Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Dead Bug Exercise & Downward Dog Leg Pull


6. Dead Bug Exercise

Despite the creepy name, this exercise is also great for your core. It’s called the “dead bug exercise” because you sort of look like a bug lieing on it’s back. Weird, I know, but stick with me!
  • Lie on your back and stretch your arms up to touch your knees
  • Lower one leg and arm down until it almost touches the floor, keeping the opposite leg and arm in the same position
  • Return to the initial position and work the other half

7. Downward Dog Leg Pull

If you’re familiar with the yoga pose “downward dog”, this exercise will feel right at home to you. It’s a great way to work your core, thighs and bottom!
  • Start in the downward dog position, on all fours pressing back into your heels
  • Lift one leg straight back and up like the top image above
  • Bring that leg down and in to your chest
  • Repeat on the other side