Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Face mask to get rid of Acne & Blemishes


Hey :) I have personal experience with this remedy it really work good for me. During my 13 to 17 of my teen age I had a lot of acne on face and back shoulders. It was making me psycho and stressful the most effecting my confidence I exactly do not remember somehow i find this remedy (the reason to not remember is I was applying everything from medicine to homemade remedies) It is very to prepare and all ingredients available inside your kitchen. only drawback of this remedy was its look a bit odd on face but what I was doing apply this mask before going to bed when I do not have anything to do, just go to bed only.

All we need is: (Almost every kitchen have these)

  1. Lemon juice (1)
  2. Honey (1 rice spoon)
  3. nutmeg powder (1 tea spoon)
  4. cinnamon powder (1 tea spoon)
Now we have to mix all these ingredients well until it become a thick paste. Apply it like a mask in the beginning you might feel burning but it will finish with in a minute keep this mask for 30 minutes after that time you will feel its become part of your face skin now wash it with warm water.
I was apply this 3 to 4 times a week and believe me it was very helpful for me to get rid of acne hope it will work good for you too.

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