Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Remove Dead skin from your feet and get fair and baby soft skin



Hey all..!
Beauty is about perfection. Perfection in everything. So your feet also comes in your perfection. Rough feet are very irritant. And today I will tell you best remedy to make your feet like baby feet. This remedy will help you to remove dead skin from your feet and help to look skin fair and soft like baby skin.
Following is the remedy you need to follow.


  • 1 lemon
  • 10-15 Aspirin tablets
  • 1 cup Epsom salt ( its optional)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cotton or woolen socks


Step 1:
  • Take 4 liters of hot water in a tub and add one cup of Epsom salt in it. Soak your feet in it for at least half an hour.

Step 2:

  • Take small bowl and add Aspirin tablets in it and squeeze juice of one lemon in it. Mix both the ingredients well until they make fine paste.
  • Cut two large pieces of plastic wrap

Step 3:

  • Take out your feet from tub and dry them with  towel.
  • Rub Aspirin paste against dry and damage parts for your feet. Apply more paste on driest areas of your feet
  • Then wrap your feet with plastic wrap and putt on socks
  • You should stay for 4-6 hours with socks before going to bed
  • Then remove rocks and wash your feet with soap and water.

Step 4:

  • Apply thick layer of moisturizer and put your socks back for night. Because lemon juice can be very drying. 
This remedy really works. You all should try it must. I personally do this and result was so positive and I was so happy to saw my feet so soft and fair.

Thank you!

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For soaking your feet that long, you mind as well got a foot rasp/pumice stone/foot file and went to work for another 5mins and saved yourself all that time. Smh