Saturday, 3 March 2018



Tips & Tricks on how to get a little bit better right now on these two burning pursuits!

1 “I want to run farther (pain free).”
Running far is all about paying attention.The things we have to pay attention to on one level are quite simple. We all know how to stand up straight, right? But here’s the thing: simple does not necessarily mean easy! In fact, these simple things are anything but! They represent our long messy history of daily habits and ingrained motor patterns all geared towards sitting–in our cars, our offices, and at homes–all the while slumped forward staring at some device or another.

For one hour set a timer to beep every 5 minutes.

The beep is a cue to make sure you’re sitting (or better yet standing) tall, your shoulders are rolled down and back, and you’re breathing into your belly.If you make 5 minutes without losing your posture, congratulations give yourself a little smile and a little pat on the back. If you get distracted and slump back into…well…slumping…you owe yourself one jumping jack right then and there (literally stand up and do one jumping jack). Then sit down (or keeping standing!), refocus, and get back in the game.
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