Monday, 13 November 2017


Put This Mixture Under Your Tongue At Night And Never Wake Up Tired Again

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Sleep Is Necessary
Good sleep boosts our whole day activities. Some people are not able to sleep well at night and they face a lot of problems in day time while doing their work. But every thing is good in its limit. Less sleep and too much sleep both can effect human health badly.

How Sleep Helps Our Health

Sleep is a time periods in which your body relaxes and release stress. Lack of sleep directly effects your health and more certainly it feels you tired whole day. Lack of sleep also cause coronary heart diseases which can cause early death.

Advantages Of Good Sleep

  • Better mood
  • Better memory
  • Strong immunity
  • Improved weight control
  • Better sex life
  • Less pain
  • Low risk of injury

Natural Sleep Remedy

Here is a natural sleep remedy which contains natural ingredients which helps you to sleep better at night. When you sleep good you will wake up with fresh and relax mood and your day will spend good. 

Thing You Need:

  • 5.tsp raw honey
  • 1.tsp Himalayan salt


  • Take 5.tsp of honey and put it in a bowl and mix with 1.tsp of Himalayan salt
  • Mix them well and put this mixture in a closed bottle
  • Keep this bottle in cool and dark place so that is can be consumed daily.

Consumption of the mixture:

  • Put little of this mixture under your tongue before going to bed every night
  • It will dissolve naturally

Why It Works

After your last meal, when  you have to go to bed your half of glycogen has consumed by your body due to liver process. As sleep is the energy driven process, the empty glycogen stores make it hard to sleep. So here this recipe will helps you. This mixture contain honey and Himalayan salt and these both are natural ingredients. They do not have any bad side effect. 


Decrease in glycogen will decrease the insulin level in your body. Here insulin will be regenerated by honey. Increase in insulin level will stimulate the hormone Tryptophan in brain. Tryptophan will be converted into Serotonin and then serotonin will converted into Melatonin. And this is how your body gets sleep hormone. 

Himalayan salt

As Himalayan salt contain more than 80 minerals in it which helps your body to overcome whole day stress. 
The combination of these two ingredients increases the level or Serotonin which is key hormone of happiness and relaxation.

Happy pining:)