Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Every Morning Workout ...


                               MORNING WORKOUT

Hi Everyone !
Early Morning Exercise not just make your day good, but also make you fit throughout your life.Morning Exercise is a good habit, everyone should adopt that habit as it make you fresh throughout the day and very good for your health.Many people do just morning walk that is too very good for health but if we do little bit exercise that will keep healthy plus fit and we look smart, handsome and more younger.

Today i will give you the "Morning Workout", it will keep you fit, healthy and fresh throughout the day.You just need for that Every Morning Workout is exercise mat, no other equipment.


"Morning Workout" consists of following exercises :

  • Jumping Jacks (80)
  • S quarts (50)
  • Lunges (20 each side)
  • Second Wall sit (60)
  • Push Ups (20)
  • Sit-Ups (40)


Before starting that workout must warm-up yourself for 5 mins.And repeat that circuit at-least 2-3 times, with the gap of 60 sec.

Good Morning, have a beautiful day <3