Friday, 5 January 2018

Within 5-mins Get Rid Off Blackhead ..


                    GET RID OFF BLACKHEAD

Hi Everyone !
Black spots on face, specially blackheads on noise is one of the big problem of face beauty.And people spend a lots of money in order to get ride of them, they go beauty parlous in order to hide them and some people do surgical treatment too but its not a good way too get ride of that problem.Today i will give you a simplest way to get ride of these blackheads and you will see its result too just in 5 mins.And it's easy to make and use.


  • Half piece of Lemon.
  • 2-3 drops of Honey.
Lemon will fade the black marks on your face and honey will moisturize and moves out the blackheads on your noise too.


  • Putt 2-3 drops of honey on lemon
  • Rub it on your noise and black spots on your face
  • Apply it for just 5 mins and then wash it with cold water 

You will see the results instantly. It will save your a lot of money...
Good Morning, have a nice day :)
Happy Pining <3