Saturday, 3 March 2018

Benefits of Wood Vinegar


4. Supports Liver Health
Surprisingly, wood vinegar is believed to support liver health. The liver is the main detoxifying organ, so finding ways of keeping it healthy is important for maintaining overall health.

5. Combats Diarrhea
Certain types of vinegar, like apple cider vinegar and wood vinegar, are thought to combat diarrhea. While the mechanism behind this benefit remains unknown, many people find that wood vinegar helps provide relief.
6. Combats Vomiting
Vomiting as a result of an illness can be very unpleasant; however, consuming wood vinegar may be helpful for providing relief.
7. Remedy for Peptic Ulcers
The acidity in wood vinegar may work with the stomach’s acidity to combat peptic ulcers.
8. Promotes Oral Health
The acidic component of wood vinegar, as well as its natural antibacterial compounds, may help to balance oral bacteria. Note that a high level of acidity in the mouth can destroy tooth enamel over time, so in this capacity, use it in moderation.

9. Encourages Normal Cholestelsrol Leve
Vinegar has been shown to provide a positive effect on cholesterol, an action that may support heart health.
10. Relief for Insect and Snake Bites
Wood vinegar’s relieving action may help take the sting out of fresh insect and snake bites and reduce infection in some cases.
11. Remedy for Poison Ivy
Vinegar, specifically wood vinegar, may provide relief for poison ivy. Namely, reducing swelling, redness, and itchy sensations.
12. Cleaning Wounds
Cuts, scrapes, and open wounds may benefit from a light application of organic wood vinegar. The natural acidity of the vinegar helps to kill bacteria, helping to reduce incidence of infection.
13. Fights Cellulitis?
The condition known as cellulitis is associated with an acute swelling of the connective tissue of the skin, usually caused by infection with staphylococcus and streptococcus. Since cellulitis is a bacterial infection, wood vinegar may help reduce bacterial accumulation.
14. Diabetic Ulcers
Some diabetics, especially elderly diabetics, develop circulatory issues in their arms and legs. Ulcers can develop, sometimes leading to infection. Wood vinegar may help discourage ulcer-related infection.
15. Relief for Ear Infections
Caused by bacteria, sufferers of ear infections may find relief with wood vinegar.
16. Remedy for Gout
Though to be caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the blood, gout affects the joints and causes tenderness, redness, and swelling. Wood vinegar is a natural remedy that may absorb uric acid.
17. Supports Prostate Health
Although not thoroughly understood, prostatitis is the swelling and infection of the prostate. An affected prostate can cause many symptoms, such as a constant need to urinate. Wood vinegar may provide support for prostate health.

18. Body Wellbeing
Wood vinegar has been used to support whole-body wellbeing, and many use the product as a natural remedy for discomfort.