Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Everyone should know how to keep your skin wrinkle free?


Do not stress

The more you carry stress around, the more you will see the effects of it on your body and skin. Stress has a very bad impact on your psychological and physiological processes, thereby triggering the onset of aging and various other diseases that take a toll on your body as well as skin.

Avoid smoking

If you want to maintain a wrinkle free skin for a much longer period, give up smoking immediately. Smoking not only harms your internal organs, but it also affects your skin externally. The various harmful chemical released with a smoke can damage your skin and the continuous squinting during smoking may contribute to deep-set wrinkles that are difficult to remove.

keep out the sun

Another important step towards maintaining the natural youthfulness of the skin is to avoid exposure to the sun rays as much as possible. The UV rays can seriously damage the elastin and collagen present in the skin and cause it to sag and look ugly. So, try to use an umbrella or hat and do not forget to use a sunscreen regularly.

Use nontoxic cosmetics

All cosmetics that you use, like a moisturizer, face wash, sun screen, etc. should not contain any harmful chemicals at all. Otherwise they will prove to be harmful themselves rather than helping you escape the negative effects of the environment. It would be best if you could opt for cosmetics that are organic and do not affect the skin adversely.