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    Baking soda and apple cider vinegar
  • Mix the baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
  • Add this mixture in a glass of water.
  • Make sure you drink it before breakfast

Baking soda with fruits

  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 2 cups water
  • ½ tsp of baking soda

Follow the simple instructions:
  • Put all the ingredients in a food processor or blender, and blend until smooth.
  • Drink this super healthy drink, 2 times every day!
  • That’s it! (Happy Pinning :)

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While sugar and lemon juice mixed with water can go about as an extraordinary answer for facial hair evacuation, the same sugar and lemon juice when mixed with honey can go about as an incredible home-made wax like component for undesirable hair removal from your other body parts like arms and legs.Notwithstanding, this could be somewhat horrible process much the same as waxing done in a parlor in light of the way that sugar mixed with honey goes about as a sticky paste that is used to separate the hair.


One tablespoon of sugar.
– One tablespoon of honey.
– One tablespoon of lemon juice.
– One or two tablespoons of cornstarch or plain flour.
– Fabric or waxing strip.
– One container (to high temperature).
– Waxing spatula or a spread blade.
– Water- if necessary to make the paste more slender.


– Add honey and lemon juice with sugar and put them in the container.
– Heat the blend to get a smooth paste. You may moreover use microwave for the reason. In the occasion that using microwave, heat it for around 3 minutes.
– In the event that you see that the paste is getting too much thick, use a little water too.
– Presently let the blend chill off to a temperature where it is still to some degree warm.
– Clean your body part having undesirable hair with some cornstarch or plain flour.
– Utilizing the waxing spatula or spread blade, spread a dainty layer of this warm blend on your body part. Do this toward the hair development.
– Presently, cover the zone with the material strip or waxing strips, press to attach it to the paste and pull the opposite way of the hair development. Happy Pinning:)

Amazing Tip! Take A Look At How To Permanently Take Off Hair From Your Lady Parts in an All-Natural Way Just by Applying This Homemade Mixture

Though hair provides insulation to our body, they can also affect the perfect look of a person. Unwanted hair on the visible areas of the body like hands, feet, face and back are one of the main cosmetic problems faced by many women.Unwanted hair growth occurs due to imbalance of hormones in the body, irregular menstrual cycle, use of certain medications or due to pregnancy.Though there are many latest techniques such as waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, etc. are available for unwanted hair removal, they are costly and cannot be accessed by many women.
There are many age old natural home remedies available for efficient removal of unwanted hair from different parts of the body. As these remedies are natural, they are without any side effects and are much cheaper than the methods available from beauty clinics.


The homemade remedies given here to eliminate the unwanted hair are very easy and secure. Find out which method suits you best and try it out.


Sugar mixed with water and lemon juice will help you exfoliate your face and is a natural face bleacher. Lemon juice will help lighten the color of your facial hair.These three ingredients are combined in order to help effectively eliminate the facial hair, as well as hair on the other body parts. We advise you to avoid the sensitive areas when using this product.


– 2 tablespoons of sugar
– 10 tablespoons of water
– 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
– A small bowl

– First you should mix the sugar and water in a small bowl.
– Once that´s done add the lemon juice to the bowl and mix well.
– Then apply the mixture of sugar and lemon to your face in the direction of hair growth of your facial hair.
– Leave the mixture on the face for 15 to 20 minutes.
– Wash off with water after 20 minutes, rubbing the mixture gently with your hands.
– In order to see your facial hair disappearing, repeat the procedure twice or three times a week

10 Exercises That Burn 200 Calories in Under 3 Minutes

If you find it hard to lose weight with your busy schedule, the news keeps getting better. First, just 20 minutes of exercise was proven to help increase your metabolism. A related study has found that working out intensely for just 2.5 minutes can spur calorie burn throughout the day — an extra 200 calories' worth.

In the 2018 study, five healthy men performed sprint interval training on a stationary bicycle (five 30-second intense intervals with four minutes of easy cycling in between). Although the men were sedentary the rest of the day, they ended up burning 200 more calories during the days they did the short bout of exercise than the days they didn't exercise at all.

Even though this was a small study, the encouraging results are reason enough to add intense intervals into your workout routine. It's also good news for those of you who can never seem to fit a full workout into your day. Here are 10 intense exercises you can do anywhere for 2.5 minutes so you too can reap the afterburn benefits. Perform these at maximum intensity; you can break them into 30-second or one-minute intervals to make it more manageable. Stick with one, or choose five to do for 30 seconds each!Happy pinning:)


People of any age can be affected by varicose veins, especially people with lighter skin. This kind of problem can be solve with expensive surgeries which aren’t always effective, but the easier way is by using natural essential oils.We recommend you to try varicose veins home remedies first to lower the visibility of bulging veins without much risk involved.If you rub your feet with homemade oil you can solve the problem with Varicose Veins FOREVER!

How to prepare it?
  1. Pick 50 marigold flowers, wash them well and dry them. Once you do, put them into a large jar and pour 1l of olive oil over them.
  2. Then close the jar and leave it for 4-5 weeks where it can get enough sunlight. After this period is over, you can start using the oil. Whether you’ll strain or not is entirely up to you.

PIG FAT REMEDY ( Marigold Leaves):

  • Heat half of kilogram of pig fat on low heat.
  • Once the fat is completely melted, add two handfuls of fresh marigold leaves and one handful of green, pointy shells taken from a wild chestnut three.Let the mixture start foaming, remove it from the stove, and then stir for 5 more minutes.
  • When you finish preparing it, cover your mixture and leave it in a cold place for 24 hours.After the 24 hours, start heating it slowly while stirring it until it completely melts.Once it does, strain it through a sterile gauze and pour it in a clean and dry jar.he ointment should be kept in a cold and dark place and applied topically on varicose veins every night, without massaging them from bottom up.
You can also drink some cleansing tea to help with the healing process.Happy pinning:)

Did you know that lips disclose character traits?

Did you know that lips disclose character traits? The ancient skill of Chinese face-reading links lip features to identity. Your mouth shape mirrors how you relate to people. Likewise, your lip print bears the stamp of your temperament. Below are amazing facts your mouth reveals about your make-up.


Four regions comprise your unique kisser. They are:

Cupid’s Bow – the double curve of your upper lip with the central “V” or dip. This region resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of love.

Natural Lip Line – the border of your lip, where your mouth ends and face begins.Corners – the outer edges of your lips.

Teardrop – the middle downward curve of your lower lip. It’s not as pointed as your cupid’s bow.

What Your Lips Say About Your Personality? "LIPSOLOGY"

This study of lips derives from Chinese medicine. It’s an aspect of face-reading, also known as Mien Shiang. The origin of this practice dates back 3,000 years. In recent times, face-reading has become more popular. There are schools that teach the art of Mien Shiang.


Lipsology is the science of lip analysis. It’s the interpretation of mouth characteristics, such as:
  • size
  • shape
  • fullness
  • contours
Face-mapping is used at spas and medical clinics, combining Chinese medicine with Western dermatology procedures. Mien Shiang has identified 47 different mouth types. Following are seven of the most common ones.


Three lip features define your human traits. They are size, plumpness, and your cupid’s bow.


Women with plump lips are confident and courageous. They care deeply about people and put others’ needs first. Generous and nurturing, they naturally gravitate toward motherhood. They also value friendship and social connections. The thicker a woman’s lips are, the more passionate she is.


Thin-lipped women tend to be loners. They’re independent, cautious, and reserved. Determined and persistent, they’re high achievers. They also have a sweet and sensitive side.


Women with outstretched mouths are lively and talented. They have a variety of interests and a large circle of friends.They tend toward perfectionism, although they are adaptable. They march to the beat of their own drum and don’t follow the crowd.


Button-shaped kissers are vivacious and charming. They’re self-assured, adventurous, and unafraid to take risks. They glow with bright charisma.


Bow-shaped lips have a peaked cupid’s bow. This signals a creative and quick-minded woman. She’s the essence of glamour and elegance. Heart shapes are expressive in voicing opinions.They grab life by the horns and take charge of situations. These romantic lips speak of exuberance and vigor.


Like the fairy tale, these symmetric lips are “just right.” They’re neither full nor thin, but medium-sized. The cupid’s bow is rounded, a sign of being kind.These lips indicate a woman with an even temperament. She takes time for people and is considerate of others. She likes connecting with friends but isn’t clingy. Happy pinning :)


Hey everyone !!! Drastic weight loss causes extra loose skin, especially in your arms. You won’t let this to ruin your self-confidence and hard work. You deserve to have the rest of your body be firm and fit.For that reason, we will present you some natural remedies for firming up loose skin on your arms. These solutions are so simple that they are definitely worth a shot!

Sea salt scrub

Regularly using sea salt scrubs could prove beneficial for sagging skin. The scrub works to promote increased blood flow and better circulation. In turn, your skin will feel firmer.

Drink water
Proper hydration is key for overall good health and especially so for your skin health. Livestrong warns against drinking caffeine drinks that can zap your metabolism and energy levels. Keeping hydrated with water will reduce the development of wrinkles and promote toning.

Limit sun exposure

Too much sun means bad news for you skin.If you are already battling sagging skin, don’t make it worse by overexposure.Too much sun will break down your skin and lead to more wrinkles and sag. Be sure to cover your skin and wear sunscreen whenever you are outside.

Egg whites

The hydro lipids found in egg whites help boost sagging skin. Astringent properties also promote firming. To use, simply separate and whisk the egg whites and apply to the skin like a mask. Allow it to set for 20 minutes before rinsing.Honey

A bit of honey on your face could do the trick for firming your skin. The antioxidants found in this sweet ingredient works to repair damaged skin and promote hydration. Not only is it good for flabby skin, but can also decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles.


Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage? Not only is it good for your mental health, but it can work to tighten and firm skin because it increases circulation.

Green tea

Green tea can help boost your metabolism and energy levels. According to Eat This, green tea contains catechins which helps release fat from cells and transform that fat into usable energy for the body. Drink three cups per day to look and feel great!

Lose weight gradually

Be careful of losing weight too quickly. It is hard on your body to go from one extreme to the next. Plus, you need to allow your muscles the opportunity to grow as you lose the pounds. This will help reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a natural way to hydrate your skin. Saggy skin benefits form proper hydration because it works to tighten and firm. Apply a bit directly to the loose skin several times per week.


Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C. This is great news for your skin! It helps to produce collagen in your skin and promote elasticity. Plus, according to Top 10 Home Remedies, the astringent properties help naturally tighten skin and prevent premature aging.
To use, simply juice a single lemon and apply the liquid directly to your skin. Allow it to set for 10 minutes before rinsing clean.
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7 Things That Helps You To Lose Belly Fat – Losing Weight Is Not Simple

You need to take a holistic view of how you prepare for a workout, consider your mental health, diet etc if your goal is to burn stubborn and excess fat.If your goal is to lose weight and you are not making progress, what is standing in your way? … If you pay attention to the weight loss industry, you’ve been told over and over how easy it is to lose weight
Below are 7 efficient methods to burn off excess belly fat including making the most of your workout while keeping in mind that achieving good health is a product of balanced diet and exercise.

7 Things That Helps You To Lose Belly Fat

Be in steady motion:

Cardio helps you burn off fat from the belly. If you swim, run or bike regularly, you will burn off that fat.
Stretch before abdominal workout:

Do not just jump into ab workouts. Your body will depend more on your back and hips to perform the ab exercise rather than target the muscles you want if you are not flexible.
Have enough sleep:

People who sleep 6-7 hours per night accumulate less of visceral fat over a period of 5 years when compared to individuals who get less than 5 hours of sleep and more than 8 hours per night, a study revealed.
Take enough protein:

Diet high in protein protects against resistance to insulin. This implies that as you age, your body produces more insulin which brings about more fat around the belly according to expert claims. That you need protein does not mean that you should put a heap of meat on your plate. One way is to consume more nuts and add protein powder to smoothies.
Maintain a low-stress level:

Everyone has a fair share of stress to deal with; however, WebMD discovered how to deal with it to maintain a healthy body. Relax with family and friends to get rid of some harmful energy, try workouts and meditation. When you feel less stress, you will make better choices.
Consume some vinegar:

Persons who take up to two tablespoons of vinegar every day for 8 weeks observed a reduction in body fat, a study revealed. Experts claim that the acid in the vinegar may produce proteins which burn off fat. You can add vinegar to a salad.
Drink plenty of water:

If you want to shed off fat, it is imperative that you remain hydrated always. Drink up to 8 glasses of water each day; it will keep your body metabolism in check and help your body function well to make your workouts more effective.
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When She Puts VapoRub On A Cotton Ball And Sticks It In Her Ear… Moments Later? INCREDIBLE!

When I was a child, a cough or cold definitely meant that you could smell me from more than a mile away because I was all about that Vicks VapoRub.Yep, I’d slather myself in that thick, oily stuff… “the more, the better!” I would think, even though I’m fairly certain that is completely wrong.To be honest, I was never a fan of that strong menthol scent but it did the trick to help me fight off all those nasty cough and cold symptoms…

In other words, I could actually breathe! I think we all know that feeling of pure frustration when we’re trying to fall asleep with our noses all clogged up, so Vicks came to my rescue on more occasions than I can count. But as it turns out, Vicks VapoRub can do more… so much more!
But what is Vicks VapoRub? It’s an oil-based mentholated topical cream that contains camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol.

Studies have proven it to be effective in helping with cough and congestion, letting its user get better sleep.

But as previously mentioned, it can do more than just that. For example… suffering from an ear ache? Apparently, you can help reduce the pain by putting a small amount of Vicks VapoRub on a cotton ball and putting it in your ear for several hours, several times a day.

 How awesome is that? Some other cool tricks include:
  • Increase the healing of a splinter and reduce the risk of infections
  • Help with muscle aches
  • Repel mosquitos
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
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Put This One Ingredient In Shampoo Before Showering And See The Magic


When you mix salt in your  shampoo before shower and when you take bath your scalp will totally fresh and also many other changes you will observe. In this article I will tell you that how you can use salt with your shampoo and what will be the results.


Now you can get rid oily hair just from salt. What you have to do is, add 2-3 tablespoons of salt in shampoo and then take shower  with it. And after one wash you will observe that oil produces in your hair will slow down. And after 2 3 washes you will finally get rid from this oil issue.


What is dandruff? Dandruff is a layer of dead skin cells that stops the circulation of blood in head. Salt will help you to deal with this problem.
Divide your hair in two sections and sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of salt in your hairs and then message with wet fingers for 10 minutes and then wash as usual with your shampoo. It helps to eliminate dandruff and also resist fungal infections. 


Sea salt is very beneficial for hair growth. Sea salt is formed by the evaporation of sea water.
Wash your hair as you did. Then message from sea salt on wet scalp for 10-15 minutes and again wash your hair. Do this twice a week for 2 months and you will shock from results.

Hope you will like this article and I wish this article will help you in any way.
Thank you!
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What Happens to Your Body when You Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee is drink that some of us cannot imagine not drinking it. We drink coffee to maintain our focus and energy levels. The topic of drinking coffee is controversial and we are often unsure if it is healthy or not and what are its effects on our well-being.Organic black coffee can be beneficial for us, according to science. When you still have doubts, make sure you check out the list below comprised of some of the best advantages of regular coffee consumption. You will be amazed!

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Improves the metabolism

After waking up people need a cup of coffee in order to increase their energy levels and although this is not a long-term solution, it does aid in starting the day better.This drank after a workout is known to better the metabolism and according to one study showed endurance athletes who consumed a cup of coffee after a workout had a 66 percent higher level of glycogen. That enabled them to restore their lost energy quicker.

Good for the brain

As studies indicate, 3 to 5 cups of coffee on a daily basis, are capable of lowering the chance of dementia and Alzheimer’s by 65 percent in middle aged men and women. It can reduce the occurrence of Parkinson’s by 32 and 60 percent. Coffee can impede adenosis, a nucleoside in the brain that decreases the firing of neurons and the emission of neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

Betters the mood

According to Harvard study , adult men and women who drank 2 to 4 cups of coffee per day had a 50 percent reduction in the risk of suicide in comparison to those who did not drink coffee or drank decaf. The antioxidants found in coffee, work combined to elevate your mood and happiness levels.
Minimizes the risk of skin cancer

According to one study in the journal of the National Cancer Institute adults who drank 4 cups of coffee or more per day had a 20 percent lower chance of melanoma. That is probably a result of the antioxidants and phytochemicals in coffee.

Lowers the chance of liver cancer

A cup of coffee on a daily basis can reduce the chance of hepatocellular carcinoma by 20 percent. About 4 cups can elevate this percentage to 50! It was also found that coffee decrease the chance of liver cancer and cirrhosis. Never exaggerate with its consumption. About 3 to 4 cups per day is sufficient!

Minimizes the risk of type 2 diabetes

According to study done by the Harvard School of Public Health points , those who drank more than a cup of coffee and elevated the amount over 4 years experienced a lower chance of type 2 diabetes by 11 percent, which did not happen in those who consumed the same amount of coffee during this period

What Are Those Ugly Lines On My Fingernails?

After a lot of research, I did find that there is a small, rare possibility that those ridges can mean an underlying medical condition or possibly even nail trauma, but for most of us, it’s completely normal as we age to see them getting more noticeable.

I’m 36, and they’ve only recently started bothering me, but I’m relieved to find that they are harmless. I’m just getting old. : )


As we age, the nail matrix gradually starts to lose it’s effectiveness in some areas, causing your nails to grow out uneven, resulting in what we see as lines or ridges that run from the cuticle all the way up to the tip of the nail. They’re basically like wrinkles of the nails.

The best way to help lessen the appearance of those lines in the first place is to make sure you are moisturizing your hands and fingers throughout the day with a thick cream, oil or petroleum jelly, paying special attention to your cuticles. Basically, treat your nails like you would your wrinkles!

Also, I may sound like I’ve been living under a rock or something, but I didn’t realize you could buff and polish them with a simple tool that makes them smooth and shiny, almost as if you’re wearing clear nail polish. I found this and now I feel like I have a brand new set of hands! That is the quickest solution, just be sure not to get carried away with all that buffing and sanding, especially if you have thin nails.I did a lot of research to find the best tool, and this one has really good reviews so I thought I’d give it a shot. I really don’t even recognize my nails anymore! They’re completely smooth and shiny, and they stay that way for weeks.

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Mostly when the body has an accumulation of excessive fat in the stomach area can lead to fearful chronic degeneration diseases.

Even with only excess fat, you run a high risk of heart attacks, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer.That is why, today we have decided to show you a natural recipe based on plums that will help you eliminate all that fat you have accumulated in your abdomen, best of all is that it is extremely easy to carry out.

So look below how to make the most of plums to remove localized fat in the abdomen.


  1. 100 grams of prunes
  2. 1 liter of water
Method of preparation and consumption:

In an airtight container throw the liter of water and the prunes of raisins. Then keep in the refrigerator for at least a week.

(Note)After this time, pour everything into the blender and begin to blend until a completely homogenous mixture is obtained.Now, drink a cup of this every morning, and you’ll start to notice the best changes in your life in just a couple of days.
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Spray This All Over Your Face At Night And In Just Few Days Your Skin Will Become Milky White And Spotless!

We all want to have glowing spotless skin complexion, which means no acne/pimple, scars on our face. We want all of them, right? Believe us ladies, you can really have this. Today we are going to show you one natural solution, that you can spray it all over your clean face before going to bed and let it act overnight. In just few days, you can see how your skin is changing in an unexpected way.

To prepare this facial spray, you will need:

  1. Coconut water
  2. Rose Water

  • In a bowl put coconut water.
  • Add equal amount of rose water.
  • Mix it and your facial spray is ready for use
  • Store this liquid in a spray bottle.
  • You can save this facial spray in the refrigerator up to one month.
Use this facial spray anytime during the day and before going to bed.

note:Coconut water is very helpful in eliminating all scars and spots from your face.It also works as natural moisturizer. Rose water controls excess oil in your skin. Rose water helps in skin tightening and balances skin pH level. Rose water also cleans your skin pores very well. When coconut water is combined with rose water, this combination works excellent for lightening skin complexion. This facial spray is suitable for all skin types.
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Check your wrist and find your identity.

Hey everyone :) 
You can take in a considerable measure about your character, wellbeing, and future as per the quantity of wrist lines you have. Check your wrist and find your identity.

The principal line–
the first is exceptionally imperative and it demonstrates how solid and dynamic you are. On the off chance that articulated, the line focuses to a glad, sound, and a long life.On the off chance that the line has breaks or splits, you need to change your way of life, ensuring you eat a sound eating routine and remain loose.

On the off chance that the line is broken on a few places, this may be a result of challenges in satisfying your adolescence dreams.

The second line- a full line demonstrates that you have a fruitful and fulfilling life, and on the off chance that it is articulated, then the odds of an existence of extravagance and riches are great, while breaks show money related issues.

The third line -not each individual has it,but rather in the event that you are among them, then it implies that you affect other individuals in your private life or vocation on the off chance that it is consistent. This implies you will be recalled.

The fourth line-
 you can anticipate a long existence with numerous youngsters on the off chance that you have a fourth line.In the event that the lines have breaks and edges don’t unnerve. All things considered, we are all in charge of the bliss and accomplishment in our lives. You ought to better focus on your qualities and gifts and how to utilize them ideally.
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– you can anticipate a long existence with numerous youngsters on the off chance that you have a fourth line.In the event that the lines have breaks and edges don’t unnerve. All things considered, we are all in charge of the bliss and accomplishment in our lives. You ought to better focus on your qualities and gifts and how to utilize them ideally.Focus on your strengths and abilities and use them to your advantage.

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Lose 24 pounds in just 14 days by new & easy boiled egg diet plan:

The diet is particularly low on carbs, so don’t forget to consult your doctor before you start it. The menu is simple and you can easily follow it. Try the diet yourself and you will be amazed by the results!

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Two slices of wholemeal bread and fruit.
Dinner- Chicken meat with some salad

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Chicken meat with some green salad
Dinner- Two eggs, some vegetable salad and one orange.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- One tomato, low-fat cheese, and one slice of wholemeal bread
Dinner- Chicken meat with some big salad

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Fruit
Dinner- Chicken meat (steamed) with some big salad

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Vegetables (steamed) and two eggs.
Dinner- Fish on barbecue and a big salad.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Fruit.
Dinner- Chicken meat (steamed) with some salad.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Chicken meat with tomato salad and vegetables (steamed).
Dinner- Vegetables (steamed).

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Chicken with some salad
Dinner- Two eggs, one orange and salad.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Vegetables (steamed) and two eggs and .
Dinner- Fish on barbecue with some big salad.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Chicken meat with some salad.
Dinner- Vegetable, two eggs, salad and one orange.

Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Two eggs, cheese low in fat and steamed vegetables.
Dinner- Chicken meat (steamed) with some big salad.
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The Boiled Egg Diet:: Lose 24 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Boiled eggs not only have very nutritious properties for your health but also are a perfect ingredient for a rapid weight loss. If you include eggs, and citric fruits and some vegetables, you will create a balanced diet. It will improve your overall health as well as it will help you burn fat without much effort and hunger.

It is crucial to have the needed intake of water. The water hydrates the body and nourished the cells so they are able to remove the harmful toxins. You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Don’t worry about the quantity of water because your body is dehydrated and you will need more water. The more water you drink, the more toxins will be eliminated.

This diet is not a complex one but as any other diet limits the intake of salt, sugar, alcohol and soda. If you practice the diet properly, it will help you lose up to 11 kg in only 2 weeks. Also, it prevents the yo-yo effect so you won’t regain your weight after you finish the diet.

This is the list for two weeks:
Breakfast- One citric fruit and two boiled eggs.
Lunch- Two slices of wholemeal bread and fruit.
Dinner- Chicken meat with some salad.
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This is What It Means When Your Eye Starts Twitching and Jumping… and It’s Not Good

Hey everyone !!
Science defines eye twitching as ‘a repetitive, uncontrollable blinking or spasm of the eyelid, usually on the upper lid.’ This eye muscle spasm can affect one or both eyes and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.Rarely, the eye twitch can continue on and off for a couple of days before disappearing on its own.What causes eye twitching?

There’s no specific answer as to what causes eye twitching. It’s usually linked to stress and fatigue, but also to excessive amounts of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.Eye twitching can also be caused by dry eyes, excessive eye strain, allergies, or irritation of the eye or the eye membrane. Often, it occurs without a specific cause. In general, these eye spasms are harmless and painless.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible:

If your eye spasms last more than a week;
If the spasms shut your eyelid completely;
If spasms affect your entire face;
If your eyes swell, redden or there’s eye discharge;
If your upper eyelid starts drooping.

A prompt visit to a doctor will rule out any possibility of a neurological disorder. If, however, there’s a risk of one, you’ll be referred to a neurologist or other specialist.

If the underlying cause of your twitching is not a neurological disorder, you should try to deal with the issue by reducing your exposure to stress and your caffeine intake. Getting more quality sleep is also extremely beneficial. Optionally, you can try hot and cold compresses to relax the eye muscles. If you’re open for a more alternative approach, acupuncture and massage can also reduce the discomfort.
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Things you should know about it from everyday objects

6.Holes of backpacks placed on material like diamond


Certain objects have or had in the past purpose or meaning, often not even known to us, but worth knowing.On the YouTube channel #Mind Warehouse you can find creative video that reveals interesting and unusual things certainly you knew about 6 items of daily use.
What is the purpose of a wicker ball cap, small “pockets” of underwear for ladies…

1.The bobble on the hats

The first ball appeared in the 19th century among French sailors. Then the cabins in the ships had a low roof, so the ball served to prevent sailors to hurt their heads.Then, other countries began to put the hats knitted these balls. Today, they do not have such an important purpose, but rather there for aesthetic appearance of hats.

2.The hole on lollipop stick

Many people believe that the hole on the stick is there to prevent the choke, but it is not true.The reality is that the hole is there just candy to be fixed to the stick. During preparation, the hole is the first space is filled, and then makes itself lollipop.

3.Why the trousers have lines

An important part of good business appearance lines pants. But why is that? Almost no one knows. The lines first appear in the late 19th century when Europe started massive production of clothingThe pants folded after a long journey through the oceans and continents, the lines remained pants, so people had no choice but to accept and become part of their appearance.

4.Lines on the toothpastes

There is a legend that the black line represents the chemicals and green organic components of the paste.The reality is that these lines are just bar codes and have no connection with what is the chemical composition of toothpaste. These bar codes are used for the machines that produce toothpastes have a line along which mechanically cut tubes.

5.The small “pockets” on ladies underwear

Many people are convinced that this pocket serves to hide something really valuable, but it is a myth.
This part is done for health reasons, that layer must be soft cotton cloth and left part unsowed lest you be uncomfortable.Happy Pinning:)
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How To Use Baking Soda To Speed Up The Weight Loss Process

The weight loss process is really hard and difficult process and we all know why! It’s very simple – because we all love food! But, ladies and gentlemen, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we are going to show you a little secret how to speed up the weight loss process and lose weight much faster.
It’s very simple! You just have to add this simple ingredient into your healthy diet – sodium bicarbonate. That’s right – in this article we are going to show you 3 simple recipes, how to incorporate sodium bicarbonate into your healthy diet and speed up the weight loss process. you will be amazed by the results!

Baking soda with lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Lemon juice or grapefruit
Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Add the baking soda into a glass of water!
  2. Mix until dissolved.
  3. Add the lemon or the grapefruit juice.
  4. Drink this mixture in the morning, immediately after you wake up!
  5. After 20 minutes, you should eat your breakfast.
  6. Drink this mixture in the morning, immediately after you wake up!
  7. After 20 minutes, you should eat your breakfast.
  8. Continue:


Sleeping is one of the most important activities for our health. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to the health. However, did you know that sleeping naked provides even more benefits than sleeping with clothes? Less than 10% of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked has some amazing health benefits, physically and psychologically.

                                                BENEFITS OF SLEEPING NAKED


People who sleep naked have better sleep than the ones who sleep with clothes. The body temperature naturally declines and if your ear clothes, it disrupts that cycle. As a result, you toss and turn, and have irregular sleeping patterns. On the other hand, sleeping naked will promote the sleep quality and you will sleep like a baby.


Sleeping naked will prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria. Moreover, it will dry out the spots of perspiration and keep the body comfortable.


If you sleep naked, your cortisol levels decrease, you sleep better, and that promotes the weight loss process. If you want to shed some pounds, you have the solution.


The skin to skin contact will increase the bonding hormones such as oxytocin and make you more sensitized to your partner’s touch. Moreover, it will strengthen the feelings of trust, connectivity, and lower your heart rate.


Having a good night’s sleep will increase your energy levels, which will last throughout the whole day.


Sleeping naked will stimulate circulation and reduce the pain, especially in the abdominal area. You will feel comfortable and without pain, so you can sleep tighter.


If you sleep naked, the skin will repair itself more easily, the sebaceous glands will work at full capacity, and your skin will absorb nutrients more quickly. As a result, your body’s metabolic rate will improve.
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How Shrink Your Belly with ball moves ?

 Ball Curl
Ball Curl( Photograph by Jonathan Pozniak )
(Cardio burst: 2 minutes)Sit on ball, walk feet forward, and roll torso down until bottom of butt is just off ball and middle and lower back are on ball, feet together. Place hands behind head. Lean back, pressing upper back into ball, then exhale, contract abs, and curl forward until upper back lifts off ball.
A. Make it easier Place feet wider than hip-width apart for more stability, and cross arms over chest.
B. Make it harder Straighten one leg so it’s parallel to floor and you’re balancing on one foot. Do half the repetitions, then switch legs to finish.
skier( Photograph by Jonathan Pozniak )
(Cardio burst: 2 minutes)Lie over ball on all fours. Walk hands forward so ball rolls under thighs, legs together, abs tight, and body in line from head to toes. Bend knees and pull them and ball (it will roll to shins) toward right shoulder. Hold for 1 second, then roll back out and repeat to left side.
A. Make it easier Hold start position—body in line from head to toes, abs contracted—for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat one more time.
B. Make it harder Start with ball under shins and let it roll to tops of feet as you draw knees in.

Shrink Your Belly With This Easy Plan


(Cardio burst: 2 minutes)Lie faceup with calves resting on ball, arms at sides. Press legs into ball, squeezing it between calves and thighs. Contract abs and lift hips 3 to 6 inches off floor and pull knees toward chest. Hold for 1 second, then lower.
A. Make it easier Contract abs and just lift ball off floor, keeping hips down.
B. Make it harder Keeping neck in line with spine, lift head and shoulders off floor as you raise hips. Hold, then lower both upper body and hips.
2. Rock And Roll
rock and roll
(Cardio burst: 2 minutes)Start on knees, with legs about hip-width apart. Place fists on ball in front of you. Keeping body in line from head to knees and abs tight, lean forward and roll onto forearms. Hold for 1 second, then roll back to start.
A. Make it easier Bend hips instead of keeping body in a straight line as you roll onto forearms, or keep body in line and roll only partway onto forearms.
B. Make it harder Once you’re balancing on forearms, straighten legs and press balls of feet into floor to form a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat

Shrink Your Belly In 14 Days With This Easy Plan

Researchers at California State University, Sacramento, hooked up electrodes to the midsections of 18 people, they found that ball moves recruited twice the number of muscle fibers as traditional crunches or yoga/Pilates-inspired workouts. Scientists credit the ball’s instability with doubling the toning power of these moves.To amp up results, we combined ball exercises from the study with high-energy cardio and simple calorie-cutting tips. In 2 weeks, you could lose up to an inch from your waist; in 4 weeks, shed up to 8 pounds or more.

The Experts

Rafael Escamilla, PhD, PT, study author and professor of physical therapy at California State University, Sacramento, and Wayne Westcott, PhD, research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, MA, designed these workouts.

Your Workout

Week 1Week 2
Monday Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)Monday Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)
Tuesday Belly Workout (once, 25-30 minutes)Tuesday Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)
Wednesday Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)Wednesday Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)
Thursday Belly Workout (once, 25-30 minutes)Thursday Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)
Friday Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)Friday Belly Workout (45-50 minutes)
Saturday Belly Workout (once, 25-30 minutes)Saturday Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)
Sunday Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)Sunday Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)
Your Eating Plan

How it works: Our Eat for a Slim Belly plan relies on simple food swaps to cut about 500 calories from your diet daily. Our recommendations also boost your intake of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and whole grains—studies show both shrink belly fat faster.

7 tips to make your lipstick last longer

Feel like your lipstick is falling off after every second? Well, perhaps it all boils down to the way you apply it. If you have been experiencing this situation, here comes a perfect solution for you. I have collected seven awesome tips to make your lipstick last longer. Let’s have a look at them.

Exfoliate before you apply.

Exfoliation is an excellent way to ensure that your lipstick lasts longer. This is because it removes dead cells which are most likely the reason behind the fast fading of your lipstick.

Use lip primer.
Another brilliant idea is the use of lip primer. How does it work? Well, lip primer ensures that your lipstick lasts longer without feathering. And yes, since some primers come with moisturizing ingredients, you might as well say goodbye to lip balms.

Look for a badge-proof formula.

If you want a high-quality finish that will last longer on your lips, perhaps you need to explore the idea of badge-proof formula. This way, you can keep your lips looking amazing the whole day.

Dust some powder on your lips before applying lipstick.

Just like your skin needs to be dry in order for makeup to last longer, so do your lips need to be dry for lipstick to last longer. Dusting some powder on your lips removes oils and makes your lips dry enough to hold lipstick for a longer time.

Add lip liner under the lipstick.

Use of lip liner is yet another brilliant idea you could look into. Obviously, lip liners are drier than the regular lipstick which makes them last longer. And yes, in case the lipstick fades, the lip liner under the lipstick keeps your lips looking awesome.

Before applying lipstick, apply concealer.

You could also use concealer before applying your lipstick. Use of concealer creates a non-oily environment which makes your lipstick last longer.

Use non-oily lip balm.

Non-oily lip balms are also great when it comes to making your lipstick last longer. They reduce the rate at which your lipstick falls out.

Have I missed any other idea? Perhaps you can share with me. Feel free to hit the button and let me know of any other awesome tips for making lipstick last longer. Happy Pinning :)

The anti-aging food products you should eat every day

Aging – nothing is more dreadful than that. Studies have revealed that the effect of time can be reversed by improving the metabolism, improving your insulin sensitivity and boosting your energy. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) helps in this process. It is found in certain fruits and veggies. Eating antioxidants rich diet may add years to your life and even stave off age-related issues like diabetes, heart problems, and obesity.

                            I am adding a list of such foods for the wellness of all:


Including this colorful and nourishing fruit to your diet is the best preventive measure you can take against aging. It contains a great amount of antioxidants and fights dangerous free radicals. Moreover, they taste great.


This is a very strong and rich herb and plays an important role in slowing the process of aging. Apart from aging, it fights several other problems like cold, warts and athlete’s foot. You can add garlic to your soup or veggies or consume it in the form of powder.

Green leafy Vegetable

Broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage and green turnips are known for controlling aging process. These vegetables are very rich in strength and provide you a wide range of nutrients. Consuming these vegetables in the form of salad is the best gift you can give to your body.

Red wine

Multiple benefits of red wine are well-known. It fights with the process of aging, lowers cholesterol level and helps increasing the life span by making you healthy.


Even a smaller amount of nuts in your diet can do wonders for your health. Being rich in fatty acids and omega-3, nuts improve brain function. Nuts are healthy, nutritious, filling and are an instant source of energy.


Cucumbers are known as most hydrating food and are extremely beneficial for your skin. Try to find organic cucumbers so that you can eat them without removing their peel.


Ginger is always regarded as the best way by the Asian women to stop their aging. Ginger is full of nutrients and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with nausea and can soothe abdominal cramps. You can add it to your salad, consume it as a pickle or can simply add it to your soothing tea.

Green Tea

Green Tea is the secret behind healthy, young and long living Japanese. An iced or hot cup of green tea is rich in beneficial acids which act as antioxidants. Green tea aids in weight loss as well.

Orange vegetables and Tomatoes

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and squash are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Carrots are good for eyes and are delicious. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene. These two yummy vegetables can be consumed raw and fight well with the effects of aging.

These anti-aging foods will help you removing wrinkles from your face by providing you with proper nutrients and proteins. Do not wait too long and start consuming these foods right away!
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Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

The following signs indicate that you consume too much sugar, and it is high time to do something about.Hence, the excessive intake of sugar sends a message to the body to produce more insulin, which causes insulin resistance over time. In that case, the body is not able to react to the normal amounts of insulin, and cannot use sugar as needed.Insulin resistance is linked to weight gain and obesity, as well as diabetes, as the pancreas becomes overwhelmed.

  • Frequent Colds and Flu
The high intake of sugar also weakens the immune system, and its ability to prevent colds, viruses, flu, and chronic diseases. If you manage to reduce the consumption of sugar, you will lower the risk of these health issues.
  • Not the Same Sweet Taste as Before
Alpert claims that the intake of too much sugar bombards the taste buds by increasing their tolerance to sugar. Hence, you will start craving for even sweeter foods over time.
It is difficult in the beginning, but if you succeed to reduce the intake of sugar, you will also lower the tolerance level and thus you will be satisfied with low sugar amounts. After a certain period of time, some things will become just too sweet for you.
  • Foggy Brain, especially after a meal
Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms of low blood sugar. The consumption of high sugar amounts rapidly raises, and then suddenly drops the blood sugar. Experts maintain that improper control of blood sugar raises the risk of cognitive issues and impairment
  • Skin and feet issues, and dark circles under the eyes
The consumed sugar acts as an inflammatory in the body, and thus causes various inflammatory skin issues, like acne, eczema, rosacea, and excessive dryness and oiliness. If you reduce the intake of sugar, your skin will become clean and soft.
Moreover, Dr. Sherri Greene, a podiatrist in New York City, claims that the inflammatory effects of sugar might cause plantar fasciitis. This condition leads to pain in the thick band of tissue on the heels and soles.
The excessive intake of sweet foods could also cause adrenaline fatigue, which is often manifested by dark circles under the eyes.
If you experience the symptoms listed above, you should try to limit the intake of sugar as soon as possible, in order to improve your health and avoid numerous health issues.

Recipe that Will Help You Lose Weight 4kg and 16cm Waist in Just few Days

People who want to lose weight know how challenging it can be to shed the extra pounds. The internet has been overwhelmed with millions of diet plans and lose weight methods. All of them promise quick and effective results. Instead of using some harmful diets, which provide only temporary results, you should try the following recipe. We decided to present you one of the most powerful methods, which can help you lose the extra pounds.The following recipe should be consumed only 4 days. The results will be amazing. Moreover, you should combine this recipe with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet. What’s more, it is made of some inexpensive and natural ingredients.

What is Need:
  • 8 glasses of water.
  • 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root.
  • 12 fresh mint leaves and 1 teaspoon of dried mint.
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled and cut into slices.
  • 1 medium-sized lemon cut into slices.
How to Prepare and Use:

First, take a large bowl and add all the ingredients in it. Then Mix them well and leave it overnight to stay in the fridge.

Right Time To Take:

You should drink 4-5 glasses throughout the whole day. Start drinking it in the morning before breakfast, and evening Before Sleeping.
In just 2 days, you’ll start losing weight. In fact, you can use 1 pound after the first two days. If you combine this recipe will regular exercise, the results will be amazing. You should consume this drink recipe for 4 days and then, then take a 1-week break.Happy pinning :)