Monday, 14 May 2018

The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Stomach Fat Without Exercise


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One of the biggest questions I get is “how do I lose my belly fat? I’ve tried several things but nothing worked”. When I ask what you tried I hear 100 daily sit-ups, cutting calories drastically, excess cardio, fat burners, etc. If you can’t lose your belly fat, you’re using the wrong approach. You don’t need endless sit-ups, supplements, starving yourself or worse surgery.

Ice helps you get rid of stomach fat

Scientists have revealed that fat on the belly and hips can be eliminated relatively easily by exposure to low temperatures. They accelerate fat burning up to 300%.Obviously, it is also desirable to respect a healthy diet without sweets, bakery products, and sweet juices. Physical activity, even a daily 40-45 minute slow run, will speed up the fat burning process.

How to apply ice on your belly

Scientists at the University of Maastricht found that fat burning can be stimulated by applying ice packs to the affected areas for 30-60 minutes. This process is repeated daily for two weeks.In this way, skin temperature will decrease, which will favor the transformation of white fat into brown fat, much easier to metabolize by the body.
Although it helps to get rid of stomach fat quite easily, this method can also present an inconvenience: the risk of frostbite. In order to avoid this issue, take off the ice packs from your belly at regular intervals.Frostbite symptoms: redness and slight pain in the area, tingling, blistering and numbness. If you have any of these symptoms, remove the ice packs and cover your belly with a blanket. Do not cover the frosted area with anything warm and do not massage the area.

Adjust your habits a bit when following this ice therapy:

  1.  Increase the consumption of lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef), fish, vegetable salads, fruit, eggs and dairy products;
  2.  Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and two cups of green tea, whose slimming benefits are well known;
  3. Do not forget to exercise: if you do not like the idea of going to the gym, a short ride with the bike in the park would be perfect.
At the end of the two weeks, you’ll notice that your belly fat is gone along with 3-4 kilos!
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