two sets per day. But if you feel you can make it more challenging, do 3 sets per day.
Intermediates and advanced start with at least 3 sets per day, and increase the number of sets after a week or two.
You can always repeat this challenge trying to break your own records with every day or week that comes.

1. V-Sits (30 seconds)

2. Crossover Crunches (15 reps on each side)

3. Basic Crunches (20 reps)

4. Flutter Kicks (30 reps)

5. Heel Touches (15 reps on each side)

A flat belly workout like this not only strengthens your core but your entire body too. It also improves your posture and performance, restores your balance and reduces lower back pain.

Lose 15 Years From Your Face in Just 10 Minutes a Day

As we age, our face naturally slackens, but what if there was a way you could take 15 years off your face without resorting to surgery or treatments such as Botox? One woman claims she has the answer – facial fitness exercises.
Eva Fraser has taught thousands of men and women how to exercise their face and she knows her methods work – at 73 years old, she is frequently mistaken for somebody 20 years younger.

You need to practice these exercises four times a day. The exercises may take you five minutes at the beginning, but when you will be more confident, it will take you two minutes a day. These five minutes can make a great change.

Before you start:

Before starting the exercises, do some warm-up exercises in order not to strain any muscles. Sit and breathe deeply. Feel the tension release from the muscle in your body.

Neck exercises:

Neck exercises are good to start with. Keep your spine straight; gently lean the head forward and then backward three times. Keep the jaw relaxed and breathe deeply.

Next, twist your head from side to side to look over your shoulders. Do this three times and do not force the muscles. The movements should be gentle.

Lower your right ear towards your right shoulder and hold for a count of five. Do the same on the left. Repeat the same exercise three times.

Eyes exercises:

Eyes exercise is next. Keep your head still and moving only your eyes look up as high as you can for a count of five. Then, lower your eyes quickly and again hold for a count of five. Repeat the exercise three times.

Keep your head straight and look to the left and hold for a count of five. Repeat the same looking to the right and do the same exercise three times.

Next, look diagonally up to the left and then diagonally down to the left. Do it three times and then repeat the exercise on the right.

Other facial muscle exercises:

– Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold them for five seconds.

– Lift your eyebrows, open your eyes wide and frown at the same time.

– Pucker your lips out as far as pssible into the shape of the letter “O.” Then change your expression into a wide smile. Repeat this several times.

– Sit and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips and stick your tongue out to exercise your neck muscles.

– Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can and hold for a few seconds.

– Move your nose you can from side to side as much as you can.

Facial exercises also take less work than exercises for your body. What can you do in five minutes in the gym? But five minutes on your face makes a real difference.

You should see a real difference in less than a month. ‘If you are doing the exercises every day for about 10 minutes, your face will become stronger in four weeks.

Why You Need to Lay Down With Banana Peel on Your Forehead

The experts from Mayo Clinic explain that headaches can occur in both sides of the head radiate across the head from one point, be isolated to a certain location etc. In some cases, headaches appear suddenly, while in others, they tend to develop gradually and the worst part is that they can last for an hour, two or for several days even.

Unfortunately, many people experience a severe headache otherwise known as a migraine, which is a throbbing painful headache affecting one side of the head. In most of the cases, it is triggered by hormones, stress, environment and many other factors.


One reader sent in a miraculous cure for migraines and headaches. All people should do in order to get relief from a headache is to peel a banana and then tape half of the banana peel on their forehead with adhesive and the rest of the peel to the back of the head. According to the reader, the headache disappears just after 20 minutes.

The reader explains that this column saved her life because the exact day she read this column, she had a killer migraine, and luckily, she also had a banana in the fridge. After she did as suggested, her migraine was gone after just half an hour.

I phoned my husband, a chemistry teacher, and told him about my miraculous cure. He said, “That was no miracle. You apparently had a potassium deficiency in your system, and the banana filled it.”

“When I read the column, I couldn’t run fast enough to get a banana to find out how well the peel would conduct an electrical signal. Just as I thought, banana peels are excellent conductors.

According to Darrell J. Stoddard, this method with banana peel actually heals the root cause of many headaches because it reconnects the broken circuits that you can prove for yourself are the cause of pain. the next time you have a headache, consider this method instead of just masking the pain with conventional medications that cause side-effects.

Warning: If the headaches are followed by temperature, weakness, stiff neck or change in sensation on one side of the body, vomiting, change in behavior and in vision, the person should definitely seek medical care immediately.

Four Weeks Square To Round Butt Workout Challenge

If your butt is square, or out of shape, then you should definitely consider this round butt workout challenge. You should be able to see some improvements right from the second week.

Be sure to combine this round butt workout with a healthy, nutritious diet, to speed up the process that gets you round and lifted butt. Some of the best foods to eat during this challenge are already covered in this article.

Round Butt Workout

This is the best round butt workout challenge ever! It will get your butt from square to round in just 4 weeks. All you need is to follow these 5 glutes exercises that target the entire bum area: buttocks, inner and outer thighs, quads and hamstrings.

No equipment is needed, and it can be done even in your room since you don’t need much space. This round butt workout challenge is simple, easy to follow and one of the most effective butt routines ever designed.

Here are the ultimate glutes moves to get you round butt:

1. Clamshell Exercise (20 reps with each leg)

Start with 20 reps with each leg in the first week, then gradually increase the number of reps with 10 each week. So in the last week of this round butt workout challenge, you’ll have to perform 50 reps with each leg.

2. Squat Pulse (30 seconds)

Here’s how to do the squat pulses during the 4-week period:
  • Week 1: 30 seconds
  • Week 2: 40 seconds
  • Week 3: 50 seconds
  • Week 4: 60 seconds

3. Glutes Bridge (20 reps)

Do 20 reps in the first week, then gradually increase the number of reps with 10 per week. So in the 4th week of this round butt workout challenge, you’ll have to do 50 reps.

4. Lunge (20 reps with each leg)

Here’s how to perform the lunges during the 4-week workout program:
  • Week 1: 20 reps with the left leg and 20 reps with right leg
  • Week 2: 30 reps with the left leg and 30 reps with right leg
  • Week 3: 40 reps with the left leg and 40 reps with right leg
  • Week 4: 50 reps with the left leg and 50 reps with right leg

5. High Knees (30 seconds)

Start this round butt workout challenge with 30 seconds of high knees in the first week. Then increase with 10 seconds every week, so that you’ll have to do high knees for one minute at the end of this 4-week challenge.

For best results, it is recommended the following weekly schedule:
  • Week 1: 5-6 times
  • Week 2: 4-5 times
  • Week 3: 3-4 times
  • Week 4: 3 times
Beginner: 2-3 sets of each exercise per day.

Advanced: 4-5 sets of each exercise per day.

The great part about this round butt workout challenge is that you can continue to work your butt for more than 4 weeks. Just be sure to increase the number of reps with every week. Have fun!

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Low Energy? Look At Your Fingernail Moons

I raised a bit of a ruckus last week at a women’s business network meeting when I asked a panel of health experts if having no fingernail moons meant you were low in iodine, and hence, more likely to develop early breast cancer. No one really knew the answer to my admittedly obscure question, but everyone became interested in looking at their fingernails and comparing them to their neighbors. Because people found this topic so fascinating, I decided to hunt down the answer. I have since updated this post and created a new post about self-medicating with iodine – bad idea!

What do moons on your fingernails mean?

Moons on your fingernails are located at the base of your fingernails, closest to your fingers. They are the lighter half moon shaped growth under your nails. In palmistry, overly large moons can mean an overactive thyroid and high blood pressure. Small or no moons are thought to predict an underactive thyroid and low blood pressure. Scientists have found that a lack of a fingernail moon may indicate you are low in Vitamin B-12 or in iodine which feeds the thyroid. Vitamin B-12 deficiency has been linked with a lack of energy, depression, and loss of coordination and memory, among other things. Iodine deficiency has been linked to breast cancer. One palmistry specialist determined there is a link between small moons and carbon monoxide exposure.

An article on Fingernail Analysis in Natural Health Techniques tells us what to look for regarding your moons. “There should be 8 of these. The lunulae on the little fingers should be missing according to Eastern Medicine Philosophy. The one on the thumbnail should be 25% or less than the total length of the nail from base to flesh line at the top”.

What You Can Do:

Small or No Moons: There is very little research on this topic; however, one study has shown that missing moons are associated with various systemic disorders including issues with your thyroid or pituitary gland, iron deficiency, chronic renal failure, depression, and possible B-12 deficiency. Have your iodine and Vitamin B-12 levels checked? Have your thyroid function and blood pressure checked? Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Can Be Sneaky, Harmful by Harvard Health details the symptoms and risks of B-12 deficiency which is somewhat rare but debilitating. Reduce your carbon monoxide exposure by staying more than 20 feet from the car in front of you, not idling your vehicle, and when in traffic using the “internal air circulation” setting on your heater, vent and air conditioner.

(A side note on B-12 deficiency: I’m updating this post to include a note on MTHFR genetic testing. One of our commenters pointed out that she had that test and discovered that due to the MTHFR gene mutation she could only absorb vitamin B-12 and folic acid in its methylated form. I had the same test done recently and discovered the same thing. If you plan to have children, its crucial to get tested for this because if your body isn’t absorbing folic acid that can be very detrimental to your fetus’ development and can lead to chronic miscarriage).

Large Moons: have your blood pressure and thyroid checked. It’s a little more difficult to tell if your moons are overly large, so if your blood pressure and thyroid have been normal, there is no need to panic.

One of my excellent readers commented that she hoped for a post of what “normal” lunulae look like. Everyone is different so it’s hard to pinpoint normal, but I’m posting a couple of pictures thanks to Laws Dystopia Blog who wrote about a study linking the lack of fingernail moons with depression

Use These 2 Ingredients To Remove Blackheads From Your Nose Permanently

People of any age can have problems with blackheads on their skin, but most often it is an issue during the teenage and adolescent years. Also referred to as open comedones, blackheads are small yellow or black bumps that form when a clog develops in the opening of hair follicles due to a combination of excess sebum and build-up of dirt and dead skin cells.

Blackheads commonly occur on the face, particularly the nose. They can also appear on the chest, back, neck, arms, and shoulders. If left untreated, they can spur acne breakouts.

There are many prescription medicines for the treatment of blackheads, but you can always try natural treatments. With these 2 simple ingredients easily found in most kitchens, you can treat your blackheads within a few days.

Cornmeal and Milk

Cornmeal acts as an abrasive to clean out dirt blocking the pores in your skin.

How to use:
  1. Mix one tablespoon of powdered cornmeal with some milk or water.
  2. Before applying the mixture, use steam to help open the pores on your face. Then apply the mixture and gently massage it in a circular motion. Concentrate on the most affected areas.
  3. After a few minutes, rinse your face with cold water. This will help close the pores.