Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Best V-shape Abs Workout .


                6-KILLER V-cut Abs WORKOUT 

Hi Everyone !
Everyone's dream to have V-cut Abs, today i will give you the world best " 6-Killer V-Cuts Abs Workout ".Follow it, within a 2-3 weeks you will have a prominent results.Exercises in that workout are simple and easy to do.


That Killer V-cut Abs Workout consists of following exercises :

  • Hanging Leg Raises (3-sets, 10-reps ).
  • Cable Crunches (3-sets, 20-reps ).
  • Weighted Sit-ups (3-sets,10-reps ).
  • Russian Twists (3-sets, 20-reps ).
  • Weighted Plate Side Crunches (3-sets, 12-reps).
  • Weighted Plank (3-sets, 30-sec ).


Must warm-up your body before starting that workout at-least for 5-mins.And use lemonid  during exercise.
Good Morning, have a nice day.
Happy pining ☺