Thursday, 29 March 2018

Leave This 1 Ingredient DIY Pad On Your Eyes For 10 Minutes & Your Stubborn Eye Bags Will Disappear Magically


Eye bags are a very common beauty problem for most people. Almost everyone has them especially those who are not getting enough sleep. They also tend to get more prominent as we age. These cosmetic problems are unsightly, and we often try all the available remedies to help reduce and conceal these annoying dark circles. Some people opt to use artificial solutions to help get rid of eye bags, such as over the counter eye creams. And believe it or not, some even go under the knife to correct this dilemma.Today, instead of doing the traditional method of using fresh cucumber slices, Michelle Phan is going to spice things up a little bit! She will show us how to make cucumber pads that you can make ahead of time. They are not only effective, but they’re safe and inexpensive as well! Watch the video and start soothing those horrible looking tired eyes today!

Cucumber Eye Pads

Yield: 1 pint of juice = maximum of 30 pads (lasts for about a month)

What You’ll Need:
  • 3 to 4 Cucumbers
  • 1 to 2 cups of water (at least 500 ml)
  • Blender or a juicer
  • Square shape facial cotton pads

How to make them:
  1. Prepare the cucumber juice by mixing cucumbers and water. If using a blender, blend the cucumber together with the water. If using a juicer, process the cucumbers first in the juicer and mix the water after.
  2. Next, pour the juice mixture into a bowl.
  3. Soak the cotton pads into the mixture and squeeze out the excess juice.
  4. Store the cotton pads in a sandwich bag and chill them in the fridge.

How to use them:

  1. Thaw a pair of the cucumber cotton pads for a few minutes before using them. Recommended use is at least once a day, in the morning after taking a shower.
  2. Once the pads are slightly thawed, place a pad for each eye and leave it for about 10 minutes.
Happy Pinning :)