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4 Steps To Lose 20 Pounds In A Month


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Summer is coming so you would like to be in perfect shape. Here we will demonstrate you a four step guide that you should follow to lose 20 pounds in a month.These steps are crucial and if you follow them correctly you will be on the right track to get the desired shape for the summer. It is not complicated at all and on the end you will see the difference.

Step 1 – On the first week you will need to prepare your mind and keep up with the pain

The first week will be essential for that month and it is highly recommended not to skip it. All you should do is get a piece of paper and write the question why you should lose weight? and the answers under need to be with strongly motivational words that will remind you about the reason that you are doing all of this.It is very important that you start with the circuit training. It is recommended that you should do a six day circuit training’s followed up with a low fat diet plan. So if you are interested to lose 20 pound in a month then you should follow strictly your diet plan, do 6 days exercise a week and prepare your mind for a pain.

An example circuit training is like this:

30 seconds rests in between sets:

40 seconds of Burpees
40 seconds of Mountain Climbers
40 seconds of Push Ups
40 seconds of Knee lifts on the spot
40 seconds of Planking
40 seconds of Bicycle Sit ups

Repeat for 3 sets.

End with 30 minutes of slow-paced jogging.

Step 2 – Dieting

You should start cleaning up your fridge. There will be many temptations around you, all you need is to be strong, pass through it and replace them with the foods that are high in vitamins and proteins. For the first week you should start with high-protein foods such as lean meats, fish and green leafy vegetables. For the next few weeks, your aim will be to eat high protein and low calorie foods.

Step 3 – Keep up with the intensity

You are already getting used to the circuit trainings and the specific diet plan, so don’t give up now. You might slow down a little bit, just remind yourself about the target. You need to go on with the training’s and even now you need to do it harder that before. So it is not advisable to be tempted to be swayed by low intensity workouts which you believe can help speed up the process of weight loss. The only sure way to lose weight is sheer determination and hard work.

Step 4 – It’s time to measure your progress

So finally everything is under control. You got used to the six day training’s and the temptations for high calorie foods are now long gone. Now is time to measure what you have achieved in four weeks. The result will be unbelievable. However, your body now is in the perfect shape so don’t trow it all that you passed over the last four weeks. Just do not get obsessive with the strict diet plan because it might be detrimental for your health. The rule of the game is to stay away from foods with high carbohydrates, eat foods with high protein and are wholesome and always challenge yourself to do more when exercising.

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