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Reasons You Should Sleep Naked, You Probably Didn’t Know

Sleeping is one of the most important things we do every night. Getting the right amount of sleep has an untold number of health benefits and not getting enough sleep is a serious problem in many countries around the world. Did you know that you can get additional benefits by sleeping naked? Here are some benefits of sleeping in the nude.

Sleeping naked helps you sleep more soundly, which will allow your levels of the stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest, keeping your energy and hunger levels in check, Turner says. When your sleep is disrupted, your cortisol will be too high when your alarm goes off, making you more likely to wake up hungry for comfort foods—and more likely to overeat them.

It is easier.
When you don’t have to worry about sleeping in clothes, things start to get easier. You don’t have to buy pajamas, which can save you money. You have less clothes to wash and less clothes to put away. You may have to clean your bed sheets more often, but not nearly as often as you’d have to wash your pajamas when you run out.

It can help your skin.

For once your body gets to breathe. Your private parts, armpits, and feet are generally restricted all day and are often covered by multiple layers, even in the summer time. Give those parts a chance to air out and breathe. This can lower the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, that result from wet, restricted skin.


Sleeping naked feels great, Landa says. “We can tune in to sensations like the feeling of the sheets and the coolness of the air, which can be very sexy” she says. “And feeling sexy increases confidence.”
It can keep your sex organs happier.
For men, the cooler sleeping conditions allow your testes to remain at a cooler temperature. This helps keep your sperm healthy and your reproductive systems functioning as normal. For women, the cooler and airier sleeping conditions can actually help prevent yeast infections. Yeast grows better in warm, moist conditions. When it’s cooler and dryer, the growth of yeast is prevented.

The Most Usefull Tips And Hacks For Small Living Space

1.Between The Studs
Small homes and apartments don’t typically have a lot of storage space. Even finding a place for the broom can be challenging! This is where taking advantage of the wall space in between the studs in your walls comes handy. I’ve seen this done in closets for jewelry, bathrooms for small toiletries, kitchens for spices, and laundry rooms for brooms and mop

2. Small Space Dinning 
No room for a dining room table? Use a console table at the end of a couch in a living area that’s next to the kitchen. It doubles as a place to eat, craft, rest, and work! This would also be a convenient place to set a drink down while you’re on the couch.

4. Corner Shelving
If you look around your home, you may be shocked to see all of the corner space that is not being used to its full potential. Installing floating shelves will not only create extra storage space, it will also become a visually appealing spot for your little knick knacks and decorations.

5. Behing-The-Door Towel Rods
Don’t forget about the tiny space behind your doors! It’s perfect for hanging towels without taking up any of the space on your walls. How’s that for a tiny bathroom hack!? I do feel that you would need a door catcher, though, to prevent the rods from banging up against the wall.
6. Large Mirrors
No matter the space (big or small), mirrors can completely transform a room. Not only do they create more light, they also give the illusion that the room is much larger than it really is. It’s also a fabulous way to decorate!
7. Corner Nightstand
You might not have room for a nightstand, but a small corner shelf can at least give you a place to put a small lamp, store a book or two, keep your chap stick near by (hehe), and charge your phone or tablet.
8. Under Bed Storage
Using the space under your bed for storage is a no-brainer, but what if you could make your very own rolling bed drawers to make getting to your things a little easier! Just be sure to get plastic bins that are at least 2 inches shorter than the bottom of your bed frame.
9. Ottoman Bed
This is one of the most creative small space solutions I think I’ve ever seen! Even if you’re not hurting for space, this would come in so handy when you have more guests than you could otherwise sleep. This convertible ottoman is simply a slip cover that goes over the bed when it’s not in use
10. Under-The-Stairs Conversion
Although not always easy to get to, the storage space that is usually under the stairs is nice, but what if you could convert that space into something useful like a mini mud room, desk, or reading nook!? As long as you have some drawers and hooks for backpacks, scarves, umbrellas, etc., I think this would be more valuable than a dark storage space that you have to get down on all fours to get to.

11. Sliding Walls
Too many walls in a small home can make it seem even smaller, but what if you had the versatility of a wall that you could slide open or closed based on your needs? Keep it shut when you need the privacy or quiet time, but then simply slide it open to create a larger, open space for entertaining.

12. Wall Storage

When it comes to small spaces, you can’t let any wall space go unused, especially in the bathroom where sometimes the only place to store towels is under the dirty sink. For a quick, easy, and lightweight shelf idea, consider using baskets instead of traditional shelving.
13. Pull-Down Desk
Most people need a desk or craft table of some sort in their home, but don’t necessarily have the room for something that is only used a couple of times a week. I’m not sure that I’m digging this idea for a desk (no way I’m putting my computer and office supplies away to fold it up!), but it would be perfect as an extra craft table, especially for the kids’ school or lego projects

14. Clever Spice Shelves
This is the question in most kitchens– where to put the spices?! Ideally, you want them near the stove where you’ll be using them, but that is not always an option. There is an idea of using the empty wall space in the pantry!
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The Best & Easy Remedy to Get Rid of Cellulite at home

A standout amongst the most well known and productive fixings in battling cellulite is espresso. It is utilized as a part of bunches of salves, shower gels and cleansers particularly intended for you to disregard this upsetting and unaesthetic condition. Utilized together with effective crucial oils, it can make supernatural occurrences!

We will introduce you to a basic and exceptionally productive system to dispose of cellulite that will give results in a brief timeframe, the recurrence for applying this will be each 3-4 days so it is extremely agreeable for you.
On the off chance that you are battling with it, you presumably know that it is so hard to say farewell to cellulite, however not incomprehensible! You must be tireless and comprehend that an issue like this can’t be cured overnight, so attempt this technique and in a while you will love the outcomes by getting free of cellulite quicker.

You will require:

For essential blend:

  1. espresso (it is an effective cancer prevention agent and animates flow);
  2. Epsom salt;
  3. against cellulite oil (attempt to locate a fair brand with fewer chemicals) or coconut oil;
  4. some plastic wraps.
After espresso treatment:
  • grapefruit fundamental oil (wipes out poisons, has a conditioning impact furthermore assists with shedding pounds);
  • lavender vital oil (awesome for stretch checks, tones and revives skin);
  • lemon vital oil (invigorates circulatory framework and fortifies vascular tissues);
  • orange vital oil (mitigates liquid maintenance, diminishes the epidermis and invigorates blood flow and lymph liquids);
  • cypress vital oil (enhances dissemination and fortifies blood vessels);
  • rosemary vital oil (detoxifies the liver and tones the skin);
  •  A transporter oil like olive oil or sunflower oil (this will be utilized as a part of a mix with whatever is left of oils, on the grounds that every single crucial oil connected on the skin without being weakened can bring about disturbances and skin affectability).

  • Bearings:

    1. Make an in number espresso and place it into a dish (have more espresso blend and less water), then add some salt to it.
    2. Hold up until the salt breaks up and include some hostile to cellulite oil or coconut oil to the blend (make it homogeneous, you don’t need it exceptionally watery, it needs to have a rich consistency, more like a glue).
    3. Take the blend and rub it to the parts of you that need it by utilizing roundabout movements. Apply a little weight on the legs while doing this.
    4. Take the plastic wraps and wrap the zone giving it a chance to sit along these lines for in any event thirty minutes, then you can unwrap.
    5. Clean yourself in the shower then you will apply the fundamental oils with the transporter oil.
    6. Make a blend of a balance of the vital oils (consider the amount you would need contingent upon the range influenced) and a transporter oil. Generally speaking, for each 1 tablespoon of bearer oil, you’ll need close to 9 drops of vital oils. For instance, in light of the fact that we have 6 key oils in the formula, you can utilize 3 drops of everyone and you will require 2 tablespoons of transporter oil.
    7. Apply the oil on the influenced region and back rub until it is caught up in the skin, you will begin feeling little contrasts from the first run through applying this technique!

    Every one of the fixings and oils will be consumed by the skin and gradually work in battling cellulite. In two or three weeks you will see stunning results, your skin will be shinier, will feel gentler and the cellulite will be unmistakably lessened! This system is not prescribed for pregnant ladies, so please make an effort to remain watchful! Additionally, if not utilized in the right way, a few oils can harm and cause aggravations!
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Simplest 6 Homemade Remedies To Reduce Hair Growth on Unwanted Area

Many women complain about the excessive hair growth in unwanted areas of the body which may cause anxiety and Psychological disorders, in addition, hair removal takes time and needs effort. Women who suffer from this extensively should visit a specialist to determine the cause of the problem. Hormonal changes, psychological emotions and extensive usage of some cosmetics and medicine increase unwanted hair growth, genetic factors and factors belonging to the environment like hot climates help in fast hair growth too.

To get rid of this problem and reduce hair growth, here are some natural homemade remedies:
  • Soak 100 grams of ground bitter lupins in one liter of warm water for 24 hours, then filter the water and rub it on areas of your body where you want to reduce hair growth. Keep applying this remedy once a day for three weeks and you will notice the difference 1 month later, you will find your hair grows slowly and hair roots become thinner.
  • Mix an equal amount of starch, lemon, and water, then apply this mixture where hair grows extensively after hair removal immediately.
  • Keep on applying this tip after you remove hair immediately once a day for 4 days, olive oil helps in thinning hair roots and delaying hair growth.
  • Squeeze one complete lemon on a plate, prepare 2 tablespoons of each of the following:
  1. Rosewater.
  2. Olive oil.
  3. Bitter almond oil.
  4. Glycerol oil.
After preparing these, mix them with each other well until they become one mixture, rub it on areas where extensive hair grows
  • Make a paste consisting of coarse salt, olive oil and Lemon juice and then add aroma oil to it, massage the areas where you want to reduce excessive hair growth in a circular way after hair removal.
  • Bring a slice of fresh ginger and rub it on areas where you want to ease the appearance of the hair after hair removal.
Being relax, having a soft hairless ageless skin depends on you lady, it depends on which substances you use after removing or shaving hair, so be careful and try to be near to natural substances rather than expensive brand cosmetics.
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How To Shave The Bikini Area To Prevent Bumps & Irritation

What, you’re not a fan of the ‘70s full bush? If waxing, trimming or other hair removal techniques don’t always (or ever) cut it for you, and you find yourself shaving your bikini area, then this article is for you. Shaving down there is convenient, no doubt, but even the best of us could use some help with our technique. Between the potential to cut or nick your skin, or get irritation or ingrown hairs (that little red ant-bite like bumps that can pop up), shaving your bikini area can be a dangerous job.

But if you’re going to do it, do it right. With the help of our ChickRx experts, we’ve put together an awesome list of dos and don’ts for how to shave the bikini area to maximize your chances of getting smooth results and minimize the likelihood of ingrown hairs and rough skin. Your lady parts will thank us.

1. Exfoliate
You know by now that exfoliation is key to maintaining youthful, radiant skin on your face and body, but did you also know it’s a crucial step to preventing shaving irritation?
Before you shave, you need to exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells to give you a clean surface to shave. Certified holistic health coach Heather Vargas recommends a mix of sugar with jojoba or almond oil as a great exfoliation product. Bonus: this scrub can be used to exfoliate the underarm area before shaving to reduce bumps and irritation there as well. Or, dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman explains that simply gently rubbing the area with a warm washcloth may do the trick.

2. Soak in Warm Water
You want to shave at the end of your shower so that your skin has time to soak up the steam from the shower. Or, if you shaving outside of the shower or bath, try first covering the area to be shaved with warm washcloths, Dr. Jaliman recommends. She explains, “Warm water opens the pores around the hair follicles so they are more easily released when shaving.”

3. Sharp Razor
Now you’ll need a clean, sharp razor. Shaving with a dull blade is an invitation for irritation and bumps to come party on your skin. To ensure your razor is sharp, you could go for a disposable razor and ditch it after one or two shaves.
You could also consider trying a man’s razor, which we personally find to work best (love the Gillette Mach3 Turbo—yeah it’s not normal looking for a woman, necessarily, but we find it stays sharp for a lot longer than women’s razors and gives a nice close shave!).

4. Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth
With your protective shave gel or coconut oil on your skin, and a fresh, sharp razor, Dr. Jaliman recommends that you shave moving slowly and stroking the blade in the direction of your hair growth (so if your hair grows downwards, start at the top and shave downwards).
Note that if your hair is longer than about a quarter of an inch, you’ll want to first trim it down before shaving.
Though the hair down there is coarser, you may be tempted to press harder against the skin with the razor, but don’t. This will just cause more trouble and pulling on the sensitive area and may even lead to cuts and infection. Be careful and go slowly. It’s a task that can test your patience, but one you want to make sure you do right.

5. Keep it Up
We’re humans so once we achieve optimal results, we tend to slack off. When it comes to keeping the skin smooth and bump-free in the bikini zone, you need to maintain your routine of exfoliating and treating the area with your choice of product. Try out a few of our expert recommendations and then settle on works best for you, just be sure to maintain the routine and you’ll be in tiptop shape come beach season.
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Home remedy to Stop Your Cuticle Skin From Peeling naturally

The hands have to endure plenty of irritating situations and substances each day. The skin peeling around nails and formation of dry skin in and around the fingernails in the shape of rough fingertips or scraggly cuticles can become a bigger issue if harmful bacteria enter through the cracked skin. This is why it is important to care for this skin area.5 Causes and Their Corresponding Treatments of Skin Peeling Around Nails ” Skin peeling around nails can result from a number of reasons. It can either be due to infection, frequent washing of hands without using a good moisturizer or because of a serious internal disease. It is difficult to diagnose what the problem is without the knowledge of the medical history or knowing the detailed account of the skin situation. The following are 5 probable causes and their corresponding treatments.

Allergic Reactions:
Various types of allergens can cause a serious skin reaction. Exposure to nail polish, use of too much soapy water, being allergic to nickel and latex or irritation caused by solvents and detergents can all cause peeling fingernails.
Treatments: It is best to stay away from all the potential allergens for a period of 3 to 4 weeks and see if anything improves.

Bad Habit:
A nervous habit can be the source of the ill condition of your cuticles and nails. Picking or biting at cuticles and nails can cause damage to them and might even result in a skin infection. Damaged or wounded skin might also be caused if the hangnails are ripped off instead of being clipped gently at the bottom using a sterile tool.
Treatments: An easy solution for this problem is to stop picking or bitting at the cuticles or nails. It may take you many days to get rid of bad habits, please be patient.

Lack of Minerals:
People believe that vitamin or calcium deficiency might be the reason for the peeling skin around nails. Actually, the deficiency of these minerals only causes dryness of skin directly, which is most likely to flake and then peel off in the end.
Treatments: It is important to ensure the intake of a balanced diet that offers you the right amount of dietary fiber, healthy fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and protein.

Skin Diseases:
Skin peeling around nails can be caused by skin diseases too. Psoriasis, eczema, and dyshidrosis are among the common diseases which can cause this problem.
  • Eczema: An inflammation of the skin which results in dry and itchy skin. It is also known as atopic dermatitis.
  • Psoriasis: A common skin disease which targets the life cycle of the skin cells. Patients of psoriasis suffer from the rapid buildup of cells on the surface of their skin, leading to the formation of red patches and thick silvery scales.
  • Dyshidrosis: Dyshidrosis, also known as pompholyx or dyshidrotic, is a rare skin problem in which fluid-filled blisters of small size on the sides of the fingers and palms of the hand, which can also lead to skin peeling around nails.
Treatments: For sufferers of any skin disease, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will assess the condition, diagnose the disease and then provide treatment for it.

A low-level chronic infection which is usually caused by moisture of yeast can lead to the peeling of skin around the cuticle.
Treatments: For this condition, you will have to take an antibiotic. The symptoms and signs of the infection would improve after 3 days of treatment. If the infection worsens instead of getting better and a fever develops, it is important to call your doctor immediately.

5 Home Remedies for Skin Peeling Around Nails
Making use of home remedies for treating the skin peeling around nails is an effective method of solving this issue. All of these remedies are easy to apply and can offer quick results.

Warm Water
Rinse your hands in warm water for at least 10 minutes or so each day. It will make the skin supple and the dry skin to fall off.
Note: Add lemon juice and honey to the warm water before rinsing your hands. Once your hands are rinsed, dry your hands and apply vitamin E oil, olive oil or a good moisturizer on them to maintain the level of moisture.

Cut thick slices of fresh cucumber and gently rub them on the affected part of your skin so that the juice gets absorbed into the skin. Wash the skin where you had been applying the grated cucumber with lukewarm water and repeat this exercise daily.
Note: You can also applying grated cucumber over the part of the skin that is causing you trouble, half an hour daily.

Aloe Vera
Make use of pure Aloe Vera gel which has both soothing and cooling properties. Take out the succulent gel from the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant. Rub this gel over the affected part of the skin multiple times in a day.
Note: Drinking two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice on a daily basis is also a great way of preventing the peeling of skin around nails.

Apply a small amount of pure honey on the affected area of the skin and keep it there for about 10 to 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.
Note: You can also add honey into olive oil and make a mixture. Apply this mixture on the skin on a daily basis to keep the skin supple and soft. Or use a mixture of sandalwood, rosewater, and honey. Apply it on the affected area and leave it there for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water and soap.

Olive Oil
Heat a half cup of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil into the olive oil. And then rinse your fingers for about 10 minutes in the warm oil. In the end, gently wash your hands with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer after drying the hands.
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Our butt is the one part of the body we can’t see very often, at least not without some effort. Yet, it’s often the one part of the body we’re the most concerned with. Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean other people aren’t looking, right? And most of us aren’t very happy with our butts.

We think they’re too small, too big, too saggy, too flabby – this list goes on. The right strength training exercises really can make a difference in your backside, depending on your body type and genetics.

Here are 3 tough but effective butt exercises for a strong, shapely butt that even you can’t help but stare and want to feel all the time.
1. Barbell hip thrust
How to do it:
Sit on the ground with your back against a bench, feet planted firmly in front of you, and a padded barbell in your lap. Keeping the lumbar spine and knees stable, raise the barbell by extending your hips, making sure to push the hips upward using the glutes. Rise until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (full hip extension), and then slowly descend back to the ground.
Mix up your reps and sets for this move and aim for anywhere between 3-4 sets of 6-20 reps. Some days you can go heavy for lower reps, some days you can go lighter for higher reps, and some days you can do both. Be warned, high-rep hip thrusts are brutal. The booty-burn is excruciating!

2. Glute and Hamstring extensions
This booty-shaping challenges glutes of all strength levels. If you’re new to exercise, start out with 3 sets of 15 reps. Intermediate exercisers should try 4 sets of 15 reps, holding 10 lbs, and advanced glutes can handle up to 5 sets of 15 reps, holding 25 lbs.

How to do it: Start standing, leaning forward on a back extension pad, with your toes turned out, knees bent (like a frog). Keeping your back flat, bend at your hips as far down as possible. To come up, push your thighs into the pad and squeeze your glutes, keeping your back straight the entire time. At the top, give your glutes an extra squeeze. Use a controlled tempo during the exercise: aim for a 2-3 second count on the way down, 1-2 seconds on the way up.

3. Lunge with arm reach
Reaching forward with the arms at knee height creates additional hip flexion, placing more emphasis on the gluteus maximus. When the arms are reaching forward, creating additional forward lean in the trunk, then the glutes are lengthened at both the bottom and top, creating more effective lengthening of the muscle.

How to do it: Stand tall with feet approximately hip-width apart and arms extended at chest height. Step forward with your right foot. As your weight comes down on your right leg, lean forward at your waist and reach with both hands at approximately knee height. Return to standing by pushing the right foot into the ground and driving the body back to the starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat 6-10 times on the right leg, then do the same number on the left leg.
Want to make it more challenging? Use a medicine ball, dumbbells, or Ravi PR for added resistance.
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Tartar is a dental or cosmetic concern caused due to calcified material which is an accumulation of bacterial debris and several times contains plaque.

This is a white and chalky substance that helps plaque to stick around. It is important to remove tartar before it causes irreparable dental damage. Many home remedies help in removing this tartar in some easy steps without any additional expenditure which will be otherwise incurred if treated by your dentist.

Tips To Remove Tartar:

1. Proper Brushing
It's important to brush teeth after every meal. This will prevent tartar formation in the teeth. You need to use a soft-bristle toothbrush which will help in brushing from all angles so that the entire tooth surface is well cleaned. The brush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees.

2. Sesame Seeds Chewing

A wonderful way to remove tartar is by chewing sesame seeds. Take a handful of these seeds and keep chewing. Be careful not to swallow. You need to then brush your teeth using a dry toothbrush while the seeds are in your mouth. The seeds will work as a natural scrub and help in removing tartar.

3. Rub Strawberries And Tomatoes
Tomatoes and strawberries are rich in vitamin C which is good for your dental health. Just rub the fruit on your teeth and let it remain on you. Other foods which can be used are lime, lemons, berries, peppers and papaya.` teeth for at least 5 minutes. This will soften the tartar. You can then wash your mouth using the solution

4. Chew Spicy Food 
Chew spicy food or include spicy food in your diet. Spicy foods help in stimulating the salivary glands which help to clean your teeth and mouth naturally.

5. Chew Figs
Figs can be chewed or eaten to clean as well as strengthen gums. Have 3-4 figs and chew them slowly so that your salivary glands are stimulated. This will cleanse your teeth and remove plaque.

6. Sesame Oil
Gargling with warm sesame oil is very effective in curing gum disease and removing tartar. Just take a mouthful and slowly swish it twice in a day. Rinse. Doing this regularly will help in removing tartar.

7. Orange Peel

Rub some fresh orange peels on the teeth directly. Leave this overnight and do not rinse. It works amazingly if done regularly

A fresh smile, white teeth, these are the first thing people notice. It is important to know how to make a first impression and for that you need to be confident about your smile and you teeth whiteness.

The sad truth is some people, no matter how many times they brush their teeth, have stained teeth from drinking coffee, tea, and or smoking. The good news is that here you have 5 ways to naturally whiten teeth and some tips on How to Whiten yellow discolored teeth.

Here you will find 5 ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

1. Brush After Drinking or Eating:
The best way is to simply brush your teeth after eating or drinking something. It is not so easy to do this every day, but it depends on how much persistence do you have.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
Apple cider vinegar works as a mouth gum cleaner and removes stubborn stains on the teeth, especially from coffee and nicotine. ACV is also a teeth whitener but you need to be consistent. After using ACV, brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.

3. Lemon or Orange Peels:
If you use lemon or orange peel always rinse afterward to be on the safe side. You can also use half water and half hydrogen peroxide, swish around in your mouth and leave in for at least a full minute.
4. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide:
Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Brush your teeth as usual. Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial agent and works great as a total mouth and gum cleaner and keeps the mouth free of germs.
5. Strawberries:
Simply mashed up about four or five strawberries and rub this yummy mixture all over your teeth.
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YES, it’s extremely basic– simply consume this powerful drink prior to you go to sleep and awaken every early morning with less weight. Sounds fantastic, ideal? Well yes it is and it actually works, due to the fact that this powerful beverage is actually remarkable.

Honey is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. This super healthy component is loaded with healthy nutrients and it can offer many health benefits. However, did you understand that if you blend honey with cinnamon, you will make the most powerful combination which will help you burn weight overnight? 

Cinnamon can provide lots of health benefits, such as: it will improve your skin tone, lower your cholesterol levels, increase the blood circulation, perfect for the heart, stomach, intestines and the finest feature of cinnamon is that will speed up the weight reduction procedure and assist you slim down much quicker (even when you sleep).

You can utilize cinnamon as a supplement to all the dishes after a quarter of a teaspoon to every meal, change sugar with cinnamon, completely or partially or make a special mix for weight-loss and drinking it frequently. Every night before you falling asleep you need to consume a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder.

And, if you use this drink regularly, then you will be astonished by the results.

Note: this mixture is really easy and simple to make and you most likely already have all the ingredients in your kitchen area cabinet.


  • Boil 200 ml of water then add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and leave it for Thirty Minutes, until it’s cool. When the water is cool enough, you have to include 1 teaspoon honey and leave in the refrigerator. Consume one cup of this super-healthy beverage, Thirty Minutes before you falling asleep.
  • Make sure you don’t add anything else in this drink. You do not require to consume this throughout the day. It just works if you take it at bedtime.
  • This combo will clean your digestion tract, get rid of parasites, fungus and other bacteria, which slows down food digestion in the body. 
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5 Exercises That Reduce Your Side Fat Fast! You Won’t Miss

What if there are certain super-simple exercises that can help you get rid of side fat faster than you had thought? You would love it, wouldn’t you? Wondering how to reduce side fat by exercise? Then you got to read this post and try out the top exercises that can kick off that side fat real fast!

1. Starfish: Starfish is a variation of Side Plank, which is a killer move for reducing side fat.
How To Do:
  1. Get in the side plank position and get hold of your balance.
  2. Once you are properly balanced, stack one foot on top of the other and raise your arm into the air.
  3. Now, lift the leg on top and straighten it. At the same time, try to touch your toe with your hand and then return to the starting position.
  4. Do 15 reps and repeat on the other side.
2. Side Plank Circles: Circles targets your oblique muscles, muffin tops, love handles, lower belly pooch and tones your bum.
How To Do:
  1. Get into a side plank position and lower the knee closer to the floor. Lift your upper leg until it is horizontal and straight.
  2. Now start tracing big circles with that leg.
  3. Trace 20 circles clockwise and 20 anticlockwise and then repeat on the other side.
3. Oblique Crunch:Oblique Crunch targets the oblique muscles and helps in reducing all the side fat. It targets not just the lower fat but upper fat as well.
How To Do:
  1. Lie down on your back and lift your legs with bent knees until your calves become horizontal.
  2. Put your left hand behind your head and straighten your right arm to your side.
  3. Now pressing your right forearm onto the ground, lift your left side of your torso and try to touch your left elbow to your left knee.
  4. Turn your left knee towards your left elbow as you lift your left torso.
  5. Do 10 reps and repeat on the other side.
4. Piked Elbow Twists:Elbow Twist is an effective exercise to lose side fat by targeting your obliques. The move was introduced by Pop Pilates instructor Cassey Ho to fight love handles.
How To Do:
  1. Lie down on the floor with your legs straight and arms extended.
  2. Now lift your straight legs and arms in a sit-up position until your torso is off the floor and you are balancing on your butt.
  3. If straight legs are very difficult for you, you can bend your knees until your calves are horizontal. Maintain that position.
  4. Now twisting your torso to your right side, bend your right arms and touch the right elbow to the floor.
  5. Twist to your left and touch your left elbow to the floor.
  6. Keep alternating and do 20 reps.
5. Triangle With Dumbbell:
How To Do:
  1. Stand with your feet wide apart. Point your left foot leftward and your right foot forward.
  2. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand. You should use your heavy weight dumbbell and straighten that arm overhead, slightly sideways.
  3. Now bend to your left side and try to reach the floor on the left with your left hand.
  4. Go as low as you can without compromising the position and with your back straight.
  5. Do 15 reps on each side.
 These exercises to reduce side fat are very simple and can be done by beginners. So stop enduring that stubborn side fat and kill it with these exercises.
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5 Epsom Salt Uses- Why You Need It In Your Home For Beauty

Magnesium Sulfate, aka Epsom Salt, is one of the world's hidden wonders! It gets its name from the place it was discovered, Epsom England, a small borough in Surrey, where the salt was produced from the springs that bubble up and meet non-porous London clay. “Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate, which can help improve health in numerous ways. A lack of magnesium which helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body can contribute to high blood pressure, hyperactivity, heart problems and other health issues, doctors warn. Sulfate is essential for many biological processes, helping to flush toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue, and mucin proteins.” Epsom Salt CouncilThink it's just for bath salts and in-grown toenails think again! This little sprinkle of the natural goodness is as versatile as MacGyver.

Epsom Salt can be found at your local grocery store, pharmacy, and even your garden supply store. It has a wide array of uses, and although each may be manufactured differently they are all the same chemically. Usually, a two and a half-pound container will run you $3 more or less.


1. Face cleaner – To clean your face at night, mix a half teaspoon of Epsom salt with your regular cleansing cream. Just massage into skin and rinse with cold water

2. Homemade skin mask – Puree 1 Egg white, 1/2 Teaspoon Pantothenic acid powder (Vitamin B5), 1 Teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel, 1 Teaspoon Epsom salt, 1 Ripe Tomato, chopped, and 2 drops Thyme oil. Apply to face for 15 minutes then rinse off. This is especially good for acne problems.

3. Foot Soak – Sooth aches, remove odors and soften rough skin with a foot soak. Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to a large pan of warm water. Soak feet for as long as the water is warm. Rinse and dry. It also helps with the toenail fungus, like an athlete’s foot. I like to add marbles to the bottom of my pan for an added foot massage.

4. Skin exfoliate – Massage handfuls of Epsom salt over your wet skin, starting with your feet and continuing up towards the face. Have a bath to rinse.

5. Remove excess oil from hair – Epsom salt soaks up excess oil from your hair. Add 9 tablespoons of Epsom salt to 1/2 cup of oily hair shampoo. Apply one tablespoon of the liquid to your hair when dry; rinse with cold water. Pour lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar through the hair, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.
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Thursday, 14 November 2019

5 Most Common Beauty Mistakes Mostly You Didn’t Know When You Were Making #makeup #beautylovers


1. Harsh Eyeliner (Not Blending)
This is one of my biggest pet peeves. No matter what color of eyeliner you choose, if it’s applied like a marker, it’s going to look harsh. This doesn’t do your beautiful eyes any justice. To achieve a more natural look, use a pencil liner instead of a liquid liner. And, a lot of pencil liners come with a blending brush on the opposite end use it! Cara from Maskcara has a ton of great beauty tips, and I especially like the way she blends her eyeliner.

Whichever color you choose, take this advice from Cosmopolitan and select a lighter, more subtle color for your bottom lids (if any at all). Keep the liner off of your water line and use a nude pencil there instead to open up your eyes. Also, most women look best with eyeliner only applied to the outer 3/4 of their eyes. There’s no reason to trace the entire eye! It doesn’t look natural.

2. Tacky Lipstick:

Don’t get me wrong, the right shade of lipstick can instantly give you a confidence boost, but the bold, unnatural color isn’t attractive on most women. It distracts from the rest of your face and can make you look like you’re trying too hard. If you do decide to make a bold choice, keep the rest of your makeup simple, and skip the gloss. A bright lipstick combined with smokey eyes and flushed cheeks can look more clown-like than pretty.

3. Wearing Bronzer All Over:
If you’re bronzer challenged like me, you may be surprised to know that this stuff is not meant to be swept all over your face. The idea is to apply it to the areas where the sun would naturally hit. Stick to the outer edges of your face the top of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. When done correctly, you will actually be drawing the number 3 on both sides of your face.

4. Fake Eyelash Abuse:
I think just about every woman wants long, full and beautiful lashes. This is why we crimp, curl and apply mascara almost every day.

If there is one thing in my makeup drawer that I couldn’t live without, it would definitely be my mascara, but at some point falsies and extensions took over, and now a lot of us look like we have spiders crawling out of our eyes. Not to mention the adverse reactions, hygiene risk, and the damage they can do to your natural lashes.

8. Wearing Lipliner All Wrong:
One of the biggest beauty blunders that most women don’t realize they’re doing is not blending makeup properly. Harsh lines are the last thing you want if you’re trying to achieve a natural look. Eyeliner is a popular one (my biggest pet-peeve), but lipliner is second on the list.
A lot of women wear lipliner to keep their lipstick from bleeding, but the harsh line that shows up once your lipstick starts fading isn’t pretty. The easy solution to this is simple: Blend, baby, blend! Check out the details and more info on this subject.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

If You’ve Ever Woken Up At Night Unable To Move, Here’s What It Means

 when a person passes between stages of sleep and wakefulness, it actually experiences sleep paralysis. It is a feeling of being conscious, but still not able to move. Sleep paralysis is extremely frightening phenomenon because you wake up, you are completely aware of everything around you, but you are not able to move any part of your body. Your body is completely paralized, which is why you become really terrified and disturbed. It occurs during one of two stages -“hypnagogic” and “hypnopompic”.

The first one occurs right before falling asleep, while the second one happens as soon as the person wakes up from rapid eye movement, REM, sleep. You all know that when we sleep, our body is relaxed and our mind is less aware of the things around us. Nevertheless, when it comes to hypnagogic sleep paralysis, the mind remains aware while the body is in an unconscious relaxation state. As a result, when the individuals realize they can’t move, they start panicking which is very dangerous.

When it comes to REM sleep, our muscles are paralyzed, but specific part of our brain wakes as soon as we experience hypnopompic sleep paralysis. However, it doesn’t have to mean that the part of the brain which controls the REM paralysis will also wake. Therefore, the individual is in an awaken state, but not able to control his muscles voluntarily. Some people have never experienced this phenomenon, some have once or twice, but there are people who experience it often, even several times per week.

According to a study conducted at the Penn State University, around 8% of the population frequently experience sleep paralysis. People that suffer from anxiety, depression, with underlying sleep condition, those taking specific medications, and those struggling with sleep apnea are more disposed to frequent episodes of these problems.

WebMD revealed a list of the risk factors:
  • Frequent changes in sleep schedule
  • Substance abuse
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sleep problems like nighttime leg cramps or narcolepsy
  • Mental conditions, like bipolar disorder or stress
  • Certain medications, like the ones with ADHD
  • Sleeping on the back

Another important thing you should know is that people who experience sleep paralysis can’t move or speak for several seconds or minutes. Usually, this problem is not medically treated, however, sometimes your doctor might inquire other aspects of the sleep health. Moreover, if the sleep issues worsen, he might also consult a specialist.

Since this paralysis happens naturally, there is not a prescribed treatment. Nevertheless, as we previously mentioned, the specialist can discover another underlying condition, so in cases like this, he may prescribe a treatment like:
  • Treatment of any underlying sleep disorders
  • Implementation of a sleeping schedule
  • Referral to a mental health professional
  • Referral to a sleep specialist
  • Prescription for sleeping aids
  • Prescription for an anti-depressant

In order to prevent sleep paralysis episodes, you should definitely try to reduce the stress before bedtime and make a healthy sleep your number one priority. You don’t have to seek medical help if this happens only once. According to specialists, you need to pay more attention to your sleeping habits and sleep for 8 hours in order to prevent sleep paralysis to repeat, because lack of sleep usually contributes to the occurance of this problem.

Moreover, you should eliminate or at least try to avoid the intake of alcohol, drugs, nicotine and caffeine. You should also keep your electronic devices away from you while you are sleeping. You should be well aware of the fact that if you have already experienced sleep paralysis, the chances are high that you will experience it again, but bear in mind that it’s nothing terrifying and it will pass very quickly, so try not to panic.

Monday, 28 October 2019

7 Mistakes Because Of Which You Do Not Have Clean And Soft Skin!

It is not deniable that good genes are prerequsite and mandatory for having beautiful skin, but certain factors like nurturing the skin and paying closer attention for the benefit of its good appearance are even more important.
If you are tired of having dry or oily skin, and you want to have beautiful, healthy and baby skin, you should definitely quit the following habits:

1.You apply the face cream incorrectly:
When it comes to having beautiful and smooth skin, it is extremely important to gently massage the face while applying the face cream. The massage movements need to follow your face’s lines. This process will help you reduce the stretching of the skin. In order to perform the method properly, you should begin the massaging movements from the middle of the face towards the end of it. Make sure to avoid making round movements.

2. You apply the cream onto a moist skin:
Never make the mistake of applying face cream onto moist skin thinking that it will increase the hydration of the skin since it’s not true at all. Use a soft towel to dry your skin, after that apply cleansing tonic, let the skin absorb it and finally apply the face cream on your skin.

3.Washing the face with too cold or too hot water:
If you want to clean your skin perfectly and avoid harming it, you should always use warm or lukewarm water when washing your face.

4. You do not use creams with SPF:
Using creams containing SPF is mandatory if you want to have gorgeous skin. According to dermatologists, you need to use a cream with SPF 15 even if you are not exposed to the sun. This is especially recommended for women with sensitive and pale skin. If you use creams with SPF, they will help you reduce the chance of occurrence of wrinkles and freckles on the skin.

5. You use products that produce lot of foam:
If you have dry and highly sensitive skin, avoid cleaning products that produce a lot of foam, and instead try to use cleansing creams and mineral water. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you should use gentle gels that don’t produce a lot of foam.

6.You sleep with your face onto the pillow:
When your face skin is in contact with your pillow, it can’t breathe properly, and as a result, it stimulates wrinkles occurrence. This is not a good habit, so try to eliminate it.

7.You use too much makeup (foundation in solid form)

Many women use big quantities of solid foundation in order to focus their makeup and look beautiful. However, this is not the best solution, especially when it’s hot outside because you are closing the skin’s pores and you will face negative effects.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

If You Have Heart Problems Or High Blood Pressure Avoid These 14 Foods At All Costs

As you all know, poor quality of food can cause serious damage to your organism and as a result it won’t work properly. This is the reason why nutrition is extremely important and it is the leading force for curing different diseases, especially coronary health issues. The key reason for serious health issues is the consumption of large amounts of sodium, so in order to avoid this, you should 

consume the following 16 foods and keep your health on point:

1. Liquor: according to numerous studies, the consumption of alcohol decreases the blood supply levels.

2. Red meat: the consumption of red meat on a regular basis will increase the risk of making health problems and impair the veins function.

3. Processed meat: stay away from products like bacon, frankfurter, bologna, wieners and pre-prepared meats since they put your heart health in risk. Moreover, if you want to protect your heart, you should eliminate processed meats from your diet and instead eat more low-salt meat such as chicken, incline hamburger and turkey bosom.

4. Table salt: the consumption of salt in large quantities will have negative impact on your vision and circulation. As a result of poor circulation, your brain, kidneys and heart will be in danger.

5. Fast food French fries: French fries is the worst food and it puts your health in serious danger.

6. Pop: according to many studies, sugar is found in sodas and similar products and they all cause hypertension.

7. Ramen noodles: it might comes as a shock to you, but just one bundle of ramen noodles has 14 g fat and 1580 mg sodium. Accommodation foods like frozen pot pies: steer clear of sweet pies since only one pie contains around 1300-1400mg of sodium and around 35 g of fat which is far beyond of the allowed daily limit.

8. Pizza: we all love eating pizza, it is probably the best food in the world, but as you all know, it is extremely unhealthy so avoid it as much as you can.

9. Pickles: even though they are low in calories, they are high in sodium so avoid them as much as you can.

10. Sugar: sugar should not be used at all, especially the processed one.

11. Doughnuts: people love them because they are delicious, but you should definitely avoid them since they are full with calories which will make serious damage to your organism.

12. Margarine: people use it in every day cooking, but it is extremely unhealthy so eliminate it from your diet immediately.

13. Canned Chicken Noodle Soup: as we all know, chicken soup is the easiest and the fastest meal, but it is not healthy and it’s not good for your organism so avoid it.

14. Canned biscuits: are full of processed substances and seasoned excessively. Whenever you buy some product, make sure to check its ingredients on the label, especially when you buy biscuits and make sure they do not contain any hydrogenated oil.

In this article, we will also present you some foods that will help you lower your blood cholesterol. In order to reduce hypertension, you should consume more foods like: beans, peas, veggies, grain oats, rice, pasta, and breads. Moreover, you should also incorporate tomatoes, oranges, bananas, spinach, sweet potatoes and lima beans in your daily diet.

In addition, you should add spices like oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary in your meals since they are very beneficial for your overall health.

Super Powerful Remedy To Treat Bone And Joint Pain

There are many factors that can cause aching bones and joints such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, goat and some autoimmune diseases. Chronic inflammation is yet another reason for bone aching and the worst part is that it can also affect other parts of the body over some period of time.

It is cruicial to stop inflammation because it is the main cause of many other serious health conditions. In this article we will present you a super powerful natural remedy that will help you strenghten your bones, clean and lubricate joints and relieve inflammation.

Natural remedy to relieve the pain of bones and joints.
The ingredients used in its preparations have special medicinal powers. For instance, one of the main ingredients is ginger which is a potent natural anti-inflammatory ingredient and as a result of its properties, it strengthens the immune system, preventing diseases and preventing the condition worse. Another important ingredient is carrot since it is a vegetable that is abundant in important nutrients which will help you improve bone and joint health.

  • 5 to 6 carrots (depending on size).
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper.
  • 2 cm fresh ginger root.
  • 1 cm turmeric root (or 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder)
Peel the carrots if you want.
Grate the ginger and turmeric.
Add all the ingredients together in a blender or juices and blend them well until you get a homogenous mixture. If it’s too thick, dilute it with water.

With these ingredients, you will have a mixture just for one day. You should drink 50-60 ml of this mixture three times per day: half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This mixture will help you incorporate all the nutrients your body needs.

Other tips to treat bone and joint pain.
If the pain is more severe, you can accompany this treatment with a daily infusion of ulmaria, horsetail and nettle, which all have analgesic power and they stimulate bone regeneration and help debug joints as well.
Make sure to consult a naturopathic specialist before starting any natural treatment

Here Is What You Must Know About Breast Pain

Many women relate breast pain to breast cancer, which causes them to get worried. Nonetheless, most cases of breast pain are not related to this disease. That’s why it is good to know other reasons why your breasts may hurt. Most women tend to have breast pain at many times in their lives because it is a common symptom of hormonal changes from menstruation or pregnancy. Inflammation and sensitivity in your breasts or during your period are very common that isn’t related to anything serious and can simply be caused by a hormonal change.

If you don’t find abnormalities when doing a self breast exam, but you experience frequent pain in them, it is possible that other benign diseases are influencing it. Next we will tell you about the most common causes for breast pain.

Hormonal Causes
In general, teenagers that start their menstrual cycle tend to feel a certain pain in their breast. PMS can even cause pain before menstruation.

Many women suffer from breast pain during their fertile years, with it more frequent halfway through their menstrual cycle and coinciding with ovulation and the days before menstruation. These two cycle phases coincide with more sudden change in feminine hormone levels. Also, the use of anti-contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy can be other influences of this problem.

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is breast pain. A woman tends to experience more sensitivity when they are pregnant at a young age or during their first pregnancy. Generally, during the first trimester of pregnancy they experience pain, their breasts grow in size, and blue veins become visible that indicate increase in blood flow.

When a woman has just had a child, she will tend to experience breast pain independent of if she chooses to breast feed or not due to the increase in milk. But you should pay special attention if the pain is frequent, intense, or doesn’t improve, because it can indicate possible mastitis.

This problem is an inflammation of the breasts, which comes from the obstruction of the milk ducts. This happens due to an infection in the breast, caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungus. The symptoms that you should be aware of are reddening in the breasts, pain, and especially fever.

Cysts in the Breasts

Breast cysts are a type of sack filled with liquid that form inside the breasts. These are formed when normal mammary glands increase in size, which can be just one or more. These cysts tend to be benign and are characterized by producing pain in the breasts. When they are big in size, you can feel them by touching them, but some require a mammogram or a sonogram to be detected.

Abscesses in the Breasts
Breast abscesses are accumulations of pus in the mammary tissue. Basically, it is an infection. This problem can produce breast pain, they may feel like soft bulges, and is generally caused by bacteria that enter the breasts through cracks in the nipples or from breastfeeding problems. Independent of their cause, the best idea is to consult a doctor so they can do the necessary exams and offer the proper treatment.

Breast Cancer
As we mentioned in the beginning, many women tend to relate breast pain with breast cancer but in general this is not the case. Breast pain is one of symptoms that takes the longest to appear when you are suffering from breast cancer. It is possible that if a women detects any abnormalities in their breasts and treats it on time, they won’t feel any breast pain from cancer.

Recommendations for Preventing and Treating Breast Pain

Generally, it isn’t necessary to take medicine to relieve breast pain. What you can keep in mind is that there are some lifestyle changes you can do to help treat and prevent this problem.
  • Avoid wearing bras that are too small.
  • Have a healthy diet that is low in fat and rich in fruit, vegetables, and grains.
  • Keep a balanced weight because it will help stabilize hormone levels
  • Increase your consumption of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B1 (thiamine), and vitamin E.
  • You can apply home remedies for pain like water lemon juice, vinegar, or coffee compresses.

Amazing Herb: This Is The Ultimate Cure For All Problems With The Eyes, Vision And Eye Pressure! Improves Eyesight Even In People Older Than 70 Years.

As we all grow old, our vision starts fading, and until now, there was no solution for this problem. Nevertheless, a researcher named Hildamus, was able to improve vision even in people who were older than 70 or 80 years. No matter if loss of vision appears due to aging or an infection, eyebright is still available and effective remedy for those who are having problems with their vision.

Composition and healing properties of the eyebright

Eyebright contains a lot of bitter substances, essential oil, Eufrastan acid, vitamin C and Glycoside rinantin. Due to all these amazing properties, the alternative medicine has recognized eyebright as an extremely effective remedy for people who are dealing with eye infection, for destroying viruses, accelerating the healing and bacteria in their eyes.

Here is what eyebright can help with:
  • Iritis
  • Inflammation of the eyelid
  • Dry eyes
  • Short-sightedness
  • Inflammation of the cornea
  • Eye infection
  • Inflammation of tear duct
  • Infection of the eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Irritation as a result of prolonged computer use

Improve your eyesight with tea and compresses
Instead of using conventional eye drops, whenever you notice any eye-related problems, you should use a plant’s fresh juice or a dry variant. All you have to do is to dilute the fresh juice with distilled water and use 2 drops per eye.

First of all, mix 2 dl of boiling water and half a teaspoon of dry eyebright material. Allow it to stay for 3 to 5 minutes. There is no need to say that the dry variant can be used in the preparation of tea which you can use to rinse your eyes. Use this mixture and rinse your eyes 2-3 times per day.

Compress for treating sty
Put 3 tablespoons of dry eyebright in a pot and then pour 200ml of boiling water over the material. Allow it to stand for about 10 minutes. After that, just wrap the strained eye in gauze and place it on the sty. Allow it to act for 5 minutes because after the 5 minutes the warmth of the compress will act therapeutically and will boost the healing process.

Tea – helps to improve eyesight

Prepare a tea by mixing 3 tablespoons of dry eyebright and 3 dl of boiling water. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Your tea is ready.
Make sure to drink a cup of tea 3 times a day. (Drink it unsweetened).

Treating other ailments
This amazing herb can also treat other health conditions such as: flu, bronchitis and rhinitis.

Moreover, the consumption of eyebright can also help you relieve stomach pain and other digestive issues. Besides this, it can also help you in the treatment of fever, it can reduce the redness in the eyes, reduce eye burning and eye-watering. Due to its amazing medicinal properties, it can help you treat headaches, anxiety, and insomnia as well. At last but not least, eyebright can help you treat nicotine, alcohol, and poisoning.

How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

We all want to have white teeth and a beautiful smile. Well, you should know that it is very simple to achieve that and to keep your mouth healthy, all you have to do is to follow the tips we will present in this article and make it your everyday routine. Coconut oil is the best solution for keeping your mouth healthy, and if you love its taste, you can take one tablespoon of it and put it in your mouth. After that, just swish the coconut oil about 15-20 minutes and then brush your teeth.

1st tip: in order to perform this method, you will need strawberries and baking soda. First of all, wash the strawberries thoroughly and blend them well. Then add one teaspoon of baking soda and mix the ingredients well. in the end, dab the toothbrush into this mixture and brush your teeth. Repeat this twice a week.

2nd tip: tea, energy drinks and coffee all contain caffeine which is bad for you and your teeth so you should decrease their consumption as much as you can.

3rd tip: if you want to have white teeth, just add a pinch of salt on the toothpaste before you brush them. You can repeat this method every day and the results will amaze you.

4th tip: take a banana peel and rub its inside part on your teeth. It is extremely effective treatment.

5th tip: just like the method with banana peel, take a lemon or orange peel and rub your teeth with its inside part.

6th tip: Olive oil can serve you as a mouth rinse. Just fill your mouth with olive oil and then swirl it around. You can do this every day since the olive oil is not acidic. Another alternative is to soak a cotton pad in it and rub it along your teeth.

7th tip: eat one apple every day because it can clear your teeth.

8th tip: as you all know, coffee and tea stain your teeth, so in order to prevent that, you should add milk in both of them.

9th tip: for this tip, you will need to use ACV and baking soda. All you have to do is to mix these two ingredients well until you get a paste and then apply it on your toothbrush. Remember not to brush your teeth too often with this mixture since the baking soda can wear out the enamel of the tooth if you do this more than 1 to 2 times a week.

Early Signs That Cancer Is Growing In Your Body

Nowadays, cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous and life-threatening disease, so in order to catch it on time, you should pay more attention to the signs your body is giving.

Here are some signs that are commonly overlooked:

1.Difficulty swallowing
One of the first signs of lung cancer is trouble swallowing, but it is most commonly associated with throat or esophageal cancer.

2.Swollen lymph nodes or lumps on the neck, underarm, or groin
When some changes occur in the lypmhatic system, our lymph nodes become larger, which can be a sign of cancer.

3.Excessive bruising or bleeding that doesn’t stop
If you experience excessive bleeding or bruising that doesn’t stop, you should consult your doctor since it indicates that something abnormal is happening with the platelets and red blood cells. This could mean that you are dealing with leukemia.

4.Wheezing or shortness of breath

Usually lung cancer patients remember noticing the inability to catch their breath, so this is probably one of the first signs of lung cancer.

5. Chronic cough or chest pain
Lung cancer patients usually notice chest pain that extends up into the shoulder or down the arm. On the other hand, bad cough or bronchitis are common symptoms for several types of cancer including leukemia and lung tumors.

6. Frequent fevers or infections
Certain infections and fevers could be a sign of leukemia which is a cancer of the blood cells that starts in the bone marrow. Leukemia causes the marrow to produce abnormal white blood cells, sapping your body’s infection-fighting capabilities.

7. Weakness and fatigue
Many different types of cancer cause weakness and fatigue, so in order to know what type of cancer is, you need to look these symptoms in combination with other signs.

7. Bloating or abdominal weight gain
Make sure to consult your doctor immediately if you experience unexplained abdominal bloating which comes suddenly and continues on and off over a long period of time, because this indicates an ovarian cancer.

8. Feeling full and unable to eat
Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer explain that they had no appetite and couldn’t eat even when they haven’t eaten for longer period of time.

9. Pelvic or abdominal pain
Leukemia is known to cause abdominal pain which results from an enlarged spleen. Moreover, pain and cramping in the pelvis and abdomen in combination with bloating also signals ovarian cancer.

10. Rectal bleeding or blood in stool
Make sure to call your doctor and schedule a colonoscopy the moment you notice blood in the toilet, because it is a common symptom of colorectal cancer.

11. Unexplained weight loss
If you start losing weight for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of colon cancer or some other type of digestive cancers. Moreover, it could also signal a cancer that is spreading to the liver which is affecting your appetite and the ability of your body to rid itself of wastes.

12. Nipple changes
Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer explain that among the first signs, they also noticed how their nipples began to appear flattened, inverted or turned sideways.

13. Changes in nails
Pay more attention to your fingernails since the changes in them can indicate several types of cancer. For instance: a brown or black streak or dot under the nail indicates skin cancer, a sign for lung cancer is the enlargement of the ends of the fingers with nails that curve down over the tips and pale or white nails can indicate liver cancer.

14. Pain in the back or lower right side
According to many cancer patients, the first sign of liver cancer is the pain in the back. Moreover, back pain also is among the first signs of breast cancer, which occurs due to the breast tumors that press backward into the chest, or when the cancer spreads to the spine or ribs.

15. Unusually heavy or painful periods or bleeding between periods
If you experience unusually heavy and painful period or bleeding in between, you should ask for a transvaginal ultrasound since this is a sign of endometrial or uterine cancer.
Upset stomach or stomachache
Stomach cramps or frequent upset stomachs may indicate colorectal cancer.

16. A red, sore, or swollen breast
Breast cancer causes red, sore and swollen breasts, so if you notice these symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

17. Swelling of facial features
According to some lung cancer patients, redness, swelling and puffines in their face are the first symptoms they noticed. This happens because small cell lung tumors usually block blood vessels in the chest, thus preventing blood from flowing freely from your head and face.

Cancer Rates Continue to Rise in 2009
According to American Cancer Society dat, nearly 1.5 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in the United States in 2009. Moreover, even one million cases of basal and squamos cell skin cancers are also expected to be diagnosed this year. This means that more than 1,500 people will die from cancer every day. In other words, nearly one out of every four cancer patients will die.

The latest estimates show that by 2030, over 26 million people a year may be diagnosed with cancer, with 17 million people dying from it.

How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

There are so many factors that can cause back pain such as: strained muscles, spinal stenosis, degeneration of vertebrae, herniated disc, injuries and numerous other diseases. Nearly every adult has experienced back pain at least once in their life.

*Back pain*

Nowadays, there is a sophisticated diagnostic procedure application called magnetic resonance imaging that is used to discover the cause of pain, but still the clear reason cannot be discovered in almost 85% of the cases. There are two types of back pain: chronic (lasts more than a month) and acute (lasts for a month). Acute pain usually passes spontaneously, without treatment. On the other hand, when it comes to chronic back pain, it requires additional counseling and testing.

The most common symptoms are stiffness in the shoulders and the neck, you feel your head heavy, you are constantly tired and the muscles of the neck are stiff which causes the pain.

Improper posture, folded back and carrying a heavy load are the major reasons for this kind of pain. Moreover, aging and carrying heavy load can cause arthritis.

Here are some tips for healthy back:

Make sure to exercise on a regular basis in order to strengthen the muscles of the back, and because sitting weakens the waist muscles, you should get up and shake the legs for 10 minutes. Buy new mattress if it’s older than 5 years in order to improve your life quality and eliminate the pain in the back.

Don’t sleep on your stomach since this causes harm to your back and neck. You should also do more sports, at least walk for half an hour every day. You can also hike as it stretches and relaxes the back muscles.

In order to avoid deforming and amplifying the spine pain, don’t carry heavy objects. If you have small children, before you take them in your arms, make sure to bend your knees and then lift with help of the thigh muscles.

Due to a wide movement range, the shoulders are more specific joints and they are more susceptible to damage.
  The sore shoulders can come from these reasons:
  • Stiffly shoulder,
  • Fractured bones on the hand,
  • Dislocation,
  • Unstable joints in the shoulders

Causes of the spread of the neck pain

As we previously mentioned, the pain in the back is either acute or chronic. The most common cause of pain in the neck is stretching or damaging of the structure of the neck.

The following ones are the risk factors that lead to stretching and cramping the muscles:
poor posture during sleep,
work-related sitting,
reduced physical activity,
poor posture while walking and sitting.

This is how you can reduce your pain at home:

It has been medically confirmed that the cold and hot compresses can reduce back pain. So, in order to heal the pain, you should pour cold or hot compresses to the problematic area and you should repeat this from two to three hours.

Besides using hot and cold compresses, you should also perform some proper neck exercises like the movement of the neck muscles, and also exercise on a daily basis in order to eliminate the pain. This will help you strengthen the muscles of the neck, especially when it comes to chronic pain.

Massage is yet another method that will help you relieve the neck pain.

Make sure to use a feather pillow that forms according to the head and neck’s shape. Pillow with memory foam is also a great solution. On the other hand, you should definitely avoid the pillows that are high or hard. If you sleep aside, it is possible to prevent the curvature of the spine. When you go on long trips, you should use an adequate cushion in order to provide great support to the neck and head.

We all know that when it comes to pain and stiffness in the back and neck, stress is the number one enemy, so in order to prevent pain, you should eliminate stress from your life. You should also do yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises.

Reasons For Getting Skin Fungus And How To Prevent It

We’ve all encountered skin fungus at some point in our lives, which is inevitable as fungi live almost everywhere. We have fungi that live normally on our skin, but in controlled numbers so we don’t even know they exist. However, they sometimes they reproduce in large numbers and cause athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch or yeast infections. They are not very dangerous but are very uncomfortable and annoying.

Here we’ll give you some reasons for getting a skin fungus and some ways to prevent it.

There are a lot of things that can cause fungal infections, such as sharing clothes and personal care products with a person that already has such an infection.

People who are most at risk to get a fungal infection are :
  • People who sweat heavily (as fungus grows on moist places)
  • People that have a low immune system
  • People who work close together with other people that might get infected, such as doctors, nurses, students etc.
  • People who have been antibiotics or immunosuppressants over a longer period of time
  • People or children who cannot restrain from urinating

Fungus needs moisture in order to reproduce and thrive, so it is logical that the parts where it is likely to happen are the armpits, toes and feet, genital area and places where skin creases.
You can get fungal infections through contact with an infected person or their skin cells, so always be careful when in public areas such as swimming pools and locker rooms. Also, never use things in those areas such as combs, towels etc.

As we previously mentioned, dark and moist places are heaven for fungal growth. That’s why you always have to make sure that your skin is clean and dry throughout the day. Pay particular attention to wearing clean cotton underwear, keep your toes clean and dry and always dry out the skin under the breasts.

Lower immune system means higher risk of getting a fungal infection. To boost your immune system, make sure that you are on a proper diet. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits as well as probiotic yoghurt. Fungus also feeds on sugar, so make sure you cut down on the cabs and turn to protein and healthy fats for energy. Also, make sure you’re well rested and hydrated.

Fungal infections are highly transmissible. If you already have one, make sure that you will prevent it by spreading by avoiding scratching the affected area. Keep your skin clean and dry all the time. Use clean towels to wipe your skin and wash them regularly on higher temperature.

Inform yourself of the symptoms of the different fungal infections. They may all be caused by fungus, but they differ by the area on which they appear and have different symptoms.

For example, athlete’s foot affects the toes and between them by causing prickly red skin, sometimes even on the soles of the feet.

Jock itch on the other hand, appears in the groin area, typically with teen boys and adult males who play sports and spend a lot of time in locker rooms. It is demonstrated by red scaly patches on the skin that feel sore.

Ringworm infection is manifested as a small lifted red area, similar to a small blemish. It is prickly and becomes flaky very fast. It can appear on different parts of the body except for the scalp, feet and groin.

Fungal infections are not life-threatening and can be treated easily with antifungal creams and powders without the prescription of a doctor. However, it is highly advised that you seek a piece of medical advice before you purchase or use anything, especially if you have a low immune system or are suffering from diabetes.