Wednesday, 13 December 2017

These 7 Yoga Steps will help you to sleep better


                             Yoga Steps For Better Sleep 

Hey all.!
Yoga makes you feel happy and fresh. Yoga helps to improve your circulatory system and flow of energy through out your body. So yoga provides you best environments and feel to sleep well. 
Here are some of yoga steps that will help you to feel happy and fresh  due to which you can take beautiful sleep. 

Yoga Steps 

  • Hero pose (20 sec)
  • Child Pose (20 sec)
  • Upward dog (20 sec)
  • Camel pose (20 sec)
  • Butterfly fold (20 sec)
  • Supine twist (20 sec)
  • Bridge (20 sec)
  • Knee to chest (20 sec) 
  • Corpse nose (20 sec)
Above yoga steps can help you to sleep well. Do each of step for 20 seconds every night before going to sleep. Trust me you will feel so relaxed and all your stress will disappear. 

Happy Pining :)