Saturday, 3 March 2018

Tricks for Runners "I want to run stronger (for a PR)"


Try this exercise one hour a day for one week. If five minutes becomes easy, set the alarm for 10 minutes. Can you last for longer periods of time without having to be reminded? If you can you’re slowly rewiring your brain and your body for a “new” normal. And you better believe, the more ingrained this “new” normal becomes, the easier it is to apply it towards the things we really carry about, like ½ marathon, marathon, and ultra running glory!

“I want to run stronger (for a PR).”
Running strength is not always about fancy single leg movements pulling cables from different directions all the while balanced on a bosu ball because it supposedly “mimics” something you saw in a magazine.

Too often, (ok..ALL too often) we lack schooling in the classics! So this week your goal is to learn everything you can about the pushup and to add it into your running repertoire. If you’re anything like 90% of the running population we work with on a regular basis, you’ll quickly discover this very important movement is (ahem) missing from your quiver.

No sweat however! Check out the video below, breaking pushups down into digestible chunks along with a one week challenge helping you get them back into your routine: