Saturday, 13 January 2018

Choose your eye shadow according to your eye color to look gorgeous and stunning ( For Blue, Green, Brown and Grey Eyes)


Hey all..!
Applying eye-shadow is little bit confusing. Because there is a huge collection of colors. So a person may feel difficulty to choose a perfect eye shadow color for eyes. Today I will tell you the best eye-shadow you can use according to your eye color. I will guide you to use different eye-shadow on different eye colors.

But REMEMBER every person have different skin tone. If you have green eyes but cool skin tone then you should stay away from warm orange or warm brown. So judge the eye shadow first and then apply it on your eyes according to skin tone.
As I said purple color for blue eyes it doesn't mean that its dark purple or light purple. There are several shades of purple, so use purple according to your judgement. There are several levels of intensity when it comes to eye shadow colors.

Brown Eyes:
Brown color eyes are pretty lucky that every color suits on them. But basic colors are Plum, Pink, Gold, Grey, Green, Coral and Peach.

Blue Eyes: Blue eyes look gorgeous with all Browns, Metallic, Rose pink, Purple based colors and slate.