Friday, 12 January 2018

Best way to have a Six-Pack Abs like Jeff_seid .


                   SIX_PACK Abs WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
Everyone dream's to have six pack, today i will give you the world best "Six-Pack Abs Workout" .All the exercises in it are simple and easy to do, you just need courage and consistency.Do these exercises just as shown in below image.


Six-Pack Abs workout consists of following exercises :

  • Hanging Leg Raise (3-sets, 20-secs).
  • Weighted Twist (3-sets, 12-reps).
  • Dumbbell Side Bend (3-sets, 12-reps).
  • Bench Leg Pull-In  / Knee-Up (3-sets, 15-reps).
  • Cross-Body Crunch (3-sets, 20-reps).
  • Swiss Ball Crunch (3-sets, 15-reps).
  • Plank (3-sets, 30-secs).
  • Kneeling Cable Crunch (3-sets, 10-reps).
  • Jackknife Sit-Up / Crunch (3-sets, 10-reps).
  • Russian Twist (3-sets, 12-reps).

NOTE : Must warm-up your body before that workout at-least for 5 mins.And use lemon-water and supplements  in order increase your metabolism so that your have quick and best results.
Good Morning, have a nice day :) .
                 Happy Pining <3