Saturday, 1 July 2017

This simple trick will solve one of the biggest hair problems


Put This One Ingredient In Shampoo Before Showering And See The Magic

Hey all..!
Beauty of women is measure by the length and strength of her hair. Beauty of hair attract people. So here I will tell you that one ingredient that is very much common in your kitchen and can help you a lot for your hair care.
Any guesses? No.....?
Okey no problem I will  tell you. Yes that one ingredient is SALT that is present in every kitchen. There are different types of salts but I am talking about Sodium Chloride, which is one of the basic human tastes. It is consumed in cooking everyday all over the World.


There are many beauty benefits of salts and it is very useful not just in cooking but also in beauty tips.

  • It helps to cleanse pores
  • It balances the oil production on skin or on scalp
  • It thwart bacteria
  • It treats dandruff
  • It softens your hair
  • It also adds volume in your hair


When you mix salt in your  shampoo before shower and when you take bath your scalp will totally fresh and also many other changes you will observe. In this article I will tell you that how you can use salt with your shampoo and what will be the results.