Monday, 9 October 2017

Strong Core Circuit Workout ...



Hi Everyone !
I am searching from last three to four months for best Abs and core workout and try all of those workouts.But with my and my teammate experience,we are on the point that is "Core Strong Circuit" is the best all of them.It will make your internal core strong,lean and perfect.And one interesting thing is that in that workout you have need to lift heavy loads at Gym, you can do it in your room too.You just need two things for that workout i.e Exercise mat & Stop watch.


That "Strong Core Circuit Workout" contains the following exercises:

  • Spider-man Planks (alternating sides)
  • Butt Ups
  • Scissors
  • Windshield Wipers


Before starting that workout must warm-up your body for 5 mins.Complete 20 reps of each exercise without any rest between them.After 1 complete circuit, rest for 1 min and do it again.For maximum result repeat it at-least 5 times per day, within a month you will see a clear changes.

Good morning, have a nice day :) 
Happy pining ...