Saturday, 14 April 2018

7 tips to make your lipstick last longer


Feel like your lipstick is falling off after every second? Well, perhaps it all boils down to the way you apply it. If you have been experiencing this situation, here comes a perfect solution for you. I have collected seven awesome tips to make your lipstick last longer. Let’s have a look at them.

Exfoliate before you apply.

Exfoliation is an excellent way to ensure that your lipstick lasts longer. This is because it removes dead cells which are most likely the reason behind the fast fading of your lipstick.

Use lip primer.
Another brilliant idea is the use of lip primer. How does it work? Well, lip primer ensures that your lipstick lasts longer without feathering. And yes, since some primers come with moisturizing ingredients, you might as well say goodbye to lip balms.

Look for a badge-proof formula.

If you want a high-quality finish that will last longer on your lips, perhaps you need to explore the idea of badge-proof formula. This way, you can keep your lips looking amazing the whole day.

Dust some powder on your lips before applying lipstick.

Just like your skin needs to be dry in order for makeup to last longer, so do your lips need to be dry for lipstick to last longer. Dusting some powder on your lips removes oils and makes your lips dry enough to hold lipstick for a longer time.

Add lip liner under the lipstick.

Use of lip liner is yet another brilliant idea you could look into. Obviously, lip liners are drier than the regular lipstick which makes them last longer. And yes, in case the lipstick fades, the lip liner under the lipstick keeps your lips looking awesome.

Before applying lipstick, apply concealer.

You could also use concealer before applying your lipstick. Use of concealer creates a non-oily environment which makes your lipstick last longer.

Use non-oily lip balm.

Non-oily lip balms are also great when it comes to making your lipstick last longer. They reduce the rate at which your lipstick falls out.

Have I missed any other idea? Perhaps you can share with me. Feel free to hit the button and let me know of any other awesome tips for making lipstick last longer. Happy Pinning :)