Tuesday, 24 October 2017

5-Minute Lose The Pooch Workout


                          SUPER Abs WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
You will be surprised to know how much it is easier to get proper Abs within a month.You had done a lot of exercise but you don't have a proper curves.Here i give you just 5 mins workout,do it and you will feel the change within a 2-3 weeks and after month your's friend would too .And one good news for your, for that workout you have need to lifts heavy-heavy wights at Gym, you can do it at your home too.


For that workout you just need two things, exercise mat and stop watch.That Pooch Workout consist of following exercises:
  • Hip Raise and Lower.
  • Straight-Leg Crunch.
  • Butterfly Crunch.
  • Down Dog With Crunch.
  • Scissor Leg With Twist.


Do that workout, you will have perfect Abs and beautiful body shape within in a month.But before starting that workout must warm-up your body and in order to get maximum result repeat it thrice per day and use Lemonade after workout.